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Return to Sender

Four months ago, we sent a small package to a customer expecting it would be delivered in a matter of days. Three weeks ago, we were surprised to see that the package had been returned to us as undeliverable. After checking the postal service website, we saw our address was correct, but they had deemed it undeliverable. It was stamped, “Return to Sender”.

How many times has that happened to us in the realm of the spirit? Recently during an engagement with Heaven, we heard the statement that if I chose to bless someone and I released a blessing to them, that if that blessing cannot find a landing place that the blessing returns to the sender. In that situation, the blessing they would have received is undeliverable because due to the state of their heart they were unqualified as a recipient. Wanting to know how that worked the next day I inquired of Heaven. This article summarizes what was learned.

The Scripture that a curse causeless shall not alight – contains the same principle (Proverbs 26:2). If no reason exists for a curse to land on someone or something, the curse cannot land. By the same token, if a blessing can be released to someone but be disallowed from landing due to certain sin(s) in one’s life, that blessing cannot land but rather returns to the sender – just as a parcel would in our natural world. It works that way with curses. If it cannot find a landing place it is “Returned to Sender”.

Remember, Jesus said to bless those that curse you and pray for them that despitefully use you (Luke 6:28). Look at that scripture passage. It says to bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you. To despitefully use someone is to insult, slander, and falsely accuse them. Since The Golden Rule says to do to others as you would have them do unto you, when someone takes it upon themselves to falsely accuse, slander, or insult, they are stepping in league with the accuser of the brethren. Your safety in Me, Heaven said, is that you walk in love one with one another.

When you step into accusation you have stepped out of love and are leaning toward hatred. Really, you only have to choices. You either love someone or you hate them. If you are actively not loving them then you may be demonstrating hatred toward them. That is not a safe place to be.

John the Apostle understood this. He wrote plainly in 1 John 3:8: He who sins is of the devil. In v. 15 he writes that he that hates his brother is a murderer. If you try to murder someone – either their character or their person, you have stepped out of love and into a place of hatred. Blessing cannot rest on that place.

Therefore, if it cannot land, it must return to the one that sent it. When it returns it contains the same harvest with which it was originally sent. If a ten-fold harvest when sent, then a ten-fold harvest when it lands upon the sender.

At this point I still had some questions but had to take a break from this engagement with Heaven. Shortly afterward, Donna (my Executive Assistant) and I re-engaged Heaven for more insights.

We asked Heaven for more detail regarding a blessing or curse being released and being returned to you? This was Heaven’s reply:

If it does not have a cause, it does not alight. This is related to the power of the spoken word as referred to in James. Words released are living things. Words released always have an effect.

A blessing released is a point of seed that causes an individual to expand.

A cursing that is released is a seed that causes the individual to recede or whither. The result of the curse is the withering of that person. Think of Jesus and the fig tree and the picture of the withering tree was the result of the cursing. It was a demonstration of the power of God's Word, to Jesus, and swiftness. Notice the swiftness of the result. A linking exists to the power of life and death is in the tongue that needs to be understood.

A curse that cannot alight comes back on the sender.

A curse is not a language of love. It doesn't come from the Father's Kingdom, but nevertheless, as it's released out of the dysfunction of the realms of darkness and the darkened areas within an individual; those areas of one's life that haven't received enlightenment by the Spirit of God.

The Curse

Whether a curse or a blessing it must land somewhere. It is a type of impartation and because the Father's heart is to impart blessing and goodness in the lives of individuals, when you release blessing it imparts something. It sows itself into a person's realm and it has a harvest as the result. So, if that is true, then it is also true because that is the principle that God's children are to live by. It is such a valuable, beneficial, expansive glory initiating creative act.

When sowed from dark and darkness it is released as a curse. It is it has a similar effect, not the intention of Heaven, certainly not the desire of Yahweh that one's mouth would be used in this manner but demonstrates the redemption of the tongue through the knowing of the Savior and of the Creator.

But where a curse is released it is seed sown. If the individual, or the individuals’ realm to whom the curse is released is blessed by God, walking with the Lord in all manner of righteousness, not having a broken wall of defense, and enjoined by the help of angels, the curse having nowhere to go comes back to the one who sent it, and that person reaps their misguided release of power. Words like deeds is powerful in its creative role and effect in the world.

Since the enemy knows this, he uses the wounds and the darkened area of God's people to do his own dirty work to release curses. It does not bother Satan that the individual releasing his curses out of immaturity and ignorance would then be harmed by their own release as his evil contains no balance for that.

