Ripened Harvest

On this morning we met with George, a man in white who serves as our financial advisor for the ministry.

George wasted no time instructing us this day. He began, “It's time to announce an upward trend. It's time to announce an upward financial trend. It's time to announce a turning point at the gate. It's time to announce because you are in the new year gate. You are in the gate of the new year–the threshold of the new year. Your seed has been sown and harvest awaits. It's time to release the laborers to those fields to bring in the harvest.

This harvest is not the salvation harvest. This harvest is a financial harvest. It is an increase in portion. It is an increase in the things, people, connections, and opportunities that result from increased harvest. Then, that results in harvest harvested and stored in storehouses. You have the Right of Inheritance.

"Release the harvesters–they are angels to be released into your harvest fields–the harvest fields of the ministry.

“It's a two-fold activity. Release angels to clean up the tares and remove them from your harvest field. Then release angels to gather in the ripened harvest as increase to be stored in your warehouses. These wheat fields are ripened and waiting. They are ripened to harvest. It translates to all the things you know your ministry is involved with and should be doing. It equates to personnel, opportunity, signed contracts, ease of movement, the release of anointed friendships–friendships for the purpose of scattering, more seed. When you release angels to these works, remember the cycle of seed, time, and harvest for you need to harvest so you have seed. This is the Father's goodwill for you. This is the blessing of God for His children that they harvest seed and harvest the multiple harvests of the seed as it is the multiplication of His Kingdom.”

Donna asked, “Where do we do that?”

Then she said, “Well, now there are four angels standing here and they have empty sacks–these are the harvesting angels.”

The Commission

“Can we just commission them?” she asked.

George said, “We can commission them because we have both spiritual seed and physical seed. The physical seed that we have sown is like money–currency, but it has also been time.

Time is the pouring out of your life, which is the release of seed.

Donna continued, “Holy Spirit, I ask you to help me commission the harvesting angels for the harvest at the threshold of this year as we look to the beautiful future and the blessing of God.

“I commission in the name of Jesus, these four harvesting angels to fill their sacks with the ripened seed, to bring it securely to the storehouse and to cause it to be stored there for the manifestation of increase in these different forms of the multiplication of the King's Kingdom: opportunities, time, friendships, finances, and all the things we have been discussing with George. I agree with those things to be harvested.

“I also commission you in the name of Jesus to pluck up tares from our fields and to remove them and then put them in the trash." At that point Donna could see they had a hoe in their hands.

“I commission you to use that hoe, to pluck up tares, remove them from our fields, and see that they are done away with.

“I commission you at the head of this year for this coming year to be consistently and always on this task on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries on behalf of all its staff and their households, on behalf of all the supporters and those who do trade with us, and those who are our clients and their households.

“I also commission you to pay special attention to that area of the earth known as Pinehurst, North Carolina.

“As you as you harvest the ripened seed, I also commission you to tie up your sacks securely with these belts, so that nothing is lost as you bring them to the storehouse for LifeSpring International Ministries and these I have mentioned.

“So now, I set a decree. I agree with the expansion of the King's Kingdom. I agree that LifeSpring International Ministries will be a full storehouse, a full warehouse, a full barn and that we will have more than enough, plenty to share, and much to rejoice over. I agree with this document that George is writing at this time of year.”

Donna noted that I needed to sign the document that George was writing which I did. Donna also affixed her signature to it.

Concluding this engagement, Donna said, “Thank you, George. Thank you, angels. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lampstand. This is a type of prophecy. This has been a type of a prophetic word, but it comes from the Spirit of the Lord out of the King to the expansion of His Kingdom.

“You're right, George. This is how we create; this is one of the ways we create grace.”

[The following is from Chapters 4 & 5 of Building Your Business from Heaven Down 2.0}

Chapter 4

The Primacy of Heaven

When you have your authorization from Heaven to do business through the receipt of your Declaration of Trade, nuances will accompany every trade because you have traded from Heaven first. These nuances give you an edge over those who operate outside of Heaven first and Heaven down.