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Projected Glory

“Father, what is your heart?” That is the question we asked as we engaged Heaven this day. We said, “Take us where you want us to go. Jesus.”

We began walking up a stairway that was wide and the stairs made of a substance that looked like pearls. Initially, Stephanie was wearing glass slippers, but she stepped out of them and began walking barefoot on the stairs. With every step she took, the stairs illuminated underneath her feet. Everything above her was a beautiful blue. As she put her foot on the top of the stairs, instead of just being that one stair that lit up, everything in front of her became a bright white–completely illuminated.

We learned that our instructor for this day was Adam. He instructed her to move forward. As she moved forward, the atmosphere turned to a beautiful sky like you would see at night when just before dark when it is dusk. As she moved forward, she could almost feel smoke around her. The kind of smoke from an incense burner. A place on the floor that was round and orange in color was being highlighted to her, so she went to stand on it.

Immediately when she stood on it, she realized that she could now see Jesus. It felt like she was looking at a hologram. Wondering what this was she heard the word ‘encapsulated.’ She sensed that with every move that she made, Jesus was making the exact same move. It was a picture of His presence residing with her and in everything that she does, she was mirroring Him in an encapsulated fashion.

She remarked, “What I am realizing is that from where I am standing about five feet in front of me all the way around, which is what is represented by this orange area on the floor, is the Glory emanating from me because Jesus is here, but I am also encapsulated in this realm.

As she looked deeper, she could see that even below her feet, the Glory stood out about five feet from where she was and also was above her. It was projecting from her.

Adam said, “It is greater and bigger than an anointing. The word anointing has been misused. This is emanating, this is encapsulated, this is projected because it is not in and of yourself.”

We asked to be taught about this and as soon as we asked, it was like on the television game show, “The Price is Right” where they open one of the 3 doors and behind the door is a new car. A door opened and she could see people all around, people we knew, as well as people who work with or are associated with the ministry. You could see who had this projection of the Glory. You could see who is walking in it and who is not.”

We heard the phrase, ‘Deep calls to deep’. Adam said, “When a spirit knows a spirit – those that are walking in this and are projecting the Glory because of Jesus will recognize others who are doing the same.”

Recognizing that we, as humans we can slide over into judging others rather easily and not wanting to do so, we wanted our hearts to remain pure in this matter. We asked, “Will you give clarity and wisdom and understanding from Heaven about this?”

The instruction was to walk, so Stephanie began walking. As she walked, she noticed a light surrounding her. It wasn’t the deep orange she had seen before, but it was like a bubble of light in front of her. It was the essence – the projected Glory that was in front of her. As she was walking, she could see people coming from all different directions. As people crossed her path there were those who recognized the essence with her. Some who crossed her path also had the same essence with them. It was a knowing in the spirit. It was as if the person with it turns recognized it in her and she could recognize it in them. Of those who were not projecting the Glory she could see within them a light and a flame within. It was the potential for the projected Glory.

Adam explained, “As you see those that have the lit flame inside but have not yet walked into this positioning know that Heaven is working to bring them to the place of projecting the Glory. She suddenly saw the people that were walking around with the lit flame inside of them stop. They turned and gathered around each person that was projecting the Glory. They were drawn to them. They were drawn to Jesus who is within each person that was emanating from each of them.”

She asked, “What is it you want us to know about this?”

She was taken back to when she was first walking up the stairs and how every step she took was illuminated under her feet. She remembered taking off the slippers and Adam said, “This is about intimacy”. As she ascended the stairs each step was lit before her.

Stephanie queried, “Is the understanding we are supposed to have about intimacy?”

“Much more,” she was told. “It begins with intimacy. You begin climbing the stairs

with intimacy. Paths are illuminated as you understand the reality that Jesus is in you, and you are in Him. Then, as you are walking about in the world people are being drawn to you. You can also recognize those with a similar spirit. You are about to take the next steps.”

The Next Steps

Adam said, “See the angels around each person that has that projected Glory and the people that are drawn to them. Signs and wonders are happening. Binding and loosing is occurring along with regeneration in the body.”

We noted that Adam looked different than he had at other times when we saw him. His skin appeared translucent. Stephanie could see everything inside of him – every bone, every ligament, even his heart. Adam said, "This is what I looked like in the garden before the fall."

Adam began writing on a whiteboard and Stephanie soon began to read this new information.

The first word she saw was, structure is the word. Underneath that word was the word parallel. Under that word was diagrams. The next word was theorem. Underneath that was the word case-by-case. Underneath that was the word idiosyncrasies and underneath that was the word ease.