However, this is not the plan of God for that individual and the redemption of that is the awakened realization that you are engaged in self-cursing if you release a curse against someone walking in righteousness. Thus, the scriptural principle to bless and curse not. It is not the Father's heart that you would release in league with the enemy of your soul out of woundedness and brokenness.

It takes quite a mindset of the Lord -- a oneness with his mind to release a blessing in the face of difficult circumstances. For example, Jesus on the cross requesting of the father that his persecutors would be forgiven for “they know not what they do” is a sincere form of blessing in the face of great obstacles, pain, and hardship.

All words are recorded in Heaven. Angels pay attention to the saints of God and what is being released from the mouth. Thus, the conviction of the Spirit of God within that individual to close their mouth, to walk away and the saying in the world, if you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. Would it not be wisdom to withhold one's tongue from releasing the curse out of the hardship of a circumstance?

This is a difficult area for maturing saints primarily because the soul is in charge of the mouth. Whereas the believer walking with oneness has a sense of Holy Spirits’ function to release blessing only.


What is a quartermaster? This is one who oversees the supplies for a military unit. The quartermaster of your realm releases. Your spirit must act like a quartermaster over your realm to release blessing, not cursing.

The supply of blessing increases as you release blessing.

Blessings released in the face of great hardship are noted in Heaven because you have, in that instance, become an overcomer against the plot of the enemy working from the fallen world in conjunction with the strife of the soul. Your spirit operates like a quartermaster releasing the blessing of the Father to the members of the Bride, to the Army of God, to the family of Yahweh. When the many blessings of God are seen upon the people of God it defeats darkness and it causes a friction of those bound in darkness to hunger and desire the blessing of God on his people, on his children, and on his sons.

The abundance of the riches of Heaven come from the release of verbal blessing.

Blessing is Not a Sentiment

Do not be mistaken. the release of the blessings in the name of the King accomplishes much in the body and the Bride of Christ that overflows even to the world. It is not a sentiment. Do not be mistaken that a blessing or the release of blessing by your word is a sentiment. It is not a sentiment. It is not an emotion. It is a spirit bearing release of the kingdoms pleasure, the good pleasure of the Father from the Kingdom realm of glory with the intent to increase, expand, and cause growth in the brothers and sisters of Jesus.

Focused Blessing

Focused blessing is best. Just like the enemy uses a focused curse as a tool of bondage, aim your blessing with more specificity and engage the faith within you as you release it. This is powerful. A good blessing is the blessing to overcome. I bless you to overcome followed by the invitation to overcome a specific thing like someone’s surgery.

  • We bless them to overcome their surgical procedure.

  • We bless them to overcome their physical therapy sessions.

  • We bless them to overcome pain.

  • We bless them to overcome fear.

  • We bless them to overcome.

These are true blessings of the Lord. They strengthen and empower another through the expressed hope coupled with firm faith. It is hope with firmness established in faith.

Another great blessing is the blessing of revelation.

  • I bless you for the revealed expression of God in that circumstance.

  • I bless you for the revelatory encounter.

  • I bless you for a revelatory encounter.

  • I bless you for a revelation of relationship.

  • I bless you for revelation of insight.

  • I bless you for revelation of solution.

These are true blessings.

Specific Causes

Are there specific causes for someone to experience the ricochet of a blessing?

All sin should be directed under the blood of Jesus. The sacrifice of the Lamb of God was given that the sin would be made null so that the blessing can fall. This is related to your authoritative release to forgive someone of their sin and bless them, for the Father desires to reach their heart. His redemptive work is at play even now in the hearts of the nations.

The body of Christ is awakening to the adequacy of what Jesus took care of. This is quantitatively being released from Heaven in new ways so that the sons of God awaken to their truest destiny as the releasers of redemption.

Jesus was the gift to take care of the sin problem. All those who come to the Father through him have forgiveness, but this is the continual work of the spirit to convict a son of God, of his need for forgiveness where he hasn't walked in perfection. Regardless of what they have done, the blood still speaks forgiveness. This son, however, must come to receive lest his life be falling away from the living God, not that Yahweh has released him, but that his sin separates him from relationship.

Never do we want to have blessings we have released returned to sender. We want them to be able to land but it is good to know that they are never wasted. We will talk about this some more in an upcoming post.

May you be blessed with understanding, revelation, insight, and clarity concerning the power of released blessings, in Jesus’ name.

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