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Ripened Harvest

On this morning we met with George, a man in white who serves as our financial advisor for the ministry.

George wasted no time instructing us this day. He began, “It's time to announce an upward trend. It's time to announce an upward financial trend. It's time to announce a turning point at the gate. It's time to announce because you are in the new year gate. You are in the gate of the new year–the threshold of the new year. Your seed has been sown and harvest awaits. It's time to release the laborers to those fields to bring in the harvest.

This harvest is not the salvation harvest. This harvest is a financial harvest. It is an increase in portion. It is an increase in the things, people, connections, and opportunities that result from increased harvest. Then, that results in harvest harvested and stored in storehouses. You have the Right of Inheritance.

"Release the harvesters–they are angels to be released into your harvest fields–the harvest fields of the ministry.

“It's a two-fold activity. Release angels to clean up the tares and remove them from your harvest field. Then release angels to gather in the ripened harvest as increase to be stored in your warehouses. These wheat fields are ripened and waiting. They are ripened to harvest. It translates to all the things you know your ministry is involved with and should be doing. It equates to personnel, opportunity, signed contracts, ease of movement, the release of anointed friendships–friendships for the purpose of scattering, more seed. When you release angels to these works, remember the cycle of seed, time, and harvest for you need to harvest so you have seed. This is the Father's goodwill for you. This is the blessing of God for His children that they harvest seed and harvest the multiple harvests of the seed as it is the multiplication of His Kingdom.”

Donna asked, “Where do we do that?”

Then she said, “Well, now there are four angels standing here and they have empty sacks–these are the harvesting angels.”

The Commission

“Can we just commission them?” she asked.

George said, “We can commission them because we have both spiritual seed and physical seed. The physical seed that we have sown is like money–currency, but it has also been time.

Time is the pouring out of your life, which is the release of seed.

Donna continued, “Holy Spirit, I ask you to help me commission the harvesting angels for the harvest at the threshold of this year as we look to the beautiful future and the blessing of God.

“I commission in the name of Jesus, these four harvesting angels to fill their sacks with the ripened seed, to bring it securely to the storehouse and to cause it to be stored there for the manifestation of increase in these different forms of the multiplication of the King's Kingdom: opportunities, time, friendships, finances, and all the things we have been discussing with George. I agree with those things to be harvested.

“I also commission you in the name of Jesus to pluck up tares from our fields and to remove them and then put them in the trash." At that point Donna could see they had a hoe in their hands.

“I commission you to use that hoe, to pluck up tares, remove them from our fields, and see that they are done away with.

“I commission you at the head of this year for this coming year to be consistently and always on this task on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries on behalf of all its staff and their households, on behalf of all the supporters and those who do trade with us, and those who are our clients and their households.

“I also commission you to pay special attention to that area of the earth known as Pinehurst, North Carolina.

“As you as you harvest the ripened seed, I also commission you to tie up your sacks securely with these belts, so that nothing is lost as you bring them to the storehouse for LifeSpring International Ministries and these I have mentioned.

“So now, I set a decree. I agree with the expansion of the King's Kingdom. I agree that LifeSpring International Ministries will be a full storehouse, a full warehouse, a full barn and that we will have more than enough, plenty to share, and much to rejoice over. I agree with this document that George is writing at this time of year.”

Donna noted that I needed to sign the document that George was writing which I did. Donna also affixed her signature to it.

Concluding this engagement, Donna said, “Thank you, George. Thank you, angels. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lampstand. This is a type of prophecy. This has been a type of a prophetic word, but it comes from the Spirit of the Lord out of the King to the expansion of His Kingdom.

“You're right, George. This is how we create; this is one of the ways we create grace.”


[The following is from Chapters 4 & 5 of Building Your Business from Heaven Down 2.0}

Chapter 4

The Primacy of Heaven

When you have your authorization from Heaven to do business through the receipt of your Declaration of Trade, nuances will accompany every trade because you have traded from Heaven first. These nuances give you an edge over those who operate outside of Heaven first and Heaven down.

Satan recognizes an organization or business that is trading from Heaven first or with Heaven first, and he will look for easier prey.

When you trade from Heaven first, your trades in the natural are eased.

17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. 18 And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence. Colossians 1:17-18

The government of God begins in Heaven and applies to every arena of life, businesses included. I am speaking primarily to business owners, but if you are the leader of a ministry that is also a business. It simply trades in different ways than a shoe store might.

