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Removing the Line in the Sand

As Stephanie and I engaged Heaven, we could see a line had been drawn in the sand. Malcolm (a man in white who assists us) came up and stood beside Stephanie and asked, “Would you dare cross over that?”

Stephanie replied, “I don't know Malcolm, you tell me. Because if it were me, I would cross the line.”

Malcolm responded, “Then cross it.”

Stephanie in response said, “All right, I'm going to cross the line.”

Malcolm then asked, “Who drew the line in the sand?”

We had no idea, so Malcolm asked another question, “Do people draw a line in the sand about their faith?”

Of course, the answer was yes.

“Why?” Malcolm asked.

Stephanie replied, “Religion, false beliefs, fear, wrong teachings, and more.”

He then asked, “What if we were to take that line off the sand?”

Stephanie answered, “I think that people would be able to experience all of what Heaven has to have and offer.”

Malcolm suggested, “Well, let's do that.”

Stephanie had a knowing to turn around and look at the line in the sand and to repent where she had drawn a line in the sand in her own life.

Father, I ask to step into the Court of Mercy, and I want to repent on my behalf and on behalf of my generations where we have drawn a line in the sand and said, ‘We want this and no more’ concerning you.

We repent where we weren't willing to expand our hearts or our minds and for where we believed the end from the beginning regarding the spirit of religion, that there was no more of you.

I ask for it to be as if it never were.

I ask for the blood of Jesus to be applied here and I ask for your righteous verdict.

Immediately, the line on the sand was picked up and removed. No line in the sand now existed.

Malcolm's stood smiling with his arms crossed.

Stephanie asked, “What’s next Malcolm?”

He replied, “I thought you would never ask.”

Stephanie remarked, “I see a path before me now, a clear path. It's a platinum in color. It's shimmers and there is no end to it. Am I to ask for this?”

Malcolm explained, “It became (as if it never were) because you withdrew the line

in the sand within your own heart.”

Stephanie replied, “Thank you Father.”

Malcolm continued, “When people get to a place in their own hearts where they draw a line in the sand of thinking that there couldn't possibly be more stating, ‘I want this and no more’, you do yourselves a disservice. Isn't it true that He will give us more than what we can ask or think?”

“It's true Malcolm,” Stephanie replied.

Malcolm said, “You're only putting limitations on yourself, not God. Do you believe He is unlimited?”

Stephanie replied, “I do.”

Malcolm queried, “Then, who draws the line in the sand?”

Stephanie answered, “We do. The lesson here is to recognize the line in the sand that we have drawn. Holy Spirit really is a gentleman, and he won't push us past that point.”

Malcolm explained, “This is about conformity.

Don't limit him and you won't be limited.”

Stephanie, “Thank you Malcolm. Thank you, Father.

“Father, forgive us where we've limited you.

“Forgive us where we've drawn a line in the sand and have said to ourselves and to you, ‘This and no more, this is all we want.’ We've done ourselves a disservice and thank you that you are unlimited, and we can tap into that. I ask for that today, for the people, for me, for Ron, for all of LifeSpring, and those that draw near and their families, in Jesus' name.

“Ezekiel, I call you near and ask that you would go ahead of time and begin removing the lines in the sand so that people can experience this as we do this today, in Jesus' name.”

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Removing the lIne in the Sand
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