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Realms, Dimensions & Paradigms

A question had arisen about something Mitchell briefly mentioned the prior week, where we had been taught about there being twelve heavens and thirty-three dimensions. For clarity, I asked if realms were within dimensions. His instruction is summarized in this chapter.

Mitchell began, “You can think of the twelve heavens as vertical, from earth up. The thirty-three dimensions are classifications of other containers that hold varieties of realms. Earth is one realm. In a progression, you can gain access through the twelve heavens.

“Of the thirty-three dimensions, each dimension can contain realms. The realms travel from dimension to dimension, while at the same time, that dimension gains increased access to higher realms and higher heavens,” he explained.

To grasp this better, we asked for an example of how earth is a dimension that contains realms.

He explained, “Just think of all the entities that exist. There are saints who are physically bound, but in the spirit, each has a realm and is inside a dimension.

However, do not think of a dimension as a natural plane.

You need a different understanding of it because it feels quantum and in time, and it feels stacked, layered, or encircled at the same time. Then, as these dimensions expand through trade (that is where the trade routes come in), the Kingdom of God (which is in the twelve heavens) expands too.

You and your dimension can expand or grow.

As it does, the realms inside that dimension have greater knowledge, understanding, access, and power, which comes from the levels of the heavens.”

Further clarifying, Mitchell said,

“The realms inside the dimension help it to grow and fill its destiny scroll.

As the dimension grows, those inside of it expand with their realms. Not everyone has to do that at the same time though, because a remnant is always present. You will always have forerunners and pioneers. As they grow, it affects the dimension so that the realms inside of it get an automatic increase because it always takes someone to go first.”

Mitchell continued, “This is also connected to trade, as the realms inside the dimension trade in other dimensions and other realms. This has been going on for a while, but we were unaware and unfortunately, much has been co-opted by darkness. Humans and their realms have engaged illegally in trade. This means that things which are not the will of the Father for certain things in other dimensions and the realms within those dimensions have occurred.”

Light or Dark

He expounded, “Each dimension has both light and darkness. It is the plan of the Father for every dimension to become more light-filled (like on earth). This occurs through the saints and their expression of the Kingdom, or the level of the heavens they have been granted.”

Concluding Mitchell said, “The pleasure of the Father (and all the other realms know this) is that because His Glory presence manifested in the form of Jesus in the earth realm, this dimension is marked for preeminence.

This dimension is marked for preeminence.

This means that someday it will reflect the fullness of the glory of all twelve heavens and its dimension will be changed. The heavens will be rolled back like an old garment[1], and all other dimensions and their realms will trade with this new earth dimension[2] and its realms, because this is the way the Father planned it. This is how Jesus will receive all glory from every realm in every dimension. This is how the saints will steward the other dimensions, trading with all dimensions in that day.”

Much later in another engagement, I asked, “Malcolm. I have received information on realms and dimensions regarding trade routes. Can you expound upon that for us?”

He replied, “Think of this grid (matrix) as the dimension. This is the dimension and the time. That is why they are important–why it is the important thing to do to have the angels go in time and out of time, and in every dimension. This is dimensional work. This is a dimensional trade. This is also the ancestral trade.”

“Are there places in between dimensions?” I asked.

Malcolm replied, “Referring back to the grid or matrix I showed you when your feet are on that initial ground that the Father has put you on, when a person on that grid decides to go another direction, as soon as they come off the golden path, all kinds of different dimensions open up.”

Stephanie began describing what she was seeing, “I see a lot of different dimensions as if I'm looking here in this direction and it's one color–it's like a portal–and I look in front of me and there is another completely different portal. I'm looking down at my feet and there is a different one underneath me. They are all around. They are above too! These are different timelines. These are different dimensions.

“If I took a step towards this that I see, Ron, it is like an upside-down triangle. That's what I see. And then the one next to it is a is right side up, all the way around. I see each one of them. It is like I can see landscape in each one and they are all assorted colors. So, if I took a step forward into this one, it takes me down an unusual way and a different path on this grid or if I had decided to go this other direction.

