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Personalizing Revelation

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Working with Holy Spirit to Internalize Revelation

Prayer Template: Using Deep Calls to Deep

This works through Agreement and Faith; both are required!

Goal: To personalize and internalize a revelation or general prophetic word (your own or someone else’s) so that it is internalized into your realm, becomes your own, and becomes something you now possess and can war with or utilize in your own journey.


Locate a copy of the revelation, prophetic word, or Scripture you want to use. You’ll read from it silently, and then verbally pray from it with Holy Spirit’s help.

But first…

  • Tell your body to rest.

  • Tell your soul to step back, sit down and rest.

  • Call your human spirit forward to be present and active. (Worship for just a few minutes.)

  • Step into the realms of Heaven through Jesus Christ

  • Pause. Look around. Get accustomed the scene you are in.

  • Ask if Heaven has something for you. Pause. Receive it. (Write it down if necessary.)

  • From Heaven down, using your copy of revelation or a prophetic word, invite Holy Spirit’s help.

  • (Pray in tongues for a few minutes.)

As you work your way through the following template, use the Deep Calls to Deep revelation as an example, and

  • be sensitive to what you hear Holy Spirit say

  • He will direct your thoughts and words

  • He will use impressions and images to connect the revelation to your life.

  • He will use thoughts and Scripture snippets to connect what you are saying to the spheres of influence in your life.

  • Follow His lead, even if it deviates from the revelation you are using.

The revelation you choose to use (whether a Blog Post revelation from this Ministry, or a prophetic word, or a revelation from Scripture) is like a fertile field. You are sowing your agreement and harvesting the result by faith all at the same time (out of time, but in spiritual dimensions). This is one way the sower overtakes the reaper. (Amos 9:13)

VERBALLY pray the following (this is an example):

Father, thank You for access to the realms of Heaven. I step in through my Savior, Jesus Christ. I desire to agree with what Heaven is saying and with what Heaven is releasing. Holy Spirit help me personalize these declarations as I sow by faith into this revelation.

I am moving together according to the plan of God. Many things in my life and in the spheres of my influence are shifting-moving to the plan of God. I agree with this. My family and extended family are moving together according to the plan of God. My work associates are moving together according to the plan of God. Many things are shifting-moving, and I embrace that, I agree with it.

I desire to vibrate according to Heaven’s movement. I will vibrate with the larger movement frequencies of Heaven which are moving, moving, moving. I agree with the shaking that comes from God and from Heaven. I agree with the movement this causes in many levels of my life and the lives of my family members. I desire to connect with the levels of movement in my nation, with my family, within my own heart and thoughts. I offer you, Father, my heartstrings, move me by the desire of Your heart. Align and synchronize my heart with Yours and my movements with Yours.

I agree with the heartstrings of Heaven and the mind of Christ. Holy Spirit, come and cause me to resonate with the mind of Christ, afford me a greater well, to think as the Father thinks. I long to emote as He emotes and to focus on what He is focusing. Synchronize me with the many clocks and times of Heaven. I desire to, and will, reap the benefits in my life of the significant time around Pentecost. I receive and long for the stirring up to intercession and the stirring up to higher dimensional thinking. I will intercede. I will think with a higher dimensional thinking.

I will command, command, command. I command my day! I command my heart! I command the things of God to appear in the earth realm. I command them at the hands of angel armies. I command them by my verbal release this day. I command because I agree that Yeshua is the Captain of the Host. Yeshua lives and dwells in me. I command the alignment of seasons and times on earth as it is in Heaven.

I will conquer, conquer, conquer! All Yeshua’s foes will be conquered by my verbal release. I announce the conquering King. I announce the coming move of God. Enemy tactics are conquered in my life, in my family, in my city and in my nation. I conquer the presumption of the enemy. I conquer the presumption of defeated foes and defeated kingdoms. I conquer by my verbal release of my faith. I command and conquer the enemies of God. I put them under my feet.

Father, I request a refreshing. I request to be filled up with the living water of God. Fill my spirit, fill my soul, fill my body with constant refreshing and filling of Holy Spirit through my spirit. I am a vessel filled with the living water of Holy Spirit. I am filled with the knowledge of His Presence. I am filled with the sensation of His movement. I resonate what He resonates.

My spirit has ease. I am in a harmonious resonation with what Heaven is resonating. I agree and long for this. I will resonate what Heaven resonates.

When I gather with other people, we will be like vessels filled in joint harmony, we will focus on being filled and staying filled. I will move with greater ease and greater velocity and with greater impact and greater miracles. My soul will find rest.

I train my soul to rely upon my spirit. My spirit is filled with the Spirit of God and His living water. When I ask for living water, I am served living water in the presence of God. My spirit knows nothing is impossible. My soul understands nothing is hard. I will live my live spirit-forward, spirit-first, because this is what is available to me in Jesus, as a daughter (or son) of God.

I take time to speak in tongues. I will take time to be quiet in with the Lord. I will take time to pay attention to the unction of Holy Spirit. My soul’s routines will give way to my spirit and to Holy Spirit. Father, I agree and desire my soul to surrender to my spirit’s function, so that I live my life spirit-forward.

I announce my agreement that I can have joy amid transition, change, movement, and even when it feels like I am walking through shifting and blowing sand. I will emote joy. Joy is mine. I long for and choose to pay attention to the deep tones of Heaven as they call to my spirit. I will listen for the deep tones of Heaven. I thank you, Father, that the deep tone of Heaven grounds me. I have a firm foundation in spiritual realms that feels rock-solid to me.

Father, I agree with the shaking of Heaven that wakes people up. I choose to wake up! I desire to wake up! I will wake up! I agree to take part in the great awakening that is happening. Help me to be a useful vessel to You in the awakening. Wake us up. I announce the shaking that wakes up people. I agree with the shaking now in the earth. I release agreement with waking up. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! I agree that Heaven shows me what I need to be shown. I hear Heaven and I see Heaven. I work with angels and angel armies. I hear messages from angels in God’s Host who take their cue from King Jesus. I release my agreement with what Heaven is doing, what King Jesus is commanding, and what Holy Spirit is saying.

I remind my enemy of his defeat this day. I choose to “get my game on” and remind the enemy of his defeat. I agree with Heaven and with angel armies concerning this. I praise God with great passion and emotion for He has defeated my enemy. I celebrate the victory of Jesus! I celebrate the Blood of the Lamb that resulted in the victory! I lift my prayers with full trust, belief, and faith that God is Love, and that God is good, and that God has the victory in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Today I activate spiritual-realm dynamics and remind the enemy of his defeat. Today I engage angel armies and remind the enemy of his defeat. Today I am willing to engage Counsel Rooms in Heaven, so that my enemy is reminded of his defeat. Satan has always been defeated.

Today I rise up! I rise up! I rise up! I speak that my desire and choice is to rise up.

My spirit rises up! I announce the defeat of the enemy. No matter what my physical eye will see, my spirit eye will see with much more truth and I will announce what I see from my spirit!

Hallelujah! Praise God!

Thank you, Jesus!


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Personalizing Revelation
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