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Receiving Revelation - Part 2

The Power of Silence

Let me give you a reminder of how powerful your words truly are. Be mindful to steward and shepherd over your words well, not from the soulish realm as some do, but from your spirit.

Silence, (holding our tongue or not making an expression of sound) is as important as what you agree with vocally.
Silence is a symbol of disagreement.
It is equally important what you do not vocalize as what you do vocalize.
The Father gives you permission not to say anything.

You will see this in scripture where it is told of Jesus as the lamb before the slaughter and He did not open his mouth. This is a sign of trusting the Lord.

Some try to battle verbally with other humans when the skirmish is not in the natural plane, it is in the unseen plane.

You must address the spiritual plane before the natural plane can align to carry the weight of the truth you must release.

Are these not good mysteries?

These are foundational things we as children of God get to be reminded of.

A Symbol of Strategy

Remember, I started this by talking about a chess board. The chess board is a symbol of strategy. You need to recall how strategic your Father in Heaven truly is. He is so strategic that He laughs from his throne at the antics of a defeated kingdom for He has won His children back to Himself by His own son and the blood that He shed. The Father is not worried, and He has great plans for earths realm even still.


Worship is rejoicing.
Set your mind to rejoicing.

The battle has a final outcome of victory. Yet, the strategies in play (like on a chess board) sometimes are not seen until the final move. I share this symbolism of the chess board with you that you may know you are involved in a strategic time and that YOU are strategic. Your position is strategic to what the Father is doing as you learn who you are and begin to rest in the truth of what he is calling each person to do.

You want your angels commissioned to order your steps so that you make all the appointed assignments Heaven has for you.

Personal assignments, even small ones are great in his sight.

I call the angels assigned to me to come near.

In the name of Jesus, I commission you to order my steps to so that I fulfill all the plans of the Father.

Cleansing of Bloodlines

This work of LifeSpring in helping cleanse bloodlines is still foundational.

Learn to come quickly to the courts so cases may be ruled upon on behalf of others, so legal grounds are removed from enemy plots.

The cleansing of bloodline iniquities for this reason is important as we continue the work of gaining the courtroom verdicts on behalf of others to purge and cleanse iniquities. The enemy is upset to no longer have access to your realms with wrong frequencies, thus deluding spirits and lying spirits have a more difficult time to twist, blind, and dupe you. This is why the work of cleansing the blood lines is so helpful.

Messenger Angels

Work with the angels of God, receive their messages.
Some of these messages will be brought in dreams.
Some will be brought in knowings. Begin to trust this.

However, I will say this:

The work of this ministry to lead bloodlines in the cleansing of iniquities is linked with and important to one's ability to hear the Word of God, see what the plans of the Father are as opposed to the plans of the enemy, and follow with verbal release, and co-laboring with the activity of angels.

At present there are many Messenger Angels that have been released to the saints of God, many more than you can imagine. Commission your angels to work with these Messenger Angels. Messenger Angels are highly active globally and often need assistance and protection of other angels as they carry out their duty like in war time where the lines of communication between generals have to go on. What happens behind the lines is not the active fighting, it's the communication lines. These have to be guarded. This is what that is like.

We call the angels assigned to us to come near, in Jesus’ name.

We request in the name of Jesus that Messenger Angels be given assistance by our angels and by Ezekiel[1], his commanders, and ranks.

We also ask for backup angels for Ezekiel for this.

We commission our angels to co-labor with Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks, and with the Messenger Angels for the fulfillment of the plans of the Father.

We thank you and commission you Ezekiel to work to protect the Messenger Angels so that they take their communication to the saints so that no message is lost.

We commission you to this work in Jesus’ name.

Many of these messengers are being released via dreams when half the planet is asleep, or when you first awake, or when you're just drifting off to sleep. These are the types of messages that are coming right now. Then, the messages – once received – play out during the daylight hours.

We want to help you understand this. To help you say:

I receive the messages of the Messenger Angels into my realms and into my understanding.

I receive the messages.

I trust them and I believe them. They are going to make a difference in the lives of people and in the purpose of God for the planet, and for the purpose of God for the nations.