Malcolm said, “Yes, these are different timelines, but are any of those the original path?

“Once someone has agreed to trade out of themselves, there are many different pathways in this system.

“There are some that look terrifying.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalms 119:105)

He said, “That is why that verse is so important and needs to be applicable.”

Stephanie said, “That is why I have been seeing it as a golden pathway because it is illuminated, isn't it?”

“Yes, he said.”

Stephanie continued, “That's why this grid is, to me, white lines on a dark background.”

I asked Malcolm a question, “If someone diverted from the path and the mistake is redeemed by repentance, is that in essence for them becoming the new golden path?”

Malcolm replied, “The golden path is never changed. So, it's in the center of the grid, with all the different choices is all around you, if you step off this way or that way, that pathway is still there. And as you make good trades, a witness is present from the cloud of witnesses and they witness the trade. You may also have an entity present but the intent of the cloud of witness is to turn you back towards the golden path so, it's always there for you.”

I asked, “So how do we redeem a mistake like that of being diverted from the golden path.”

“Repentance,” was his quick reply. He said, “Repentance is a trade. As they repent, a man in white will help turn that person (because of a godly trade) back towards the right path and even though those pieces that were traded out of themselves into darkness and have been taken out of them, once they get their feet back on that path, they are restored to them.

Stephanie commented, “This is the agreement that we in Innocence made in the original plan of the Father. It is the agreement of the path that they agreed to with the Father. He is showing me this as just one person, because every single person has a different agreement with the Father and has their own matrix to the left and to the right and behind them. But each has a pathway forward. Every person has their own destiny. This is about their own scrolls and their own destiny. It's the original plan between the Father and their Innocent self. The Father is calling us to that, and we have just been told about how to bring Innocence back.[3] That's why we came back to that Court of Trade because it is from that court that all those pieces are restored, and the grip of the enemy is no more. That's where the princes receive their eviction notices.

Malcolm said, “When princes get evicted, everything (in this case an entity) that was in the house that belonged to the person is taken it out of the house and put on the curb. That is why, when the eviction comes, everything is put out.”

Stephanie interjected, “So, the godly trades, the innocence restored, the repentance, the calling back of the fragmentations is what is bringing each piece back into that person as they are walking this path. It is not immediate that I see the restoration of themselves that they traded out of themselves, but it is as they are walking on this path trading with Heaven. If as you are walking, and you sometimes step in poop (as Donna spoke about), that is not getting you off to trade with the enemy. That is just stepping in poop. Clean your shoes off and move on.

Malcolm added, “To move from the Golden Path is a decision that is made to literally walk and take a different path and trade out of yourself into darkness. It is a rebellion.

“To move from the Golden Path is a decision that is made to literally walk and take a different path and trade out of yourself into darkness. It is a rebellion.”

I commented, “The scripture that says, ‘Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft’ is applicable, but the entire passage reads:

‘For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He also has rejected you from being king.’” (1 Samuel 15:23)

Stephanie remarked, “That is why immediately when that person took that piece out of themselves and handed it to that entity, the demons came and walked with them in their realms. It is around and in them.

“That is why so many Christians do not understand the difference between demonic possession and the demonic oppression. With demonic oppression, the demons are walking with you, influencing you. The adage of who you surround yourself with is who you become. Many have been taught that they can't have a demon. The enemy has misconstrued this in religion on purpose to bring confusion and to make people say in and of themselves. ‘Well, I'm not possessed. I don't have any demons’, but if they traded into darkness and the oppression, the demonic walks with them. They have surrounded themselves with that.”

Stephanie continued, “I remember hearing Pastor Robert Morris[4] who said the first time he met James Robison; he was trying to explain to him out of his Baptist mentality about being demonically oppressed. He said to James, ‘Well, do I have demons?’ James answered saying, “Oh yeah, you have a whole flock of them.