Adam explained, “What you have seen is an evidence-based theorem. So, what you walked in just a minute ago was an evidence-based theorem. Yes, you will see with your physical eyes, with your spiritual eyes these things.”

What we had seen was the projected Glory in front of us and around us and realized it was Jesus, but others were being drawn to it?

Adam continued, “As you walk in intimacy with Jesus, with the Father–walking carefully, intimately. That is what that picture is about.

“The projected five-foot barrier is indeed the Glory, but it is a barrier of protection against the mindset of pride because when you have the reality of knowing that Jesus who is much taller standing behind you, that you are in this place with Him, enveloped, encapsulated, and projecting His Glory. It is Him that people are drawn to and not the person that has this. Therefore, it feels impossible to walk in a prideful manner because that person has the clear understanding–the theorem.”

Stephanie interjected, “I am now hearing the word ‘idiosyncrasies’.” An idiosyncrasy is an odd habit or a quirk. But Heaven defines it as an individualizing characteristic.”

As we walk in this it is the idiosyncrasies of Jesus. That is what they will be drawn to. Not you. It is a fail-safe – a Kingdom principle.”

She then asked, “What are parallels?”

She immediately saw a picture of being more like a parallel with what Jesus does. We will parallel that. Mimic is not the right word, but it is the way we can do what He does – what He did while He was here on earth and what He did when he walked in Heaven – He was in both places all the time.”

Stephanie asked, “How I am supposed to walk it out?”

The entity – Deep

Ron interjected, “Adina was informed the other night that deep is an entity. Deep calls to deep.”

Stephanie asked, “So, is this an entity that we are in?”

Adam responded, “Indeed, just like the Spirit of Excellence is an entity, Deep is an entity.”

What we were learning felt like layers that we had been learning to step into. We learned to call our spirit forward, we ask Glory to rise within us, we step into our sonship, then we step into the Spirit of Excellence and embolden ourselves.

What Adam was saying is that we had to come into the understanding, relevance, and revelation that as we have taken off the old garments, we are the stepping into the new – layer upon layer – to recognize others who are projecting Glory, realize it is a deep calling unto deep.

We asked, “How do you want us to learn how to notice the things that are working in each individual?”

Adam replied, “Disharmony is an entity, but so is harmony.” He leaned in and asked, What would you do with that information if you had it?” Meaning if we knew who was not walking in harmony, versus who was walking in this harmony?

We responded, “That is a good question, Adam. So, I am going to leave it to you to answer that for us please.”

He said, “The question should be, what should you do?”

So we asked, “What should we do Adam?”

He replied, “Well, what is the opposite of disharmony?”

“Harmony,” we said.

He instructed us, “Talk to the intercessors about constantly releasing bonds, but not just bonds, entities. Step into the entities?”

We asked him to write the bonds/entities to request on the board. He began,

  • "Bond of Sure-footedness

  • Bond of Excellence

  • Bond of Calling for the Deep

  • Bond of the Revelation of the Entity of Excellence, the Entity of Deep and the Entity that is Revelation

  • The Bond of Stepping In and Stepping Upon

  • The Bond of Unity brings Harmony.

Release these upon the people.”

In immediate response to his instruction, we began…

We ask to step into the Court of Titles and Deeds through Jesus, Your Honor.

We request for everyone and their families that work for are employed by contracted with or draw near to LifeSpring International Ministries, the Bond of Emboldened, Sure-footedness, Excellence, Calling for the Deep, Revelation of the Entity of Excellence, and of the entity that is Deep, and the Entity that is Revelation, Stepping In and Stepping Upon, and the Bond of Unity that brings Harmony, in Jesus' name.

We ask that these be released to each realm, to be recorded upon each book, this day, in the name of Jesus. We ask that the angels assigned to us draw near. We commission you to bring to each of us these bonds, to rest it upon us, to co-labor with the angels assigned to LifeSpring and the Bond Registry Angels, to bring all of this to light.

We ask that you teach us to step into Emboldened, Sure-footedness, Excellence, the entity that is Deep, that is Revelation, that is Stepping In and Stepping Upon, and that is Unity that brings Harmony.

Father, we thank you for these entities that you created for your sons. That way we may rest in this, that we are encapsulated by your Glory. That this projects out, and people are drawn to it because it is Jesus. May we be excellent in this Father. Thank you for the understanding and the revelation that you are giving us – that you are pouring out, in Jesus’ name.

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