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New Gifts & Wisdom without Measure

As Stephanie and I began our engagement we heard, “Leadership is being given new gifts that have to do with your gifts and callings.”

These presents that have been given from the Kingdom allow you to be present before the people. We must consider the times and the seasons.

The time and the season upon the earth now, in relation to the portals, are about the gifts that are being poured out upon the people.

Receive your gifts. They are numerous. They are proven.

As you walk in this, you will have an immediate understanding and it will immediately be a proven word, a proven action.

In Romans 11:29, Paul wrote, “the gifts and callings of God are without revocation.”

Once they have been given, they are yours and are not to be taken back. These gifts and callings that are being poured out now, once they're given to you, they're yours.”

It takes an act of agreement to take these into yourself. It is an act of agreement to walk them out, an agreement to not covet another’s. Consider it a strengthening as a bond.”

Solomon (a man in white, yes THE Solomon) asked, “What is wisdom beyond measure?”

We replied, “Wisdom that cannot be contained.”

Solomon had wisdom beyond measure, but after a certain point, Solomon didn't agree to receive wisdom beyond measure.

It was all an act of agreement. If he had truly walked in Wisdom beyond measure, he would have never forsaken the Father.

Honor must be established with wisdom. The two must walk together.

The season is now for people to agree and step into their gifts and callings. Ask for Wisdom beyond measure and ask for Honor. Honor the gifts and callings. Honor will be measured. This is a season of pouring out and pouring in. Consider the seasons.

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What is Wisdom Beyond Measure with Solomon
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