Pastor Morris, who was eating a bowl of ice cream at the time (he loves ice cream) said, ‘It's the first time in his entire life he couldn't, he didn't eat his bowl of ice cream. He was like, all I could think of was, ‘I have demons! I have demons! Oh my God! I have demons!’ But it's so funny because this is an understanding that when you make that evil trade (to divert from the Golden Path), that is exactly what you get. I saw multiple demons come and walk with and influence you when you divert but when you have the godly trades and you have those witnesses that testify on your behalf, that is such a glorious thing.”

Stephanie asked, “What else do we need to know on this Malcolm?”

Stephanie remarked, “Now he is showing me that person's realms who diverted from the Golden Path. I see them as three bubbles–the body realm, the soul realm, and the spirit realm. It is like three bubbles that are part of that person.

“As a person trades into darkness, not all three realms are corrupted.

“Usually just the soul and body realms. It could be the corruption of the body realm, the corruption of the soul realm, or the corruption of the spirit realm.

“I can see in each of the realms where there has been a trade of someone's self into darkness, it actually takes a piece of that bubble, like the same exact piece and I am seeing holes in each of the realms. It allows for those who, as they are walking along this path, even those that have been turned towards righteousness, it gives access to other things, other imps, and LHS’s on assignment. Other beings have access to you.”

Stephanie continued, “So, we have seen how the bad works. We get it. It opens all three of our realms as we have traded out of ourselves into corruption. When we trade out of ourselves, parts get separated, corrupted, captured, and they get traded on. Darkness trades those pieces. The best way I can show it is as if I take a piece of myself, I hand it off to darkness, and now I have this open place. And then they take that piece, and they trade on it, then possibly trade it repeatedly.

“I see this trade happen where they give the piece of themselves. After they have been on that route, that demonic entity closes that little shop down and then goes and trades your pieces to other places. It is like you took your cell phone apart and sold the battery and the chips and the camera lenses to different people or places. It’s like the entity has a little bag of people's parts and he goes and trades them around.”

“Malcolm, if people understood, if they really understood who they are, and that part of their inheritance is understanding that they were in Innocence before the Father, before he created the earth and knew their value to Him, if people could grasp that they were present when he created earth it would make such a difference.”


The entities Wisdom, Knowledge, and Under-standing joined us in this upper conference room we were now in and took a seat at the table. Wisdom said, “You do not have to focus on how massive it is in front of me.”

Stephanie remarked, “She is having me look down at the table at something she rolled it out. What I saw was the word, ‘paradigms’”.

Wisdom explained, “You are walking in a paradigm. There are other paradigms. There are godly paradigms and ungodly ones.”

Stephanie said, “I am seeing these paradigms as councils. This paradigm is a council. There are multiple paradigms and in each of these paradigms, each one is

its own separate paradigm. And there is a governing in each of them.”

Lydia quoted the Scripture, ‘Choose you this day whom you will serve’[5].

Stephanie remarked, “Lydia just blew my mind by showing me that that Scripture is a paradigm. It is a choice of a paradigm.”

Lydia said, “You have just learned about trading in and of yourselves into darkness and that is a paradigm. There are evil councils and wickedness that are set up that have created the routes with which each of your pieces of yourselves are traded on.”

Stephanie explained, “Now she is going to show us these other paradigms. There is good in them. There is good, Godly counsel. These are strategic places upon the grid.

“What I saw on the grid when there was a godly trade was that the witness then made trades in those godly councils, the paradigms within paradigms. It is the same concept. Satan is a copycat. If Satan can trade pieces of us which are ungodly trades, then there are godly trades made in and of ourselves as well.”

Stephanie paused, “I have a question. Is a witness, a person in your generational line, or is it someone else?”

I responded saying, “They could have been somebody who knew you, a relative, or somebody that was aware of you that you did not know or anyone else Heaven assigned to you.”

Malcolm remarked, “It is like their role at that place in time on the grid is, as a godly trade is made, they go to this other paradigm and it is like, they are turning in that trade and it is recorded and put on the books. Then, from this godly council of people decisions are made related to that trade. It is like a decision-making process among them to not only trade back into that person's life but to trade greater things back into that person's life.

There is a decision-making process among this counsel to not only trade back into your life but to trade greater things back into your life because Heaven never does less.