I receive the Messenger Angels who have messages from God that will change the nations. I agree to receive them.

The sons of God are learning to perceive spiritually and their discernment is improving.

These things go hand in hand with knowing who you truly are and how valuable your words are to enact the plans of God.

One of the activities of angels is to cause the right word to go to the right ear.

Angels do this often and we often overcome the wrong word to the wrong ear and the wrong word to the right ear.

Protecting Your Ears & Eyes

Envision an angel with a sword who sees a wrong word as an object that is traveling in a dimension of space and it is headed for an ear that should not hear it, so he takes the sword that he has, and he deflects the word or he chops it up as it goes by. He chops it asunder and therefore that wrong word does not enter that individuals’ ear – I am talking about your spirit year and your natural ear. You need angels to help you that your spirit ear and your natural ear do not hear the wrong word – the word that brings doubt, the word that brings fear, the word that brings the activity of iniquity, the word that brings curses, the word that brings works of darkness.

Angels love their activity of doing this. It is very important to agree with one's angels that they are at work doing this well. This is what I mean when the angels of this ministry desire to work with the personal angels assigned to you. They team up together in the spirit realm to better bring down the wrong word. Trust me, in this hour, you need the help of the angels.

Remember, you have two sets of ears – natural and spiritual ears.

Thus, you are cautioned to focus on the Lord, joyful worship, gratefulness. Repetition of the Words of God enable this, but work of angels in the unseen realm is equally important.

Commission your personal angels to the work of cutting asunder wrong words, that would not enter your physical ear and your spiritual ear declaring that they will not enter your realms, nor will they intersect your pathways, but that you will see and hear guidance from Heaven.

This is very similar to wrong sight. They do this equally. They see to the releasing into your sight, and ears, and heart the goodness of the Father, His plans, and His purposes.

Set them as gatekeepers over your realms to allow only what is the design and desire of the Father for your life.

I commission the angels assigned to me to deflect and bring asunder wrong words that would seek to enter my physical ears or my spiritual ears.

I also commission the angels assigned to me to deflect and bring asunder wrong visuals that would seek to enter my physical eyes or my spiritual eyes.

I commission you to keep them from entering my realms, or intersect any of my pathways.

I commission you to assist me to see, hear, and receive guidance from Heaven.

I commission you to the releasing into my sight, ears, and heart the goodness of the Father, His plans, and His purposes.

I commission you over my realms as gatekeepers to allow only what is the design and desire of the Father for my life, in Jesus’ name.

Protecting Your Heart

Then, there is a matter of the heart.

Remember, what your heart longs for is proof of what your ears have heard, and your eyes have seen.

Thus, you are cautioned to focus on the Lord, joyful worship, gratefulness. Repetition of the Words of God enable this, but work of angels in the unseen realm is equally important.

What angels cannot do is make agreement for you.
That is your role.
Choose wisely what you will agree with.

I have not even spoken to you about the element of time, for all messages have time elements attached to them. This is true from the kingdom of darkness because it is also true of the Kingdom of Light and has only been stolen and corrupted by the copying of the kingdom of darkness, but do not worry. Angels will see to their task in the unseen and employ their abilities to do what you cannot do. This is why they have been assigned to you, even created so that they accomplish things for you.

The decision to receive revelation is yours. Incalculable revelations are available to the sons who will see after them. When Jesus spoke to the multitudes, He spoke in parables – messages with hidden truths contained within. He still speaks the same way. You will have to invest time to mediate and mull over the words given to you. At times the revelation will come in the form of a riddle or a question. Flow with Heaven to receive all Heaven is teaching at that time.

Heaven will use angels, men or women in white, living creatures, the Seven Spirits of God, friends, family, even strangers to speak to you or to provide a key to revelation you have previously received, but not yet fully understood. It is a matter of the timing of the Lord for some things, but for many things, the time is NOW!

Enjoy feasting at the table of the Lord.

[1] Ezekiel - the senior angel assigned to LifeSpring International Ministries.

[1] Ezekiel is the chief angel assigned to LifeSpring International Ministries.

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