The initiation of the Heaven down paradigm in a business enables the saint to make the trades based upon all the things that are written in Heaven for that entity. Heaven has your business and its growth mapped out. You simply need to discover it.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

When the Heaven down paradigm is operational in your business, everything begins to come into alignment. This alignment will not just be in business, but also in your family life, as well as your personal life. Mitchell[2] informed us that the unredeemed parts of a saint are more easily or readily worked out through the process of growth and change when the application of trade from Heaven down has first priority. This is in keeping with the promise of God found in Matthew.

So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly. Matthew 6:33 (TPT)

You probably know it as:

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteous-ness (way of doing things), and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Put the Kingdom first!

Seeking first the kingdom of God releases angels on behalf of your business.

Once you have started on this journey, come back regularly and request to know what the next step is of building the business.

Heaven has more knowledge than you and your realm!
The flow of revelation in business is a coming attraction and those in the earth realm are going to come to know it because this is the time for it.

This is our freedom!

Begin the Flow of Favor

This waterfall of favor from Heaven comes down on the area of natural transaction, trade, and commerce, and it begins to raise the water level of the Spirit within the natural arena.

How do you prime that waterfall? You do so by constantly accessing the realms of Heaven concerning your business and your relationship with the Father. When your spirit has first place over your soul and is instructing your soul, you will tithe, you will give first fruits, you will give offerings, and you will follow all the instructions of Heaven related to your business. You will want to follow them because of the favor of God released in such abundance to you. You will think like God. You will have the mind of Christ.

Your obedience in every area primes the flow of Heaven down wealth because all wealth comes from Heaven down.

Your obedience to instruction enables you to carry the wealth coming from Heaven, but you will not retain it for yourself. You will disperse the blessings, causing a multiplication in your business which will affect everything around you.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Release the vertical relationship of Heaven, which is done through hope, expectation, and faith via tithes, offerings, first fruits, alms…anything to do with money.

Let your spirit speak! Your spirit is already primed to know how to obey God. Give way to your spirit.

That which you hold on to is what you trust in.

Satan’s original sin was that he held the glory to himself instead of releasing it to the Lord. His role was to be a releaser of Glory to God. He began to covet that glory and sought to withhold it from the Father. It did not work out well for him.

Yahweh is a Multiplier

He created mankind to multiply like himself and He is limitless in his multiplication capacity.
Saints in commerce, trade, and business will need to make sure they are locked into the limitlessness of God.
God wants to bless your business

Allow God to be fully involved in your business. Run your business according to biblical principles, the heart of God, the mind of Christ, and the co-laboring spirit of a human with the spirit of God.

Lessons from Monopoly

Recently, Donna was with some of her family enjoying time together. One of their favorite things to do is play board games. This night, Donna suggested speed Monopoly, so they set out the game and began to play. The game had progressed for a short while when Donna suddenly became aware of her angel standing near her. The angel whispered to her to speak aloud what she wanted from the roll of the dice when it was her turn to play. As it became her time to roll the dice she spoke “I don’t want to land on the yellow, green, or purple spaces.” She rolled the dice and missed each of those spaces. Incidentally, some of these spaces had houses and hotels on them, which can be expensive properties to land and pay rent on. Donna continued this pattern for 18 times at play during that game, much to the amazement of the others playing with her.

Donna knew that this was highly unusual, so later she asked her angel what the lesson was. The angels’ reply was, “To teach you about the Father’s favor!” The favor of the Father was demonstrated through a simple board game that night to

Donna, along with a few other lessons she learned:

• Do not hold your cards too tightly

• Do not think you own something-it is all rented

• Go with Heaven’s solution–even if it does not seem to make sense at first

• Patience, diligence, faith, and perseverance will be required

• Realize that it is a boat, NOT a building

• Expect favor

• Be bold and let your spirit speak!

Donna also learned in another way that when you collaborate with the angels, they operate from the higher dimension of the supernatural.

The longer we have been immersed in church culture, the more religious we tend to get. We sometimes feel that we must pepper our conversations with “Christianeze” and always throw in pet phrases like “Glory to God, Hallelujah,” and “Thank you, Jesus!” and the like. Instead of being an attractor to God they become a detractor.

Do not get religiousy!

God will get the ultimate glory! He does not necessarily need our help.

