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Removing Fragility

On a recent engagement with Heaven, Wisdom met us holding a single daisy. We discussed the fragility of the daisies and Wisdom began to teach us about the power of the restoration of Innocence. In the recent book Kingdom Dynamics – Volume 1, we shared about the Pink Capture bags and how they are involved in the restoration of innocence in our lives. Originally, all of us stood before the Father in Innocence. However, through the events of life innocence gets stolen from us. Sometimes bit by bit, other times in large chunks it seems.

When innocence is restored, fragility is broken

Wisdom said, “When innocence is restored, fragility is broken. When there is a bouquet of daisies and any wind comes, they are not as easily broken. They are not so fragile.”

Wondering how this could be, Wisdom explained, “In the true innocence of where you stood before God all was given to you in that moment before you touched the earth. He gave mankind everything. There was no fragileness in His creation. Restoring innocence brings strength to the body (not just to an individual, but to the Body of Christ as well). When there is innocence and intimacy between a son and his father, the restoration of innocence can occur in a blink of an eye.”

Stephanie remarked, “Wisdom, the feeling I am getting about innocence and the restoration of it upon a person, the strength that it brings is because all of what had happened before is as if it never were. Because, when it was before innocence being restored, the person dealt with all the frailties, the brokenness, but the restoration of Innocence is like a bonding. I am seeing it like a super glue of some sort.”

Wisdom replied, “You can learn spirit forward and even having the Glory rise up, but until Innocence is fully restored, there will be a fragility. Intimacy and innocence restored will bond the strength you need. You are truly to stand with one foot in Heaven and one foot on the earth.”

Stephanie then shared a story from the prior evening at a Bible study group she attends. “When we had our prayer meeting last night, we stood up, asked the Glory to rise up and we stepped into the Spirit of Excellence. As we did, I saw that line down the middle of my body. I turned, so I had Heaven down my right side and earth down my left. And the Lord said, ‘What do you think about right brain versus left brain?’ I know that right brain is creativity and spirit–it is your creative and spiritual side.”

Wisdom asked, “Did you enjoy walking in both realms today at your office?”

Stephanie replied, “I did enjoy that. I enjoyed walking into that office today with one foot in Heaven and one foot on earth, it was easier. There was a strength.”

As Stephanie was talking, Wisdom handed her a tool belt. With it came the understanding that the things we were learning were tools for us to use to walk this out in our daily lives.

Wisdom said, “I built my house with those tools.”

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Removing Fragility
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