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Orange Capture Bags

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We had been engaging with Heaven and talking with Ezekiel (the chief angel over our ministry) when he smiled and began to walk away hand-in-hand with Wisdom. In his other hand he slung an orange bag over his shoulder.

Orange Capturing Bags

Stephanie remarked, “I'm assuming we are going to learn about Orange Capturing Bags because as he's walking away in his right he is hold and shaking an orange capturing bag.

She asked, “So what's that orange about?”

He said, “It’s for domains. Orange is the capturing of a domain.”

She asked, “What domain was captured?”

He replied, “Domains are evil empires, evil domains. I used it in conjunction with the Purple bag.”

Stephanie said, “I see purple inside of the orange bag. So this domain was in another time and dimension.”

She explained, “You captured a domain–one that was encroaching upon the ministry as a whole (she had just seen all of the books together). You captured a domain that was being built by the enemy to create an illusion to other people–a false domain.”

Ezekiel showed her the domain as in the computer system and said, “Someone was trying to create a false domain to be a replica, a duplicate, a false duplicate of LifeSpring Ministries. Is this like a domain name within the computer?”

Ezekiel continued, “I captured it. Remember, I take these and destroy them and the bags. I will be taking it to destroy it. The domain is two-fold. The domain where someone was going to duplicate a replica, a false replica of LifeSpring Ministries, where when people go to a search of LifeSpring, but they were going to be taken to a different place. It was the false as well as a domain in the spiritual–a room where it was created in a different dimension in time.”

We said, “Thank you for that capture.”

He continued, “This came from the Strategy Room. I knew from the Strategy Room where to go to capture this domain in time and out of time, as well as taking down that platform.”

We thanked Ezekiel as he walked away having taught us even more about Capture Bags and the various colors.

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