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New Realm of Young Entrepreneurs

Donna and I had engaged Heaven when Lydia began saying, “There is a whole new realm of young entrepreneurs. They are in their twenties and early thirties. There is a whole group of these people who, who really want to engage business and what they cannot reconcile is all their church teaches is that you need to love Jesus and that you need to share Jesus. Yet, this whole focus point on what is written on their heart is–they're not evangelical–they are multipliers.

They are Kingdom-releasers through the multiplication of what God has given them to build, or to expand, or trade upon and they have no place to stand.

“They can't find their footing in the church. They can't find a group who is like-minded in this and single-focused in pursuing this. They don't have the benefit of rubbing shoulders with other people who want to talk about just this thing, and they are suffering because of it. They don't have a community to bounce ideas off of. They don't hear testimonies and stories of the success of what has happened and the work of God's hand through a willing vessel.

“So, there is a hunger for this,” Lydia says, there's a thirst for this. They do have access to podcasts. They do have access to communication devices, and they are hunting it. They are looking for it. We must start flagging them and letting them know.

They are asking is there one who is interested in talking about these things?

So, there's a need for a focus group. There is an invitation to the table that just talks about this. They are not denying the love of Christ for the lost, but they are pressing into the mountain of multiplication and trade through business, and we are not going to make apology for talking about just that.

They are meeting a need of a population who God himself is raising up in the earth.

“Here is the other thing. They want to do business with justice.

They want justice and righteousness to be the foundation of their business.[1]
They are really confounded by those who would seek to operate in anything less.

“They need encouragement and exhortation. They need to bless each other. They need to form networks. They need to have meetings where they can come together and discuss these things, and this one thing I will tell you very plainly, these are not religious meetings. These are business meetings for people who are in the Kingdom seeking to release multiplication from their trading floor, because God is a multiplier.

Imagine a business with a workforce where everyone is of like-minded faith.

“I know it's hard for you to believe that this is coming. There are enough of these types of individuals awake on the planet right now.

This is the new building of the Kingdom of God on earth, and it is about the natural flow of the river of God and business.

It is not about telling someone how to pray or meeting for prayer at 8:30 before the day starts. It's not about that. It's expecting that you come to work and to your position to trade out of your trading floor, because you've already been with the Lord, because you have already been in relationship with Him. You have already heard what he is speaking to you individually and now you are just opening a portal of yourself to trade from in the position that you have for the expansion of the business that you're working for, because you're all moving–you're all going to the same goal–going to the same place. This is going to change business because most employees don't ever see themselves like this because they had never been given opportunity to be that by the head of the business.”

But she said this,

“The new face of business is somewhat smaller with smaller groups of like-minded people who can do more than people just earning a paycheck.”

Continuing, she said, “You can't even imagine it, can you, that you could have everybody who's primary aim isn't to have benefits and a paycheck, but to advance what the group wants to do? And that's the number one reason they get excited to come to work. This is in the next generation. This is in the generation now arising and they want an equal share of the profits because they are all pulling on the same resource of the multiplication for those profits.”

They want more opportunity to see how their own work advanced the whole.

Donna replied saying, “You're right, Lydia. It will be the change of heart that Holy Spirit does in His people. He will put some lights as shining lights on top of the mountains. There may only be a very few at the beginning, but there will be some–there are some even now already! It will be to this degree. They won't even celebrate the secular.

“It's like you could rewrite history with groups of people like that–businesses like that. You could rewrite society. It would touch everything!
You rewrite society with business, and it's going to touch families.
You rewrite society with the way business operates and you're going to touch education.
You rewrite the society with the way business does business, and you are going to rewrite even things like banking systems and the movement of goods and services across the face of the planet.”

Lydia said, “They will be resisted. They will be keenly resisted.

Their advancement will rely on the current relationship they have with the angels of God, those assigned to advance this mountain.
It is those assigned to advance in the face of every obstacle from the unseen and spiritual realms, the righteousness and justice of God in His people who are making trades.”

Lydia asked, “Can you believe for it at that degree? Can you have faith for it at that degree? Can you see it in the spirit and call it in at that degree, that the trading of these types of businesses are for the advancement of the Kingdom through the hands of warring angels who trample the enemy out of their incredible victory, empowered that they receive from their initiation rites from the King.”

Lydia continued by discussing a heretofore ranking of angels that are being released to accommodate this new realm. See the article on Advancing Angels.

[1] Psalm 89:14, 97:2

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