You cannot do business from church – the religious church – as you have known it.
The lifestyle of living from Heaven down is available to anyone who will choose it.

Heaven would love to work with you to get God glory because as we live in this manner it gives Him glory. Remember to keep it simple. It does not have to be complicated. Do not wait another day! Start today!

Chapter 5 First Fruits & Tithes

Creating trade relationships is first accomplished through our pocketbooks.

After discussing the spiritual things that need to be done, Mitchell took the conversation in a vastly different direction than I had anticipated. He began to speak concerning first fruits, and the conversation morphed into the whole arena of first fruits, tithes, offerings, and alms and how they are tightly knit with building a business. Tithing, alms giving, and first fruit giving all are accounted in Heaven on your behalf or on behalf of the entity through which you give.


He explained the tithe in this manner. The tithe is a portion given by a person in obedience to the command of the Father as recorded in scripture. It is proof of the persons’ dependence upon the Father. Heaven keeps an accounting of ones’ tithing so that recognition can be made in Heaven. Malachi 3 records that one of the benefits of the tithe is that the devourer (seed eater) would be rebuked for your sake. One of the purposes of the tithe (which means tenth) is to provide for the priests.

The tithe is recognized in Heaven on behalf of the one tithing and is essential for the establishment of the covenant on behalf of the tither. It has the promise of blessing to the tither as recorded in Malachi 3, where we are told the windows of Heaven would be open to us via the tithe.

Tithing is essential for an open Heaven.
Tithing creates recognition on the part of the saint of Heaven’s right to their affairs.
Tithing also creates protection for you from mammon or the love of money.
Tithing and taxing are correlated, as the tithe is a tax on trade.

First Fruits

We asked Mitchell to explain first fruits in more detail, which he was pleased to do. He explained that first fruits are a preferred form of giving because it comes from love and an expectation of the goodness of God. It comes from a sincerity of trust in the name of Jehovah Jireh as provider. It is a trade and a storing up for future blessing released by Heaven at the right time. First fruits are an opportunity of faith to store up seed in heavenly storehouses in advance of the culmination of trade.

First fruits are a heartfelt connection to worship that creates a trade in the heavenlies.

It is the expectation of the goodness of God to give more than you put in. First fruits are a trade by faith where your seed multiplies in Heaven’s storehouses and an expression of love. The contrast between tithing and the giving of first fruits is a matter of the heart. Heaven wants first fruits to be given of your own volition, whereas tithing is a response of obedience. First fruits is essentially trading with Heaven first.

The trading floor created by first fruit offerings is multi-dimensional and has multiple expressions.

This is not easy to explain but rather needs to be experienced. What makes Heaven happy is the giving of the first fruit in a marked time.

You have the opportunity to avail yourself of the first fruit offering. Paying the tithe is a step of obedience.

The tithe is called the grace of God because the grace of God enabled the initial tribes of Israel to survive in the desert.
What makes first fruit different from tithe is the motivation of the heart.
Tithes and first fruits are both trade relationships because they are counted in Heaven.
However, tithing can be done without the heart involved.
Making trades with Heaven must be primary.
When trading from Heaven first, what manifests in the natural is linked to the activity of Heaven.

It is releasing an expectation of the goodness of the Father in total trust and is a type of sacrifice. It is the seed of increase.

First fruits should come with a recognition of honor and respect for the one from whom all good things flow, the Father of lights.
In business, a first fruit offering is a release from the heart, with the givers’ expectation, that stakes a claim for the Father’s provision in the activity to which it is linked.
It must be representative of the increase you expect.

Holy Spirit work can work with you to help you understand this. Your agreement with this is from the heart and based on your relationship with God who is good, and the God who gives everything. First fruits giving pulls on the grace of God. It is sacrificial because you are giving before the increase shows up. First fruits is a type of sacrifice with the expectation that your portion will be there.

Speak over your seed!
What you speak over your seed as you give determines what it is linked to and this accrues in Heaven.

Lord, out of my present amount, I give to you the release of my trust and release of my faith, and the release in thanksgiving that you are good and you are wise and I will see this come back to me in the form of _______state your desired result_________.

This trade is accounted for in Heaven. That is the beauty of an offering of first fruits.

The reason it engages the heart is because it touches the soul.
The soul is aware that it gives from its current and present situation and must engage faith in the spirit with the spirit.


