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Obtaining Clarity & Balance

When we engaged Heaven on this Wednesday morning Ezekiel (the chief angel over LifeSpring International Ministries) appeared. Donna could see scales of justice (like we use on our logo). Ezekiel began sharing about balance. He said, “Many things are in the balance and they are being balanced and measured for judgment. The righteous ones of God will be found true. If you are seeking the King and His Kingdom you have nothing to be concerned about.”

Ezekiel continued saying, “A balancing in nations is taking place. Patience will be needed for this journey for various times and events.”

He reminded us,

The breastplate of righteousness must be securely fastened.
The times ahead require you to rest in His righteousness as He performs a roll call of judgments.
It is time for shades and veils that have covered things to be coming off.

He continued, “The student of the spirit of God will agree to be taught and stand in a willingness to surrender preconceived thinking and expectations. Another view of the balance that God's people need is to look to their smaller spheres of influence--their families, friends, balance this with what they partake of as a larger movement of humanity and to never cease to cry out to the Lord that His righteous works of God will be done on earth–not the works of His people, but of Him directly.” And as he says, “Notice I say the righteous works of the King, the Lord Jesus. Not the righteous works of his people for a balance exists of this where the people of God cry out to God for His works of righteousness.”

This is a time for the crying out for His works of righteousness.

Donna described to Ezekiel what she was understanding. “I think what you are showing me Ezekiel is the balance between not becoming so over overly out of balance where you are just consumed with your little sphere of what's going on in your world, but you also have eyes to understand the larger sphere of the planet and to cry out to Yahweh for His righteous works. I feel like there is a first somewhere connected to that where the righteous works of God would be made manifest in the earth. These are the timed events of Heaven as Heaven does what Heaven does.”

“But,” Ezekiel said, “it is because His people have cried out to Him as they cried out from their slavery to Pharoah, so they cry out to God and these cries arise.”

Ezekiel said, “Remind your audience to put fear far from them. This era is not a time for the people of God to fail in their view of fear, but to remain in faith that God is good. That He has assigned His assignments.”

You must remain staunchly unafraid of your future in God so that the faithfulness of God can fulfill its purpose in your life.

The Substance of Clarity

We asked Ezekiel what he was in need of and he requested Angel Elixir, Angel Food, and Angel Bread, as well as shields.

Then Ezekiel began, “I want to talk to you about a substance. Remember I recently talked to you about Fog Dispeller. There is another substance called Clarity. It is like Windex[1] you would use to clean a mirror. It is a substance of Heaven that angels use that brings clarity. It clarifies details so they can be seen, and nuances observed. It provides definition. When you look in a camera with a zoom lens and you zoom in and zoom out, you are looking for a definition of the tiny things.

Have the people arm their angels with Clarity–the substance of Clarity.

“We are going to need to see ourselves reflected with the substance of clarity. And we are going to need to see that events are reflected through clarity to bring definition, to bring the fine details out, to be able to see the fine grain, the finer details.”

Donna began, “For the angel Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks, we request that they be supplied with Angel Elixir, Angel Food, Angel Bread, and shields. And we request they be supplied with the Substance of Clarity. We commission you Ezekiel to use the Substance of Clarity on our behalf and in our realms that we may see with finer definition, and we commission you to the use of the shields on behalf of the people of God for their protection.”

She continued, “Now I see it a little differently. It is for our protection against what we call sound waves. That is what it looks like. It is the bombardment of evil plots and schemes. Let the lies of the enemy fall to the ground.”

Speaking to Ezekiel, Donna said, “We commission you to establish these shields around us, around the staff, around those who have sown into this ministry around those who are seeking God with the assistance of the revelation that we provide. And we ask for these shields to be erected for the purpose so that evil sound does not penetrate the realms of God's people aligned with us due to your actions.”

Immediately Donna noticed, “This must be the Clarity. Because you have used the Substance of Clarity Ezekiel, I see it like this. There is like a fog bank or a blanket that is trying to be put over business. It has sound vibrations in it that are saying complete and utter falsehoods like, ‘There is a shortage. There is not enough. There is never going to be enough. You cannot do this. You cannot do that. This will not work. That needs to change’. It is a complete fog bank of absolutely wicked, complete falsehoods. I see it is so actually opposite to what is. It is rather amazing because there IS enough!There is ALWAYS plenty! We CAN do it that way! We are going to do it that way! The other thing that I feel in this is like when I start saying the truth about what I see that fog bank gets pushed back, like how fog eddies and moves and floats. But when I start releasing the truth against it, it makes way–it moves.

It is like seeing the mountain move into the sea, because you just said it and your faith is that you are in that realm of seeing this is so not impossible, but we have got to say it. We have to say what the truth is because of the amount of falsehood coming forth.

There is the falsehood like Satan, who is rather lazy saying,

“If we can stop them by just filling the atmosphere with those falsehoods, then that's the easy way.
But the way we pierce through the falsehoods is by releasing this clarity to angels–and to commission them to release the clarity.
Then we have to begin to say what the truth is when we start seeing it.

There IS plenty! There IS enough! The government IS going to align with righteousness! Things ARE going to be exposed! People ARE going to be judged and come to justice, even in a civil justice system!

Donna noted, “As I begin to speak this, I feel like I am being shown the plot of the enemy.

The plot is to get people to sit down and give up and let their hands hang limp by their side and they have given up even before the battle has begun.

They have given up at the first little fog bank. That's all it is–a fog bank. We have to say the opposite of the falsehood. We have got a call the falsehood on the carpet.

Actually, there IS enough. There IS plenty. There IS plenty of time. There ARE plenty of resources. There ARE plenty of personnel. There ARE plenty of people who want to work. We are starting to be the repeat of what evil media–what evil is projecting, and

We have to be the loudspeaker to project the opposite.

Ezekiel reminded us, “Be kind to the people for the people are trying. The families of God are trying, but they are under such blindfolds.

The work of the enemy is to blindfold the families of God.”

Donna responded saying, “I see another plot that goes back to that saying, ‘Us four and no more!’ It makes you circle the wagons. It makes you look into your own little pod. We cannot be doing that right now.”

With that our engagement was over. Use the following template to commission your angels with these mighty weapons of war. You will want to search the blog posts on for more weaponry we have received revelation about recently.


I call the angels assigned to me to come near.

(Wait until you sense their nearness.)

Father, in the name of Jesus, I request they be supplied with shields and with the Substance of Clarity.

I commission you (speaking to your angel(s) to use the Substance of Clarity on my behalf and in my realms that I may see with finer definition.

I commission you to the use of the shields on behalf of the people of God for their protection against the bombardment of evil plots and schemes so the lies of the enemy fall to the ground.

I commission you to establish these shields around me, around my family, my co-workers, those I am in close relationship with.

I ask for these shields to be erected for the purpose so that evil sound does not penetrate the realms of God's people aligned with me due to your actions.”

[1] Trademarks used or mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Download a printable version.

Obtaining Clarity and Balance
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