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Mastering the Mind

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Recently Stephanie and I had been made aware of a different class of angels known as Realm Angels. These angels are assigned to each individual and there are Realm Angels for one’s soul, one’s spirit and one’s body. They bring alignment and work dimensionally. One of their functions is to clean up the debris left in our lives from wrong relationships, and we have all had wrong relationships.

Their appearance is somewhat like Tinkerbell, from the Disney movies, however they are not small like Tinkerbell, but rather human-sized. Their wings may be effervescent in color.

They also can teach us about their roles so our understanding is increased. As we engaged Heaven one of Stephanie’s Realm Angels appeared and began to teach us. We found ourselves in the Library of Revelation and were instructed to be seated.

The Realm Angel brought a book to the table entitled Before the Foundations of the Earth. Stephanie turned the page and she was transported to where the Father had a conversation with each of her realms before the foundations of the earth. As the conversation ended, each realm stepped into the other of her realms, and they became one. Then, the Father began speaking to the Realm Angels as well. It was as if she was watching a bubble merge with another bubble like you would do with the child’s liquid bubble toy. Each angel stepped into each bubble and now, they were one. The Father took the one bubble, leaned over, and He kissed it.

Suddenly she was back in the room. Asking for an explanation of where she now was, the Realm Angel replied, “This where you were originally constructed by the Father.” Intuitively Stephanie knew that these Realm Angels had been with her since the beginning.

She began hearing the word ‘escapism’. “What is that?” She asked.


I replied, “Escapism is doing things to get your mind off what's going on around you. People do that with TV and movies.”

The Realm Angel instructed her to read the text on the page. She read, “Escapism is powerless, mind numbing and futile. The instruction of the Lord to these angels is to bring us out of escapism.”

The Realm Angel asked, “Would you say that the mind can be fragmented?”

“Yes,” Stephanie replied.

The angel continued, “Is part of dimensional work gathering the bits and pieces of the fragmentations and going into different dimensions?”

Stephanie replied, “Yes, we're aware of that but we have been thinking their souls are fragmented.”

Realm Angel, “That is true, but these are thoughts that have been held captive. A person is unable to get past those thoughts. Our dimensional work brings back these thoughts of escapism.

Realm Angel instructed, “Read the text.”

Stephanie remarked, “We know that spirit and soul can be fragmented and taken into different dimensions and realms, but what is the purpose of this understanding?

The Realm Angel replied, “It is our job to help minister to the fragments and bring them back. We can help master the mind.”

Stephanie asked, “How so?”

The Realm Angel queried, “Are all things able to be explained?”

Stephanie remarked, “In the natural, I would say no.”

Realm Angel asked, “Can all things be explained?”

Stephanie replied, “Can we explain all of fragmentation?”

Realm Angel further queried, “Where is truth?”

Stephanie said, “Truth is here in Heaven. Truth is Jesus and His Word.”

The Realm Angel explained, “We are to bring back the truth. Can you “master the

mind” if you have truth?”

Stephanie asked, “Isn't the mind the soul?”

The Realm Angel asked, “Is it?”

The angel explained, “Our job is to help master the mind. What are you instructed

to take captive?”

Stephanie, “Our thoughts”

2 Corinthians 10:3-6:

3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

The Realm Angel asked, “Would you say you've been good at that?”

Stephanie responded, “I plead the fifth. I have not been exceptionally good at that, no.”

The angel asked, “What if you had help?”

Stephanie remarked, “Well, I have been taught that the Holy Spirit is our help in that.”

The Realm Angel said, “We acknowledge that He is, but are there not more for you than against you?”

Stephanie asked, “How do you help us master the mind?”

Realm Angel asked, “Who is over the soul?”

Stephanie answered, “Jesus.”

Realm Angel queried, “Is His word not a calming effect on the mind?

Stephanie replied, “It is.”

The Realm Angel asked, “If ‘Thy word is a lamp into thy feet and a light into that path’, why have you not mastered the mind? If you have not mastered the mind, would you say all are fragmented to Escapism?”

Stephanie asked, “Are you saying all?”

The Realm Angel instructed, “Turn the page.”

As she did the Realm Angel explained, “Our instruction is to bring the complete work of Jesus Christ to the mind, to the heart, to the unit that is the body. We do this dimensionally.”