It is as if that man in white, that witness took this piece of Stephanie and handed it over to the council and then they came back and said, ‘We are giving this back to you bigger, much greater that the original piece…above all you could ask or think[6].

Stephanie looked down on the grid and could see where there are places that the enemy has set up along the trade routes that you have to give a piece of yourself to keep going and moving forward down that path. She said, “I am also seeing places where these witnesses are set up for when you trade godly things. These dominions of evil councils are set up above these places. I am seeing above these godly paradigms (it is as if it is a place, just like the ungodly is a place), but they are above. They are higher than these other paradigms.

“It is not like a dominion. This paradigm is a place. It is a place, but it is just a different paradigm of a place. It is a strategic place that the Father put around this matrix where these godly trades are made. That is why He is always bringing us back into himself in a greater capacity. Because even though we have traded into darkness, through the godly trades that we have made, there's so much more given back to us.”

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you. (Ephesians 3:20)

Malcolm just said, “Oh, you mean pieces of your inheritance? Yes.”

He said, “When you choose to trade with Heaven, pieces of your inheritance are brought back to you. When you choose to walk upon that original path, all your inheritance is laid before you.

“When you choose to trade with Heaven, pieces of your inheritance are brought back to you. When you choose to walk upon that original path, all your inheritance is laid before you.

“That is what this means. As you are walking on this path, remember I told you that there were still pieces that were not all the way back, but as you are walking this out, those pieces are being brought back to you. The completion of that is the full inheritance. It is where we can tangibly see and experience the full inheritance that is ours laid before you from the foundations of the earth. That is why the enemy fights so hard. They must fight harder because there is so much more stacked against them in the godly trades.

“There's so much more given back to us than what they take from us.

“You have never been told that. That is why there has been hope deferred. People did not realize when they traded into the Kingdom of Heaven, even the simplest things, so much more is restored back to you. That is why the enemy fights so hard because he does not have a leg to stand on. If you understood that victory, you would walk in this. There is no comparison to what the Kingdom of Heaven has in store for His people. That is why ‘greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world’[7].

“So much more is traded back into you through godly trades than what was traded out of.

“You seek this principle of understanding.”

Stephanie remarked, “So, he just showed me a simple example. You are walking along in your Christian life, and you slip up, you realize what you did, and you repent immediately because you do not want anything between you and the Father. That is a godly trade. What was meant to be taken out of you, that small bit of yourself that you gave away for a moment, what is restored back to you is so much greater. People will not walk in the shame and be belittled by those mistakes that they have made, those mistakes made by those stepping off the path–that they have made, when they realize so much greater is given back into them and to them from the Kingdom of Heaven, from these different paradigms–from these councils for you have traded into Heaven.

“That is why the Bible says that there is so much more for us and on behalf of us. There are so many more for us than against us. I always thought it was just the angels. It is not. You have witnesses on your behalf. We have always heard and known that Jesus is our advocate, and He is always praying on our behalf and interceding for us. But we also have these witnesses too! We also have these godly counsels that are trading back into us that are set up by the Father, and we have the angels, and we have those that are men and women in white that are our family members that come up to that line that I saw that one time and they are interceding for us too. There is so much greater for us than against us.”

I said, Matthew 6:33 and the verses around it are examples of trade. As you seek the Kingdom, all these things (housing, clothing, food) are added.

Stephanie said, “I am just so blessed by this because just as an individual person walking this out (and I do not walk in this anymore where I would just be so overcome with shame for the smallest thing that I did), people will not walk in that kind of tormenting shame because they understand how much more is being traded back into them than what they traded out of themselves. Wow! I love Heaven.”

[1] Isaiah 34:4, Revelation 6:14 [2] Isaiah 65:17, Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1 [3] See the segment on Pink Capture Bags in my book, Dealing with Bonds, Trusts and Consequential Liens in the Courts of Heaven, LifeSpring Publishing (2022) [4] Robert Morris is pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. [5] Joshua 24:15 [6] Ephesians 3:20 [7] 1 John 4:4

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