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Maintaining the Soul’s Rest

Lydia[1] said, “Council meetings are meeting in heavenly places. Council meetings are regularly meeting and are now many more are meeting. The Father has heard the prayers of the saints. Your trust in Him is worthy. There are many who cry out to the Father in the depth of their despair and some in their immaturity. Some cry out to Him from the soul being greatly troubled. Their need would be to quiet their soul lest their soul lead them.

Your enemy is after your souls’ rest. If he can gain access to your souls’ rest, he will dominate you there.

“You have been awakened in Jesus Christ and have undergone the rebirth process and your spirit is gaining access to peace, love, hope, joy, but you must remember to live from the senses that your spirit is able to connect to. If you are a child of God, you have this ability. You may not practice it often and so, it feels difficult.”

Lydia then nodded her head, smiled gently and said, “Yes, there is a learning curve for your spirit man to live forward of your soul. But just like you are learning in your private walk with the Lord the spirit is very capable of accessing the realms of Heaven that dwell within you–that spring forth from your oneness with the Father from within your being. Also, your awareness of heavenly realms being accessed as you focus on it from your spirit, and to engage like you're doing with me now. Continue the work of this teaching that strength and endurance come from the Spirit of God. You may receive this from spirit realm activity by your spirit. You may also receive it from the well that is within you connected to the source and the origin of His love and His care.

“The enemy of your soul seeks to vex. You. Some are fighting this vexation within their soul from the soul realm. Your enemy will not be defeated in this way. You must beat him with spiritual weapons. Put on your armor. Engage angels who have knowledge of you and where you are. Remember and recall to your soul that your spirit knows truth your soul doesn't know. Commit to be a spiritual being and perceive what your Father in Heaven is doing. You must know your value in Heaven. Many do not engage Heaven for their mindset is valueless. This has been told them since infancy. It is a lie of hell. You are deeply valued. One does not rescue something that they do not value. One does not redeem something they do not esteem. One does not do for you all it takes to regain its status if it is not highly valued. Your spirit, soul, and body are valued by the Lord and Jesus proved this to be true in the completion of His mission–even unto death. He died because of His agreement with the Father that humanity was highly precious, greatly valued, and a treasure that would be sought and legally returned to them.

“Some have understood that they are loved, but they have not understood that they are valued. Some have understood that they are given their portion from Heaven, but they have not embraced that. They are also protected. Where will your protection come from? On earth your protection comes from the spirit realm, and it comes in layers of benefit, both within in your inner man and without by the hands of angels who are at work on your behalf. Here we circle back to the same statement we've made before.

Fear must not be your companion.
Fear is agreement with the illusion that your enemy puts before you.
Fear is a capture of your soul.

“Your soul must receive from your spirit, the spirits’ understanding of the truth of these things and your soul must release to your body this peace that your spirit knows this holds for you–the essence of rest, healing, peace, calm demeanor, refreshed DNA, and renewed bone marrow.

“You are supernatural beings, the supernaturalness of your being stems from your spirit man to your soul, to your body. Often the soul withholds from the body the flow of the spirit that the Holy Spirit through your human spirit has released. This is a gate. The soul must learn to open so that healing and God’s promises flow to physical realms. Miracles will manifest in this way, as well as the ministry or the administration of His glory presence. This will make sons and daughters of God completely different from those who have not sought His Kingdom, or His face, or received His truth.”

Donna began describing, “I see a giant wall calendar–the kind where you flip the pages. It is as big as Lydia. It's like the size of a wall and it is in a space with her.”

Speaking to Lydia, she said, “Lydia. I would like to understand what this is I'm looking at.”

Lydia replied, “This is a truth that God holds all times in His hand. You think in terms of linear time, because Father has placed you in linear time, the Spirit of God dwells, not in that time. But all time has been created by the Father and events are like points of light inside a sphere. They move. The soul finds rest when it trusts that the Father knows, and understands, and grasps all. All events in Heaven are known in the creation of events synchronized with faith–even the faith of sons and daughters of the Father. Activity of the Godhead is functional in dimensions of creation mixed with faith.

In this hour, many are asking what shall be done? You, yourself asked this too. This is because your soul frets with a timeline believing that it cannot be changed when it is always changeable. Remember Joseph said that God brought it for good. What a beautiful statement of faith he had in that he both received faith for the goodness of God and released faith for the continued goodness of God in His timeline life. Is this not a powerful statement to reveal to your soul, ‘God will bring even this to good.’ God is able and desires to have plans for and works with His beloved sons and daughters to bring about their good.

There is no event on earth that cannot be touched by this truth.

There is no event on earth that cannot be touched by this truth.”

Lydia said, “I've just given you a gold nugget and I want you to dwell on this. Focus your sight on this. focus your faith on this.

There is no event on earth that the Father, through the Son cannot bring to your good, or to the good of humanity.

“This must penetrate your soul. This must be released from your lips for when you cry to the Lord in despair. Is it not because you have in some measure agreed with the fear of God's incapability–that He is incapable of bringing good from death?

Your soul will rest when your soul agrees with your spirit, that there is nothing on the planet timeline that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit cannot bring to your good and to the good of your generations.

“Even the good of your nations. Begin now to release these powerful statements that God will bring good from this. This is God's role. He will do this through His sons and daughters. He loves what He has created. He values and esteems what He has created, and He will bring good to it.”

