Putting on Joy & Times of Refreshing

When we checked in with Heaven this morning, we asked to meet with Ezekiel, the ministry angel. He appeared and requested timed devices. We had taught on these weapons a few months prior. You can find the blog post on the CourtsOfHeavenWebinar.com website. He showed Donna an hourglass. Donna knew instinctively that Ezekiel was working in the time realm. He has been ordering the time realm from the outside of time realm.

Donna noted how good it felt to know he was doing that. Apparently, we really need Ezekiel doing that. She noted that this had to do with our calendar. She said, “This has to do with how we are moving among the events of the earth.” Ezekiel enjoined saying “And how all of those who connect with you are moving in time and in season of the era in which the Father has released you to be. Your books are tied to times and seasons. Your very being is tied to your soul for a very specific reason. Your soul is your humanity. You have a soul because your soul is tied to the time and space realm, but your spirit man transcends the time and space realm. It is needful that you operate from both planes.”

She recalled that Ezekiel needed timed devices which are a type of weapon that angels launch into the future or into circumstances.

“So,” Donna began, “I agree Father. I ask that the angel Ezekiel be given time devices as weapons against the enemy on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries, on behalf of those who are aligned with this ministry, it's flow of revelation, it's portals, its outlets, its pools (which are realms of revelation), its angelic activity, and its release of the Kingdom of God.”

At that point Donna could see what looked like a closet that goes on for a long distance, like a walk-in closet with hanging clothes on both sides. It seemed to go on for a football field in length. Ezekiel said, “Well, maybe not a football field in length.” Donna asked, “Okay. How, how far does it go?”

Immediately he replied, “It goes the length of two semi-trailers.”

Donna further described what she was seeing, “On each side are hanging what look like coats and garments.”

The Putting on of Joy

Ezekiel continued, “The timed devices are for the wearing of new garments and the wearing of new garments is the putting on of joy. It is tied to the putting on of joy–the putting on of those garments delivered to you. That is why it is the length of two semi-trailers and comes out of the riches of the Father’s Warehouses of Heaven. Out of the riches of His resources are coming garments of joy, garments of celebration in whose you are and in who you are in Him–the righteous people of God. For those who seek after the Kingdom, righteous garments are scheduled for delivery. The garments of the righteous are the garments of those who walk in peace, love, joy (the fruit of the Spirit), also holiness–holiness without religion. These are for many. The reason we are seeing them is because they are being delivered–beginning now–to those who have eyes to see them and will wear them.

Ezekiel remarked about the intentionality it takes to put on a garment, the selection, and the putting on garment, and the decision to wear it. He said, “When you wear a garment, you decide to put it on, then you wear it. You walk in a presentation of what it carries. These are robes of righteousness.”

Ezekiel used phrases to help us understand that the Father is releasing His pleasure. He is the good Father who clothes His children in heavenly power, operating in miracles, receipt of riches, the receiving of calm and peace amid a chaotic thing going on around you. He said, “You walk in this. You walk at a steady pace because you are not being shaken while other things around you are being shaken. But you are not. You are under the mantle–the garment of God. You are wearing what has come out of Heaven. You are wearing what the natural realm does not see. You are wearing the unseen.

“In the unseen you're wearing the benefit of His nearness. You are wearing the benefit of the knowledge of who He is. You are wearing the steady release of revelation. You wear the garment, or you walk in the garment because you have looked for it and you have found it by your faith, by your belief, by your trust, by your committed knowledge that God is true–that He is true and that He does not lie. And that He releases good things.

“As you wear these garments you are not being shaken. You are not troubled. Your heart is not troubled even though natural sight may see troubling things. You are sturdy, steady, stabilized and rock solid. You, by the wearing of the garments delivered by Heaven, have a different come from regarding external events that may happen all around you. You have a sense of a piercing steadiness and calmness. You are able to laugh. You are not freaking out. To wear this as a son or daughter of God is good. But there are timed moments where Heaven delivers these to the people of God, that they may put them on, that they may endure without taking the brunt of that which others are having to endure, because this garment assists and aids your journey.

“You are enveloped in the peace of God, His love for you, His knowledge of you. And by this wearing of these garments you, to the natural realm, the physical realm, you sound different, you look different, you do not look like what is going on in the world. You do not look like, sound like, or express your presentation as the world is because you have received these garments and are wearing them.

“As you walk into these garments, they all have a similar color scheme. They are solid colors, but in the spectrum of the rainbow, they are in they are in the range of what you might at first just think of as a purple, but they go from indigo to violet, but violet being a rosier purple, or reddish purple.”

Donna asked, “Father, Holy Spirit, what is my work here to receive these?”

She then began to say, “I invite Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks to use timed devices in such a manner that the delivery of these garments in time and in season are delivered to the saints, are put on the saints by the hands of angels and are worn by them to achieve the purpose for which they were sent.

“I ask angels at the right and proper time to deliver to those who are related to this ministry and this revelation portal, this outlet, this pool, that they may be assisted in putting on the garments that the Father has delivered and that they may keep them on for the purpose, which they were sent in season and out of season.

“I rejoice Father, at the delivery of these garments to your people.

“I am interested in knowing when I'm wearing it and I ask my angels to help me know when I received it and when I'm wearing it. I will wear it by faith. I believe that it is coming. I am agreeing with the Father to wear them when they come. I thank you, Father, that they are coming. I thank you that you showed them to me. I received them into the earth realm for myself and for the ministry, all our staff, all our audience, all of those who are sowing into this ministry, all those who have aligned with the revelation that comes from this ministry. And I thank you, Father, that Your Kingdom is glorified. The King is glorified and the purpose for which they are sent is going to manifest and be seen.”

Eastern Missouri