Alms is the Father’s heart for the poor.

It is the release of kindness toward others. You may sense yourself walking in a blessing and you release out of that blessing to another human.

Your alms giving can be to release funds, recommendations, or kind words toward another business. For instance, suppose you own a print shop and there is one down the block which is not doing as well as you. You, out of thanksgiving to the Father, could begin to recommend them to clients who come to you, since you are so busy. You put in a kind word for that print shop. It may not be directly monetary, but it will be a form of blessing toward them.

Alms comes from recognizing a blessing that wants to release to another so that the blessing is multiplied in a similar situation. Alms do not have to be financial. At LifeSpring, we regularly provide complimentary personal and business advocacy sessions to those in need. This is a form of alms giving for our ministry and causes multiplication of it. We do not directly give it FOR the multiplication, but we understand that it is a result of that form of giving. Essentially, this is what Galatians 6:7 is saying:

A man’s harvest in life will depend entirely upon what he sows. Galatians 6:7 (Phillips)


Offerings is a type of giving separate from the tithe, first fruits, or alms.

An offering is a release out of your increase to where the demonstration of the Kingdom has been. It is a marker of the Lord.
All things are marked by what is spoken over it in the act of giving.

What you are speaking over it is recorded and accrued in Heaven. The release of the harvest becomes easier for you.

Remember that all gifts should be given cheerfully.

If not, it does not honor the Father. However, responding – to the unction of the Spirit, the movement of the angelic around you, the weighty glory that causes people to give that will settle in a place on a group of people–is crucial.

Offerings and first fruits are very much tied to the heart and what you speak over them because it is a gift for you to be able to speak over them and will be the harvest that the seed is connected to.
You always want your offerings to be given to a ministry, a church, or some other entity that has demonstrations of the Kingdom being expressed.
They have revelatory flow coming from the ministry, lives are being impacted, needs are being met, etc.

Just as a responsible farmer would not make it a practice to sow his seed in poor, nutrient-deficient soil, so you, as the one making the offering, should sow responsibly.

Is that church or ministry fulfilling their part of the Great Commission?
Do you see good fruit coming out of that ministry?

We also must understand that once we sow the seed, the harvest it produces it up to the Father, not us. We have released the gift in faith and spoken over it with full expectation of abundant harvest. After that, it is simply a matter of time before the harvest is reaped from the seed sown.

Wounded Givers

Unfortunately, many in the Body of Christ have been wounded in their giving. The principles of first fruits, tithes, offerings, or alms may have been greatly abused. Our challenge is to maintain an open heart to the Father and let Holy Spirit heal our wounds related to giving.

When you give, you are taking something from the natural realm and transacting something that is unseen, spiritual, and supernatural. We must allow the truth of giving to be instilled within us and allow Holy Spirit to minister to both soul and spirit so that new alignments and pathways of thoughts can begin to build a new temple within our minds on these topics.

The abuse of an issue does not discount the truth of an issue.

Although painful at times, these types of conversations are necessary for walls that have been built as a result of wounds to be torn down within the life of a believer. It is regrettable how the enemy has stolen the glory of God by making the people of God feel they owe God.

When your spirit has first place over your soul and is instructing your soul, you will tithe, you will give first fruits, you will give offerings, and alms.
The enemy’s intent through the misguided teachings you may have previously heard was to position you to no longer trust your Heavenly Father.

For some people, he succeeded, and they have closed that area of their lives off to healing and correction. Sometimes the motives of the ones teaching us were problematic, and (let us be honest) sometimes our own motives for giving were questionable. God is not a vending machine, and the principles of the Kingdom concerning giving and receiving must be honored in our lives as well.

We may have been coerced into giving or had our arms twisted by someone’s appeal. God will deal with them. Our responsibility is to forgive them, bless them, and release them from the negative impact they had upon our lives.

If you need healing pertaining to giving, simply acknowledge that you need healing in that area and ask Holy Spirit to begin the healing process for you. You need not let past hurts stop you from future blessings.

Remember, that which you hold on to is what you trust in.

What is our trust in?


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[1] Contents taken from Building Your Business from Heaven Down 2.0 by Dr. Ron M. Horner [2] Mitchell is a man in white who often advises our ministry. Copyright © 2021 – Dr. Ron M. Horner, LifeSpring International Ministries, Inc.

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