Lydia closed with this, “If He brought good through Jesus in that hour, will He not continue? Yes, He will. Yes, He will. But the Father desires that your soul will not suffer from earth-bound thinking but arise into His glory realm by your spirit to receive help from above and instruct your soul to rest.”

Wearing Victory as a Crown

We asked Ezekiel[2] to draw near and when he came, he came in with a grin on his face. Donna said to him, “You are exceedingly at peace. You are happy. You are jubilant.

Ezekiel said, I am joyous because I know the victory. Angels have this victory in their DNA.

I asked, “Do we have it in our DNA?”

He replied, “You wear it as a crown. Humanity can wear it as a crown when they take it up in their agreement to be sons and daughters and to wear it. All crowns belong to the King Jesus, but He distributes them as He will in agreement with the Father to the sons and daughters of God. Where are these crowns as Kings? In His kingdom? The crown marks the authority of victory.

“Notice where you wear a crown. It is on the top of your head. Therefore, what's under the crown must line up with truth. It must stand up under or stand under which it stands. Your mind, your thinking, your brain must put it on by standing up under it, understanding this. We will understand this given authority. Like the gift of overcoming, the gift of victory is the crown. He won many crowns. He crowns us with victory, and we learned to stand up under the victory which has been given.

Remember, your crown is a sign of victory against the defeated scum that is Satan, who pretended to raise His throne above the living God and by such corrupted His being to such a degree that he is wrathful in all His activity. You however are different being sons and daughters of the Most High bearing His image and growing in His likeness, moving in wisdom, with knowledge, understanding and counsel through might and the acknowledgement of the reverential fear of the Lord. His Spirit dwells in you. His light–the light of His spirit dwells in each of His children causing demons to flee and angels to be drawn to the light within you. They are drawn to the light of His presence within you and their assignment is to assist you.

There are enough angels. There are more than enough angels.

By your mouth release the angels to places on the physical earth that are needed.

Release the angels of His light. Release the angels of His host. Release the angels to certain situations. Release them. The ones that know their assignment will be released as your voice agrees with the will of the Father that they would be released.

You do not have to assign them from your brain or intellect or soul. Your spirit man releases angels in tongues quite often, but you can release angels by your own will and agreement with the will of the Father for this is the Kingdom of God being made manifest in the earth.

Are there other things that we need to know or that we need to commission you for, or that you need? He requested rope, fog dispeller and chaos nets.

Ezekiel then said to us (speaking of humanity) We have this capacity that is a weapon and it's called a vibrational frequency of the Kingdom of God. We can do this. We can release joy from the perception of our oneness with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

He said, “I'm going to use this word and I'm going to help you understand it. We can release joy amid or during persecution. Now, let me tell you what that really is. Persecution is the enemy being the enemy. The enemy is the enemy. He will always be the enemy until he is finished with the trajectory of His evil. He will be judged.

But in the meantime, we release weapons of warfare by our commitment to be joy-filled in the presence of his darkness, the presence of his persecution, the presence of his activity, the presence of his demons. You cannot receive joy from heavenly places and release it to the earth realm if you are holding hands with fear, but as you are free from fear. You will be continually freeing oneself of fear by the continual disagreeing with fear.

Then, there is a river of joy from the heavenly realms that can well up like a deep well that is within us that we are able to connect to and release. In scripture it said your Father laughs. Your Father laughed because He knows truth. The soul must process all this stuff.

If you can laugh in the face of severe persecution, you will change an atmosphere, but your laughter cannot hold fear.

Your laughter must hold joy. Your laughter cannot hold doubt. It must have hope in the knowledge of the overcoming one. This is how your Father laughs. He laughs with delight and the joy of His victory.

Laughing sometimes is the only weapon of the moment.

There are many weapons that you use, but this is a weapon that is underutilized as well. You are not laughing at people. You are laughing at Satan. You are laughing at demons. You are laughing at their pitiful antics. Do you see how this raises the vibration frequency of your being so that you are no longer under the persecution, but above it. Also, you cannot laugh at the enemy while wearing his shame and his guilt. That shame and guilt was never yours to where it's been taught you by religious voices who seek to manipulate you. But your shame and guilt has been removed from you. Simply state that you are not going to wear his shame and his guilt. You are going to wear the robes of righteousness that you have gained in Jesus, and he returned these to you at great cost–a cost He was willing to pay. Remember, Jesus did not pay this cost because you asked Him. He paid this cost because He agreed with the Father. The power of their agreement was mighty.

Now we ask the Father. Father, we ask you on behalf of Ezekiel, has commanders, and his ranks that they be supplied with angel elixir, that they be supplied with chaos nets, fog dispeller and ropes and new shining, strengthened, sharpened swords. We commission you Ezekiel for the use of the swords, to the severing of darkness, to the bringing down of those things which raise themselves up against the knowledge of the living God.

We commission you for with the use of chaos nets and fog dispeller for the benefit of the sons and daughters of God that are linked to this ministry and to this portal of revelation. We loose you to these things with a special care to those who are financially sowing seed into this ministry field. And we are asking that you secure their harvest as well and commission you to that in the name of Jesus.

[1] Lydia is a woman in white who advises us in our ministry. [2] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel assigned to LifeSpring International Ministries.

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