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New Shoes with Malcolm

New Shoes with Malcolm

In our engagement, Stephanie and I went to the Help Desk. Those at the Help Desk were celebrating that we came to the Help Desk. They gave Stephanie a party hat and they gave Ron one of those things that you blow, and it rolls out.”

Ron said to the attendant, “Give her one too, please.”

Stephanie replied, “No. I'll be really obnoxious and will turn and blow it in Ron's ear the whole time. Don't give me one of those, I know me.”

I said, “Give her one anyway.”

Stephanie asked, “So, what is it that Heaven has for us today? We've kind of been on a little bit of a mission, and so we want your heart, Father.”

They then gave us both new shoes. Stephanie had the wood shoes like they wear in Holland.

She complained, “I'm sorry, but those were always so obnoxious to me when people would clog around in those, they were so loud and cumbersome, and they're made of wood. What's up with that? Oh, and they float. So, what are you trying to tell us today about shoes?”

We then found ourselves walking. Ron was in new penny loafers and Stephanie was in those obnoxious wooden shoes, clomping. It was hilarious.

I suggested to her, “Tiptoe, tiptoe.”

Stephanie remarked, “Tiptoe! These things don't bend! They're wooden!” We were still walking so, Stephanie remarked at how funny she looked with a party hat on and the obnoxious wooden shoes.”

We were seated at a table (the plastic kind that you store away when you’re finished with them. We were sitting there and we were watching a kindergarten graduation. It was so interesting. Some one was on the stage, the curtain just opened and it looked like a teacher and he was giving away little awards to all these little children that were present. It was graduation day for some of these kids.

Stephanie remarked, “I feel like we're the adults in the room, but I just feel so silly in these shoes. I'm watching this award procession as the little kids are going across the stage. I want to hear what's being said.”

She realized that Malcolm was the teacher. He had his hair slicked back, so she didn't recognize him at first. And he had one of those Mr. Rogers sweaters on.

She asked, “What are we supposed to learn here? She was hollering because we were in the back. Malcolm replied, “I'm not done yet. Just a minute.” He's finished giving the awards and walked over to where we were seated.

Stephanie said, “I like your Mr. Rogers sweater. It's pretty funny, Malcolm.”

Malcolm replied, “You're not the only ones that we teach.”

Stephanie responded, “That's cool to know, Malcolm.”

Malcolm said, “I like your shoes.”

Stephanie, in a wisecracking manner remarked, “Yeah, aren't they cool Malcolm, haha?”

Einstein came and sat down with us and both he and Malcolm were laughing at Stephanie.

Stephanie asked, “What is it we're to know, because I see that we're in this space where these children just graduated and I know they're Heaven’s sons who just graduated to the next level. What do you want us to know?”

Malcolm queried, “Do you sometimes feel like you're walking in shoes that are uncomfortable on the path that you're on?”

Stephanie replied, “I would say that there's always an uncomfortableness in not knowing where I am going. I think it's the not knowing that's uncomfortable.”

Malcolm continued, “Did the Lord say that the path would always be easy?”

Stephanie replied, “No.”

Malcolm commented, “But if heaven gave you uncomfortable shoes to wear, wouldn’t it be safe to say that you can be comfortable in the shoes that you're in?”

Stephanie remarked, “Yes, if I know it's from Heaven.”

Malcolm continued, “People need to understand that the path is not always easy. The shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace are Heavenly shoes that can be fitted perfectly for the road that they're on if they will let Him give them the shoes.

It's one thing to say the prayer around that, but it's another thing to accept the shoes that you've been given.

“Where do your feet lay?”

Stephanie remarked, “Well, I had an immediate understanding that we are here in the natural, but we're also walking in the realms of Heaven.”

Malcolm asked, “So, wouldn't you take the Heavenly shoes even if they look silly and uncomfortable?”

Stephanie replied, “Yes, I would because I would know that I'm absolutely in the right space.”

Malcolm continued, “People need to stop complaining about the shoes they are in, and as an act of faith, they can take off the old shoes, accept those from Heaven, no matter what they look like. They can have joy in knowing that their feet are indeed ordered, their steps are indeed given and their shoes are the right fit for the right time.”

Stephanie noted, “Now my shoes have changed into this beautiful soft, ballerina slipper, but it's not a ballerina slipper, but it's made of wedding dress material. It's really beautiful and comfortable. I can tell it's comfortable.”

Malcolm remarked, “You see, Stephanie, your perception was wrong. You're in the right shoes. Allow the Lord to shift your perception of what you're walking in. This is Heaven minded business.”

Stephanie, turning to Einstein asked, “Why are you here, Einstein?”

Einstein replied, “To make fun of your shoes!”

I added, “That's what I thought.”

Stephanie ended saying, “Thanks Einstein, haha!”

Einstein replied, “You're welcome kid.”

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