Stephanie asked, “How do we instruct you?”

The Realm Angel replied, “As you have been, to work dimensionally. Mastering the mind is not intellect, it is submission. Who do you think can take the things captive and tear down the strongholds?”

Stephanie remarked, “You help us with that don't you?”

The Realm Angel explained, “Per your instruction, we are a help in time of need.”

Stephanie added, “I have a question that needs to be answered around mastering the mind because we are to live by the spirit.”

The Realm Angel asked, “Is your mind not in full play?”

Stephanie replied, “Yes, it is.”

Realm Angel commented, “Then master the mind. It is not in and of yourselves, it is the work of the Lord. We will help bring down strongholds, we are a very present help in time of need.”

Stephanie explained, “I have a lot of questions. I just got a picture of how we have been numbing ourselves and our children at very early ages and teaching escapism instead of intimacy. Sitting them in front of the TV.

I asked the Realm Angel, “So, what is the process?”

The Realm Angel remarked, “I thought you would never ask.”

Stephanie, “I realize I have a huge religious spirit mindset around this. It's trying to cause and inflict fear. So, I lay that down. I'm willing to hear the truth.”

What is adjudication?

The Realm Angel asked, “What is adjudication?”

I replied, “It is doing the court work necessary.”

Turning to Stephanie, the Realm Angel asked, “What did you wake up on your mind today?”

Stephanie replied, “The word I heard this morning was ‘principled’. The definition of principled is acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong based on a given set of rules.

“So, angel, in our processes of court work is this where we present our mind to the Lord? What is this process? My mind keeps back to the scripture where we are to take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. So how is the best way to do that?

The Realm Angel instructed, “Commission us.”

Stephanie described what she was seeing, “I see them helping us take captive our thoughts and things that are speaking into our lives, into our spirit, into our soul. They are helping to take these things captive. They are capturing, literally capturing things. Is that what we're to do?”

The Realm Angel replied, “We are your very help in times of trouble.”

Stephanie prayed,

I ask the Father to forgive me for escapism. I have done it my entire life. I've taught my children to do it. And in the worldly sense I have helped put them in captivity and put myself in captivity through escapism. I would like to be free from that, please. I repent, Father, and I ask for the blood of Jesus and the amendment as if it never were and that you forgive me.

I request the angels to help master my mind around this and to take these thoughts captive that come, thoughts that are not of the Lord. I instruct you to do this in the mighty name of Jesus.

Jesus, thank you. Father, thank you for putting these angels with me before the foundations of the world. I'm grateful that there's more for us than against us. And this is truly dimensional.

Angel, I commission you to your work dimensionally around this, taking captive all of these thoughts, and shutting the door in every dimension to escapism that I've opened.

The Realm Angel remarked, “How many have truly beat themselves up because they cannot control their thoughts?”

Stephanie added, “Well that's true, but we have been doing court work for this a lot of times. Isn’t that closing the door to generational sins?”

I asked, “How when we do it more effectively?”

The Realm Angel replied, “Close the door on escapism.”

Stephanie governed,

In Jesus' name I close every portal and every door that the enemy has used against my life and my dimensions. I close the door of escapism, however that was and looked, over my entire life.

The Realm Angel added, “Would you say that for many, food is a form of escapism? Music is escapism. TV is escapism. Reading books full of pornography and the way of the world is escapism.”

Stephanie responded, “It is, it is. It is.”

The Realm Angel insisted, “Close the door to escapism.”

Stephanie began a commission to the Realm Angel,

I commission you to close the door in all the dimensions as I have adjudicated to the Lord, these sins that have been in my life. I repent on behalf of my generations. I bring the generations in. We have all used escapism, and it has been a lie from the enemy. Forgive us, Lord. I know that we're not going to get super sanctimonious in this.

She added, “It's okay to watch TV. It's okay to chill but being consumed with it is what the Realm Angel is talking about.”

The Realm Angel replied, “There will be more. These are baby steps.”

Stephanie remarked, “Well, we look forward to more training.”

The angel then closed the book, put it back on the shelf and then came over and went inside of her and as she did so, she said, “Master the mind. It is where you can truly have your thoughts taken captive quickly, efficiently, and effectively and not live in that bondage, but remember, you can’t do it by yourself.

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