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Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

As we engaged Heaven King Saul met us and he started our engagement by saying, “Even though I failed on many respects, I was still a son. I got bogged down in the crosshairs of life. That is what led me astray, initially. I was also only interested in myself as an entity.”

The Father had revealed to Him who He was, as an entity and he was arrogant enough to want that. He admittedly got mixed up with some big crosshairs. He came as a reminder to our audience that obedience is better than sacrifice. When you walk out of that obedience into disobedience, when you know that you know that you know that the Father has spoken to your heart about something to do and you do not do it, it is truly getting mixed up in the crosshairs and can lead to a deadly path. The reminder is that obedience is better than sacrifice. It is something that people need to chew on. It is part of the meat of the word. This is meat. This is not baby food. Sink your teeth into it. Sink your teeth into the fact that obedience is better than sacrifice[1].

Disobedience is an act of rebellion. That is why we must sink our teeth into even the smallest whisper that the Father gives is as an instruction. If you disobey any whisper of the Fathers’ instructions and do not do them, it is an act of rebellion.

We are responsible for an instruction from the moment of the instruction, not from the moment of our obedience to it. When we understand that, it changes how we look at obedience. There is no way we can be trusted for more revelation or move to the next point of revelation unless we understand that.

King Saul asked, “What is the one thing of disobedience I am known for in the word?”

Stephanie replied, “The thing that pops into my head is when you went to the witch[2]. It was your own decree–a law you put into place which was an instruction from the Lord not to consult witches and medium? And you broke your own law.”

King Saul responded, “Not only did I break my own law–the law of the land, but also the law of the spirit. The act of disobedience came way before I ever set foot in front of that witch. I had malicious intent. The witch was not just around the corner. I had to travel to get to her under the cover of darkness.”

I asked, “When Samuel came forward, that was not what the medium was expecting nor what you were expecting. What was that like for you at that moment?”

King Saul replied, “I could feel the color leaving me.”

Stephanie added, “I just saw it as he turned white from the fear – from the knowing, because the reality of his disobedience and the knowing it was the beginning of the end. Within that moment he knew.”

I added, “It was the mercy of God that Samuel came because (Samuel) was one he trusted, and Samuel basically reiterated what he had already told him.”

King Saul continued, “It was the same in that moment, when the blood left me standing before Samuel, the very same thing happened to me the moment the Father took His hand off me and took His Holy Spirit away. I knew.”

I asked, “Saul, what about when you offered the sacrifice because there was a delay in Samuel’s coming.”

King Saul replied, “All of it was around fear and I knew nothing about obedience. That is why I am here, to discuss why obedience is better than sacrifice. I made a sacrifice instead of being obedient.”

Stephanie remarked, “You do realize that THAT scripture has multiple meanings in this moment. He offered a literal sacrifice instead of being obedient.”

King Saul said, “I was so arrogant under the name ‘King’. Why would I need to wait on anybody? The greatest disobedience in the natural was not waiting on the true king. Essentially, I was angry at the delay of Samuel and said to myself, “No one makes the king wait.”

Ron explained the story where Samuel was a couple of days late. He was delayed, so Saul took it upon himself to do the priestly duty and offered the sacrifice. It was out of his jurisdiction.

Saul said to himself in complete arrogance, “I am the king. How dare anyone be late coming to me.” It was out of anger, arrogance and pride.

I asked, “Saul, would you say, in that case, you misunderstood the alignment that you were not the reigning spiritual authority? You were just the reigning king?”

He replied, “I was the reigning king in my mind and in my heart and by the words of others who were taunting me about this, I was really saying, ‘How dare you!’ That was my mentality in the moment. Because I had the authority as king, I could do what he wished. I did this, but in my heart of hearts, I knew the disobedience in which I was walking. That is why obedience is better than sacrifice. Absolute power corrupts absolutely unless you are walking in obedience. That is a warning for people today – a warning to people that will rise to certain positions of power and notoriety. With absolute power and no obedience, there is full corruption and that is where I was.”

Stephanie noted, “I saw that when he was under the cover of darkness and disguised himself going to the witch, even then in his mind and his heart, he was king. He could do whatever he wanted, but in his heart and in his mind, even those spirits should have been subject to him. That is some big arrogance right there.”

King Saul replied, “Don't I know it.”

Stephanie added, “King Saul is showing me that his spirit man welcomed the arrows that day – and the spear and the sword. He truly was at war with himself.”

King Saul remarked, “The internal battle raged until the moment of my death because obedience is better than sacrifice.”

Stephanie continued, “He showed me that in his arrogance, even in his dying breath, he believed he was being a sacrifice, instead of being obedient.”

King Saul said, “Chew on the meat of this word. It is revelation. To whom much is given, much is required.”

Stephanie added, “This is part of HIS redemption. What he is getting to do now during this time in the earth where the Lord is pouring out His Kingdom and His revelation, Saul is being allowed to be a part of it as a teaching tool.”

King Saul finished saying,

“Your destiny is never done in the realms of Heaven.”

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King Saul, Obedience is better than Sacrifice
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[1] 1 Samuel 15:22 [2] 1 Samuel 28:6-26

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