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Righteous Indignation & the Angel Freedom

Donna (my Executive Assistant) opened, "Father, we thank you that you have given us the right of sonship to ascend through Jesus and through the river of the Holy Spirit to Kingdom realms. Now we desire to step into the Business Complex of Heaven and speak to Lydia or to know what is on our agenda today. What needs to be attended to? We ask for heavenly help in the Business Complex."

We were instructed that we were to have a meeting with our Council which includes Lydia[1], Mitchell, Malcolm, Mary, George, some Scribe Angels, and other beings. In addition to those mentioned, Donna could sense a very sweet presence in the Council Room as well. She stated, “It smells like roses in here.”

Once assembled, Lydia said to the members of the Council, “Thank you everyone for coming. We are gathered at the Council on behalf of LifeSpring. The Council wants to talk about righteous indignation.

A voice began to speak that had not been identified, but said, “Let the righteous indignation of God's people arise from within their heart. Let it bubble to the surface, let their cry be heard from earth against the unrighteousness being done against the masses. Let the unrighteous of the earth be exposed to the righteous–even to the sight of the righteous, for the indignation of the King is rising against His enemy. Evil will not be suffered long–this gross overreach of a defeated kingdom. Holiness will not put up with this. The flame of holiness has enlarged for Yahweh is a holy God who has sanctified a holy people who are filled with a Holy Spirit who will give way to the righteous indignation of this flame of His holiness within their being.

“The result is the rising up of the voices of the righteous over the darkness. It says, we know who we are, and we know you are the usurper and we agree with the Councils of Heaven, the verdicts of the Kingdom for the overcoming and overturning of unrighteousness in the earth where the complete and utter exposure of evil deeds, of handshakes under the table, of those who have dared to call themselves greater than God, of those who have in their seared conscience and depravity of mind corrupted their being, even their identities, even their identity as with the likeness and image bearing of the Most High. As Scripture says, ‘Woe to them. Let the people of God now announce, woe to them for our God is a purifying fire. Woe to those who count themselves as God. Woe to these whose overreach and overstep from their allotted time and times, this will create a response from the throne of God by His own hand.

“A tipping point has arisen to a crest and on behalf of those covered by darkness, the Lord God Almighty will reveal His light. The voices of those who call on His name will be heard both in Heaven and on earth. Let the righteous fire of His indignation burn among the nations of the earth, even among peoples, even from within themselves so that it will be said that they have seen a great light.”

Donna noted, “There is an intensity in this Council Room where all the people that we normally work with are very sober and they're very still, and they're very quiet.”

It was then that Donna understood who had been speaking. It was the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.

She commented, “It is interesting to me that the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord came with the smell of roses–a beautiful smell to release such a harsh sounding message. That presence has left the Council Room, but everyone is just absorbing.

I have a strong impression of the story in the Bible where Jesus cleansed the temple with a whip in His hand and overturned the tables of the money changers.

Something about this story releases the concept of those who would burden an already burdened people and a righteous indignation upon the unrighteousness of that. That those who were seeking after the Lord were burdened, burdened, and burdened, and burdened again.

The Angel Freedom

Donna said, “There is an angel in here [in the Council Room] and his name is Freedom. He has just come in and said to me, ‘Come, sit down and let us talk. Let us reason. I oversee the freedom of nations from within the minds of men, human, male and female. In cycles of oppression, I (meaning Freedom and his ranking army) have been called upon in times past to overthrow leaders who would lead through bondage.’”

The Angel Freedom said, “You need to understand this work of mine is not a difficult work. It has been done before. I was there at the judgment of Pharaoh. I was there at the judgment of Hitler, and I was there at the bringing down of the wall between east and west Berlin. When I say this I mean–this is the work of my armies over which I have command. The cry, ‘Let freedom come!’ is a trumpet, and the armies of my ranks adhere to this call of the trumpet.

“Over the courses of time, humans have called for my actions many times–both small and large; both for individuals and masses of groupings of the ethnos across the globe.

We work from righteousness on behalf of the King of Righteousness.

“In recent days, you, Donna have found yourself saying, ‘We need more angels,’ and your understanding is dawning of the many varieties and types of angels and their expressions of their excellence.”

