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Righteousness Like a Lightning Bolt

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Calendar Seeds

Donna and I had engaged Heaven concerning the “when” for an upcoming meeting that was in the early planning stages. Once we had worked out a few details, Lydia (the woman in white assigned to our ministry began to share about speaking in faith over our calendar.

She said, “Speak faith to your calendar,” pointing to this living being that is our calendar. When accessing the Business Complex to view your business or ministry calendar, you need to understand that it is not a static, dead thing, but rather it is a living being. I described it to Donna as the characters in the animated Disney movie, “The Beauty and the Beast” where the teapot and the candlestick were alive and moving. It appears similar to that only not necessarily in an animated fashion. Because it is living you can interact with it. Lydia continued, “When you discuss your calendar you release faith-filled words over it. You “word-seed” it and some of the seeds will take off and begin to grow. Those are the ones you will cultivate.

You had a discussion about potential dates for the upcoming meeting and you word-seeded those dates and they begin to grow. From the optional dates one looks more promising. You begin to see this in your calendar. What begins to grow? What begins to take root? Wouldn't you cultivate then the seedling that looks the healthiest? Whereas one seedling did not get take root or it did not get as much root as the others based on the words. As you continue to discuss this with those involved in the process, you will see the word related to when begin to grow. It will take on more vigor. That would be the one to go. It's done by bathing a word-seed. Or the impression of Holy Spirit will bring your mind to a conclusion as well. Like you knew to wait and not make any plans until you heard something.”

Ezekiel & Roping Storms

We then engaged with Ezekiel, the ministry angel and he showed how he had been roping storms. He showed a light gray thing that looked like a whirlwind or tornado. He was holding a lariat and had been using that to rope the whirlwinds and collapsing them. He reminded us to commission angels to collapse storms[1]. He implored us, “Don't forget, you can do this more. Don't forget it. Don't forget it. Don't forget it.”

In response we immediately paused and said,

We freshly commission you Ezekiel to do as you have been doing to collapse storms around LifeSpring International Ministries, its staff, its clients, its equipment, those we trade with, its outlets, and its times. We commission you to collapse all storms that have been that have been raised up by demons or those operating with demons. We, commission you to collapse the storms, to bring them to zero, to flatten them, to remove their frequencies. And we ask you to do this in every element and spiritual dimension and physical dimension of those associated with LifeSpring International Ministries, all people on staff, all clients, all students, all of our equipment, all of our possessions, all of our spiritual portals, all of our sensing, all of our travel, and our finances. We commission you and ask you to collapse these storms. Collapse the storms around our bodies, and the health of our bodies. Collapse the storms, remove the frequencies, and defeat darkness. We commission you, your commanders, and your ranks to this in the name of Jesus Christ.

Garments of Righteousness

Ezekiel added, “Do not disrobe from your garments of righteousness, wear the breastplate of righteousness. Wear his garment of righteousness. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Wear it. Put it on. Take it up. Don't leave it in the closet. Think from the mentality of the righteousness of God who lives in you. You are righteous. All of Heaven sees your righteousness in Jesus. His righteousness is worn by his sons and daughters. The family of God wearing the righteousness of God is the remnant of God, having been fully redeemed to the true knowledge of their righteousness as sons and daughters. Remember righteousness trumps and rules over darkness. It emanates a stronger, fuller velocity of power than darkness. Don't be deceived. Light rules over dark. Righteousness rules over evil. Wear your righteousness.

Ezekiel also instructed us, “Watch your mouth in this. In this two-week timeframe watch your mouth. Exceedingly guard your lips that you speak the righteousness of God into situations, into circumstances, into developments, into the crashing waves of what God is bringing. Speak, speak, speak the righteousness of God into circumstances.” He said, “No, I really mean it.

Loose the word ‘righteousness’ into your circumstance.”

Lydia then took up this instruction saying, “Donna, it's like this. You see a circumstance and you simply stand your ground and from the spirit and from Heaven down you speak, ‘I release righteousness to this situation.’ ‘I release the righteousness of God to this circumstance.’ ‘I released the righteous wrath of God to this situation, and I call alongside the righteous armies of God to insert righteousness into this timeline in Jesus' name.’

Lightning Bolts

Ezekiel then showed righteousness as a lightning bolt in his hand. When we release righteousness into a circumstance, an angel takes what looks like a piece of white lightning which appeared to be about four feet long with the zigzag you typically see in drawings of lightning bolts and they throw the lightning bolts like a javelin.

Donna could suddenly sense the power of that. When the lightning bolt is released it causes people to vibrate differently.

Ezekiel then said, “Now think of your target. Ezekiel is releasing the righteousness of God into a circumstance that has boiled up. When released it is a light power that is inserted into a situation and changes the frequency that has boiled up.”

He said, “You are not loosing it to a person. You are loosing it to a circumstance because the enemy is manipulating from second heaven realms a deception, a veil, or a blanket. These are ways you say an enemy plan is afoot, so when the righteous release the righteousness of God into a circumstance. The spirit realm wars with spirit tools–spiritual tools, and the lightnings of God is a spiritual tool.”

He fills his hands with lightning bolts and hurls each at its target. Job 36:32

Then Lydia says, “Don't forget, you must release with faith. You must release it with faith. If you're just losing it with your language, your verbiage, you are not engaged rightly. Raise your spirit higher to third Heaven realm and release from there. Release when your spirit is forward, because your spirit engaged with faith.”

Donna was reminded of a dream she had a couple of days before it which she was walking by a closet with louvered bi-fold doors. Hanging in the back of the closet was a beautiful white lace camisole. Donna remembered that, in the dream, as she walked by and saw the camisole, she thought how stunningly beautiful it was and that she should put it on.

In retrospect, she realized the camisole represented the garment of righteousness Ezekiel had instructed her to put on. It had been in a closet, stored up, now the closet was open. It simply had to be put on in the now season. We have always had the righteousness of God in Christ, but this was a new tool, a new way to wear it and utilize it.

[1] See the blog on Collapsing Storms.

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