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Pink Capture Bags

The Restoration of Innocence

Stephanie and I had engaged Heaven and we were in a boardroom with Malcolm. We had questions about some of the colors of bags others had seen and had asked me about. On the whiteboard, Malcolm drew a pink bag and said, “It was for capturing innocence that has been stolen.”

Stephanie asked, “How are they utilized where innocence has been stolen?”

He began, “This too is an in time and out of time revelation. Just as a newborn arrives with innocence and the purity that that brings within a newborn, there is still deep corruption in the DNA and RNA, even at birth. Even though they appear innocence. That is why this is used in time and out of time. The innocence that was stolen in the generational line can be brought to bear.”

Stephanie asked, “Can it then be restored to the person or to the family line?”

Malcolm showed Stephanie innocence being brought back to the Kingdom of Heaven, into heavenly realms. She remarked, “So as the angels bring the innocence that was stolen into the heavenly realms, as people step into Heaven, innocence will greet them.” The vision was of innocence as a piece of themselves greeting them and enveloping them, restoring the innocence that was taken from them–from their RNA and from their DNA and it becomes as a covering upon their realms–like a garment.

Stephanie asked in her heart, “Why is this being given in Heaven?” And she heard the answer, “That is where innocence stands.”

She asked, “Does that bring wholeness back to their soul or their spirit?”

He replied, “As a covering, yes.”

Stephanie described the picture she had, “So, someone steps into Heaven and they have asked for this innocence to be brought back to them or to a family member. When they step into Heaven it is like they are greeted by it. I saw a greeting like ‘Hello, Stephanie!’ And an acknowledgement. ‘Hello innocence.’ And it became like a garment. It was put on like a robe over the whole being.”

I asked, “So what's the procedure to use this for restoration innocence?”

Malcolm replied, “Repentance for the generational line for participating or being a part of the corruption that steals the innocence–the stolen innocence from the ages.”

Stephanie interjected, “My question is, if it is our spirit man in Heaven and innocence greets us there, this is the truest understanding of living spirit forward. Your spirit man wears innocence as a garment and brings it to the soul and to the body. Is that right? That is how I am seeing this play out because I am still seeing it as a greeting in heaven. It is a calling it back to yourself. With the understanding that because of the finished work of Jesus, because of what was done, because of the complete work, we can call back the innocence of our RNA and our DNA and bring it from our spirit man to our soul, then it comes to the body. So, it is a co-laboring of our spirit man and our soul and our body too. They are showing me how Heaven has perfected what co-laboring means. They have been showing us over the last while the co-laboring of us and the angels. Recently, they have shown us the co-laboring that will be between us and each other as we walk through this. Now they are showing us the co-laboring of our spirit, soul, and body.

Malcolm said, “This is a labor of love from the Father.”

Stephanie said, “When I saw the word ‘labor’, I saw it as a woman in labor giving birth to the next generation where even though they are innocent, there is such innocence with a newborn yet there is still such corruption already present from the generational lines.”

Stephanie said, “May I ask a question? In doing this on behalf of our generations, as we do this work with Freemasonry and Mithraism and other things and calling this innocence back to ourselves, how will this affect the next generation?”

He responded, “This is part of the work–the finished work. As you walk through the realms of Heaven, you can do this on behalf of people with the authority that you carry.”

She asked, “Are you showing me that we can stir up someone's spirit man, that is asleep?”

He responded, “That is a simple way to put it. All the downloads from Heaven from the godly bonds that are released upon people's realms is, in fact, a stirring up of spirits who are asleep. Have you not seen the evidence of that?”

She replied, “I have.”

Then Stephanie said, “The picture I have in front of me is intercessors (and we are intercessors when we pray on behalf of our families and those in our families that are asleep), and we have been releasing godly bonds for them, it has awakened their spirits. This is the same principle.”

I asked, “What are earmarks of the loss of innocence in people?”

He replied, “Their DNA?”

Stephanie asked, “Are you saying the simple fact that we're born?”

“Yes,” he replied. That is the number one ear marker. All of your innocence has been stolen in some way.”

Malcolm responded, “The heart of the Father is to continually be restoring humanity back into himself. The tools, this revelation, these are taking away the hindrances that have been upon the hearts and minds through the spirit of religion. These are effective. They are effective in intercessory work. They are effective when you pray for your family. Use these effectively. Remember the color of the bags is for your understanding of what you can capture or what you can release. It is just one of the tools.

“So, now you have seen two capture bags that are in time and out of time–purple and pink. And as you are doing this work, you may see where pink is utilized.”

Stephanie said, “Well, I am going to do this now.

“I call my angels near. I call Ezekiel, his commanders, and his ranks near.

I am requesting that you, in the name of Jesus, use the pink bags to capture and bring back from the very beginning–from the hand of the Father to now, the innocence that has been stolen throughout the generations.