Freedom smiled at Donna and said, “We are pleased to help. We are pleased to help humanity.

Those who see themselves as sons of God in oneness with His Spirit may release our work.

“Call for us with the release of your request to the Father, that Freedom would come, and that Freedom would war effectively, that Freedom would be unfurled over a nation, people groups, even minds of individuals.

This angelic rank works on behalf of those who have willfully chosen His image with which to bear Him to the earth.
Our work is against those who have aligned with defeated kingdoms.

“The tension between good and evil, the victory of good over evil is our mandate.

Every language on earth has a word for freedom…

“…which is defined, not as license to act independently from pits of ignorance, but is defined by the definition of their image-bearing of God, Most High. It is freedom to create freedom, to trade freedom, to live freedom; to choose to love those with Him.

“Love will have an effect and freedom to achieve the redemption purchased at the cross of Jesus. These result in the freedom of identity. And in Him, humanity has been created and the longing in their heart has given them access through Jesus to achieve it.

Our work on their behalf is to enhance humans’ advancement and fortitude.

“Advancement and fight, but fight like refusing to sit down. Having done everything, therefore, stand and call on God to release.”

Donna remarked, “Having heard Freedom speak, I'm just sitting here thinking and the only thought I am having is whatever the work of our mouth and the work of our hands is in the future, it will come down to one thing. It's going to come down to co-laboring with angels. It's going to come down to angels working on our behalf. We are not going to get any of this done if we don't have these angels, but praise be to God, we were just told that they are available.”

The Whirlwinds

She exclaimed, “I see a whirlwind!”

She asked, “Is that the whirlwind at the sound of release of the angels? It is the stirring of wind from the portals and the mouths of Father's children who call upon Him to release the angels. I'm seeing the map of the United States and there are a lot of whirlwinds.”

She asked the Council, “Am I seeing what is, or what should be? What paradigm do I view this from? What can be?”

Then Mitchell said, “There is no one on planet earth who is insignificant, but let them open their mouth and ask God to release the angels.”

I asked, “Is it time for us to request this?”

The answer came in a vision in which a beautiful golden light filled the room.

Donna described it saying, “It's like a purest, beautiful sunshine.”

Lydia said,

“Angels will play a part in the releasing of God's glory in the physical realm of earth.

“They already have been. They already do, but it is the Father's good pleasure to release through the choice of His redeemed that He release the angels both Freedom and Light, the heavenly hosts of advancing armies and those who carry the light of His victory.”

Donna then prayed, “Let the angels be released to sow the seed of faith from God's Kingdom into His people that we may voice with our faith combined with His faith that He is a God who will answer by fire, and He will release His angels.”

“Lydia, what is that?” Donna asked. Donna had suddenly seen a silver trumpet.

Lydia explained, “This ministry has a silver trumpet.”

“Will you be shy about releasing your sound through this silver trumpet?” she asked.

Donna replied, “No, we will not be shy. We will not back down. We will release this to those who have ears to hear, and we cry out to the Father in agreement with His words, His revelation, and His kindness with the request to release the Angel of Freedom and his ranks. We cry out Freedom come! Freedom come! Freedom come! Come now in the name of Jesus!

Lydia said, “This is the release of sound through the silver trumpet for the ministry. It operates as the voice of the redeemed releasing the breath of the redeemed in agreement with the will of Heaven; for you came to the Council of Heaven to know the will of the Father. You entered the gate called Jesus. You ascended with the understanding of the right to sit in Him upon His throne, and you sensed the timing of the release. You heard counsel and you have responded. Now believe.

Let faith have its effect. Believe and do not fear.”

Lydia continued, “The Father is using the desire within the heart of humanity right now. I am not talking about those who are trapped in darkness. I am not talking about those who have aligned with defeated kingdoms–humans that have aligned with a defeated kingdom. I am talking about humans who have in their heart the knowledge of God, and whether they're capable yet or not of following Him in full measure, they are in their essence of life crying out. This is the cry of humanity before God, and it will be answered. God is faithful.”

Donna noted, “It strikes me as very interesting that Heaven does not have any qualms or issues about separating those who are seeking God and those who are not. It is as if they can see them clearly from the heart level. And it is as if they just say, ‘Well, it is what it is.’ There are these who will seek God, and there are these who will not.”

