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Quantum-the Purest Form of Intimacy

Stephanie asked, “When you hear that the Father has called someone to holiness, what does that mean to you specifically?”

I replied, “I always think of when Samuel's mother was praying for a son and promised to give him to the Lord and was told to never let a razor touch his head. Her future son had been called to holiness.”

Stephanie asked, “Is that different now that we are in the New Covenant, with the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus?”

I answered, “He, the Father is the one who makes us holy, but we make the determination to pursue holiness.”

Immediately Stephanie said, “Well, I make the determination to pursue holiness as the Father has made me holy.”

We then requested access to the realms of Heaven and asked, “What do you have Father?”

Stephanie could see large cinder blocks as if a partial wall was going up. It was longer at the bottom as it was in the process of being built.

She asked, “Can someone explain to me what this is?”

Malcolm peeked his head around the corner and asked, “How many walls do you think people have put up in the spirit against the Father?

“Reconciliation is about building bridges and not erecting walls. There is no sure foundation in erecting these kinds of walls against Heaven.

“The sure foundation is found in the completeness of one's identity to who they are in Christ.

He said, “Let's talk about spiritual domains.”

Malcolm was leaning up against the wall and I asked him, “How can we take this wall down?

“As the people have been moving through generational cleansing, these walls come down.”

He took off the first top cinder block and laid it on the ground.

He continued, “Continue through the constructs of time. Generations have been building walls against the Father, not piece by piece, that is the first step.

Stephanie commented, “I see three cinder blocks. It is as if he is going to pull them all off at the same time. How is that done?”

Malcolm replied, “Through the purging of old mindsets and religious thinking they be dismantled.”

Stephanie now could see two cinder blocks. You are about to remove them.

She asked, “How can we remove that one?”

Malcolm explained, “These are here because of the lack of praise and worship, adoration, gratitude, and bestowing upon the Father and the Son, the recognition for what has been done.”

He pulled that block down and is now standing on top of them.

The first layer of this was the lack of desire.

Suddenly, there is a portal open. He asked, “Are you ready to go further?”

“Yes. Malcolm, thank you for the initial first steps,” we replied, We are going to walk through this portal with you and we can it is a long tunnel, but we see it moving around us as if it were alive. We opened our eyes and could see no obstructions in front of us. We were in the realm of intimacy.

To understand physics, you must first understand intimacy.

He said, “If Father created time and space, would he not have done so in intimacy with time and space?

“When something is lovingly created, there is an intimacy to it. That is why people can walk in the intimacy of the Father because they are in time and space. He created it. The practicality of all of this is to understand it is all relevant. The cry of intimacy far outweighs the building blocks set against time and space.

“Quantum is the purest form of intimacy.
“Without quantum undoing, the done could never be done.

“There would be no intimacy with his people. He loves them so much. He can do these things under his constructs without physics.

“There could be no intimacy without physics.

“It's all relative.” He said, “Chew on that one.”

Stephanie replied, “Well, I am going to have to because I have no idea about what you are talking about!”

Malcolm asked, “What do you see here?”

She replied, “I see light. It is literally all light.”

He turned to Stephanie and said, “What do you see here?”

She answered saying, “I see a distinct color light and I see jewels and I see stones.”

He turned her another way and she could not really see anything, but we knew it was the beginning of something being newly formed and created.

Malcolm said, “Father has intimacy with his new creation. He is always forming. He is always creating, and you can share the intimacy with Him co-created one. Step inwards, outwards and upwards. Defy physics!”

We asked, “How do we defy physics If it is relative, and it is intimate?”

He replied,

“When you are in Heaven, you can defy physics.”

Stephanie replied, “I'm game. Help me to defy physics.”

Be in Heaven and on earth simultaneously and you can defy physics.

“That is where the intimacy is, because you can be on earth and in Heaven at the same time. You have heard this. You have known this. You have even had little exercises in it.”

We asked, “So how do we do this day in and day out?

He replied, “Know that in both realms there is much intimacy with the Father.

Draw from its light. Everything is light.”

Stephanie responded, “Well, Father, I seek to stay in your light in this earthly realm and the heavenly one at the same time and to move in it and to walk in it.”

Next, we were shown a mirror. Looking into the mirror, Stephanie said, “I see a line down the whole middle of me. One side of me is in Heaven and the other side of me is on earth. One foot is on earth. One foot is in Heaven.”

Malcolm asked, “How could you get off the Golden Path with one foot in Heaven?”

Stay here in these places. This is your rulership. Defy physics.”

With that, he was gone.

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Quantum-the purest form of intimacy
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