I repent on behalf of my generations for agreeing with the enemy that took away and stole the innocence all the way back to the garden, and that corrupted my DNA and RNA. I request that this be brought back to my realms for my spirit in the name of Jesus.”

Stephanie described what was happening, “So I'm being handed a garment and it's a garment of innocence. I'm going to put it on, and I am going to speak to my soul, ‘Soul, do not be a gatekeeper. Accept this garment of innocence. It has been given as a gift from the Father. Body, accept this garment of innocence as it begins to reconstruct my DNA and RNA In Jesus' name.’”

We then decided to do the same for a friend we shall call Robin. Stephanie said,

“I call Robin’s angels near to co-labor with Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks and my angels, and to go back in time and out of time on behalf of Robin, as we repent on behalf of the generations for partnering with and for being a part of the innocence stolen that has affected the DNA and the RNA all the way back to the hand of the Father.

“We commission you to bring back the innocence that has been stolen.

“I call Robin’s spirit into heavenly realms to have the garment of innocence placed upon her and I speak to Robin’s spirit to teach the soul not to be a gatekeeper and to bring it into her body, to change her DNA and RNA back to the innocence that the Father, designed in his original plan for us, in Jesus' name.

Malcolm said, “Aren't you glad that innocence can be brought back to the body?

Many people will struggle with this concept because they have divulged themselves into false understanding that the Father cannot restore innocence that has been stolen. This goes to that scripture where they believe in godliness, but not the power of it.”[1]

I was reminded of a testimony I heard of a woman who had been a prostitute. She got born again and it was important to her to have her innocence restored. She just cried to the Lord for that. Sometime later she ended up getting remarried and on her wedding night, her sheets were bloody. Her innocence had been restored.

We talked a few moments of how important this is for children whose innocence was stolen by others, or those who have been involved in sex trafficking, or similar things. Having innocence restored can go a long way to wholeness for them and Heaven has obliged us with a simple way to see innocence restored.

Malcolm reminded us that even though we do not have a full understanding of how this works, it is all done in the spirit realm.

Stephanie said, “I accept all that Heaven has. I was just trying to get clarification on how this was the only bag that was used as you step into Heaven.

Malcolm replied, “It's because of the purity there. That is where the innocence is put upon you, and it is brought into your realms.”

The Angel Purity

I asked, “Would there be a co-laboring with the Angel Purity?”

As soon as I said that the Angel Purity appeared. Stephanie had never met her, but Purity said to her, “But I’ve met you.”

Stephanie described her as I had seen her. The essence of her being was purity. She looks like her name.

Purity said, “I have longed with the heart of the Father regarding innocence for people–innocence and purity.”

Stephanie said, “She just showed it to me like they live in the same house together. That they are one. This is what the completion of this work is–that they are one.

“So, Purity, you are the final piece of this puzzle, aren't you?”

Purity replied affirmatively.

Stephanie continued,

“So, as an act of faith, when we step into Heaven and we ask for the innocence to be brought back to us and we are robed with it, Purity's job, the work that she will do is (as we bring that to our realms to our soul and to our body) is the knitting together of our being.

“I commission you to take my garment of innocence that I have received in Heaven and to knit them to my soul and to my body in Jesus' name.

“And I commission you to work with my friend, Robin to knit together for her the garment of innocence and to knit it with her soul and her body.”

Purity remarked, “This is part of the redeeming.”

I remarked of something I had learned from Joseph Sturgeon that Purity had worked with Noah when it was said, ‘He was made perfect in his generations.’[2] Purity worked with Noah and his DNA to remove the spots.

Purity said, “Because he stepped into Heaven and received his innocence, because he forgave his ancestors (Noah understood iniquity in the in the generations because the Lord had revealed that to him) and he did what looked like courtroom work on behalf of his generations. This was part of the restoration of his innocence and the restoration of his DNA and RNA.”

Stephanie then saw a picture of Moses where he was up on the mountain and as he is coming down, his face shone so brightly that they had to cover his face. Purity explained that the only reason it happened in the natural is because there was restoration to his soul and his body of the innocence that had been stolen, which in turn brought the knitting of that innocence to his soul and his body because of my work.

When there is innocence there is purity.

Stephanie said, “That is why you are showing me that they all live in the same house together. They are one in that sense because without corruption, when there's true innocence, the way the Father created us to be, there is purity.”

Purity then showed how Eve, even though she was deceived and ate of the fruit, she lost her purity. She still had innocence, but Adam lost both at the same time when he ate of the fruit. In a sense, innocence is something we wear. That is why it can be easily discarded when we sin, but it is also how it is corrupted in generations.

Stephanie ended by saying, “Now, I've come back full circle and Malcolm is standing there at the whiteboard with the same giant bag that he drew in pink and he's just smiling with his chalk in his hand.”

———— · ————

[1] 2 Timothy 3:5 [2] Genesis 6:9

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