Lydia responded, “We will work with those who seek Heaven and those who aren't seeking God, we are not even paying attention. We are not even worried that it is right there. We are not burdened by them. The reason we're not burdened is because they have made a choice and out of the Father's goodness and kindness, they have been given many times and opportunities to change just as Pharaoh was. They choose, but Heaven does not have anxiety about their choice. Heaven does not have a burden about the choice. There is no misery over their choice. There are the facts and then they choose.”

Donna remarked, “We have got to get this because when we get that it is the release of love to let you choose. That is what love is. Love does that. Having this understanding so aligned with that truth that when the choice is made, they (in Heaven) are good. Their come from is–choice has had its effect. Love has had its effect and it is what love does. It divides, which is an oxymoron–but true. There is just a lot of hope rising in me. I praise God for that.”

I asked, “Would you like us to release this to the folks?”

Lydia responded, “The hour is coming, and the hour now is where the minds of men will choose.”

Donna replied, “That is a very Heaven-oriented way to say that outside of time. Yes, we will choose to release it and rejoice.”

Lydia had one more thing to say, “Be aware of the trap door of fear, for fear would set before your mind a trap to fall into, by which you are captured. Do not align with the spirit of fear. Do not think from fear, and do not believe the projection of fear. There is always a way! You have unlimited resources. You have known yourself as authoritative sons of God in His Kingdom.

“The spirit of fear will work against your flesh, but you have overcome the flesh with truth. Do you see? The enemy’s low-level plot is to squeeze the flesh and make it feel uncomfortable counting on the fact that the sons and daughters of God will live by the flesh and not by the spirit.

In the spirit are answers, solutions, resources, all manner of new.
Live by your spirit, not by your flesh.

Pay attention to your conscience and the quickening voice of the Holy Spirit. Watch and look for His promptings and leadings. Holy Spirit is busy now with many promptings among His people. With many, they look like golden raindrops of their ideas, thoughts, creations, and creativities. This is Holy Spirit's work even in this hour.

“Do not forget to rejoice in who He is and who He has made. Do not forget to rejoice that He is the conquering King–the roaring lion. Do not forget to rejoice in His presence. Do not forget to long for His presence. Get in His presence where your joy is intensive.

“When your soul feels flat and mundane, it is simply a sign to you that you must get in the River of God by your spirit, and in the nearness of His presence.”

Ezekiel's Input

We then called for Ezekiel to come near. Speaking to Ezekiel, Donna said, “Oh, you're already here. You were behind me. We honor you as the chief angel over LifeSpring International Ministries.”

Ezekiel spent a moment witnessing the truth of what we had just heard and was honoring and acknowledging the Ranking Angel Freedom, and then said, “Your mind cannot perceive two things about the Angel Freedom and his ranks: You cannot perceive the quantity, and you cannot perceive their power! But you can believe it and you can trust it.”

We then issued a commission to Ezekiel saying,

“In the name of Jesus, the King, we commission you Ezekiel, your commanders, and your ranks to work with the angels of those human lives who have aligned with LifeSpring International Ministries in any measure, to steward the release of this message that we have heard from Councils of Heaven today about the Angel Freedom in such a way that they receive the words with a shift in paradigm.

“We commission you, Ezekiel to take down the veil between human and angel that causes humans to think of angels in a caricature fashion, but rather to be seen with eyes and ears of their spirit the angelic activity from the Spirit of Truth.

“We commission you for everyone who hears this message that we release, not to hear it under immature caricatures of wrong teaching about angels, and fear of angels, or mocking of angels.

“We commission you to remove the bondages of their mind and the bondages of their heart that would keep them from receiving this with the Spirit of Revelation that it came from and with the Spirit of Truth.

“We also commission you to war against the mockery and the mocking spirit at work against those in our audience that would hear this and receive it with a chuckle instead of with awe.

“We believe in the goodness and kindness of God as we commission you Ezekiel with this task to war against mocking spirits so that humanity that hears this can hear it in truth, can receive it in their identity, and can step into new levels of their sonship in Jesus Christ.

“Thank you for what you do.”

[1] These are men or women in white who advise our ministry.

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