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Living by the Spirit

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Donna explained, “What I heard Heaven say to me this morning when I stepped into Heaven was the word, winds. I saw a kite and then a person who was flying the kite who started talking to me about winds. He said, ‘There are many winds. They are like currents and they are being released from Heaven and you can get in one.’”

The analogy was that a wind current is just like a river current. It will take you somewhere. Get in the spirit and determine if there is a wind you want to get in and you can get in it, whether it is a wind of revelation, or a wind of comfort. These winds are winds you can step into in the realms of Heaven. You could step into the Kingdom of God in your spirit and experience what wind (or winds) are blowing there. Donna continued that she felt like Father releases angels’ winds to the physical realm. It is like a current here (discernible by one’s spirit) and she could probably get in it. She thought, “It would be good for me if I would receive the wind currents that are being brought.” It makes her think of that verse in Hebrews:

“He makes his spirits winds, his ministers a flame of fire,” (Hebrews 1:7).

Mitchell, a man in white came and began asking Donna, “What was the last thing that Heaven told you this morning?”

She replied, “Heaven told me a current is flowing from Heaven through my spirit man that I could get in, like on an inner tube or on the back of kite and I could flow with that wind.”

Mitchell said, “That is correct. This is a spirit forward activity.”

He continued, “From your spirit man you choose the wind (or winds) you want to receive from. These winds are ministering angels released to the dimension of the earth. They still must be received from the spirit in the spirit. They come near to assist with the lifting up or the raising up of the spirit to a current that is not the present current of earth or not the present current of the soul realm.

Earth operates on the soul realm through the interaction of humanity.

“But spirits awakened by God have opportunity to ascend to different currents being released from Heaven and remain in those currents. This is a spiritual activity.

“A spiritual activity is one of focus where you become aware of where your spirit man could potentially focus. Direct your spirit to that place. The soul needs to understand what the spirit knows. It needs to get training from the spirit of man. The spirit of man gets training. It receives comfort, peace, joy and is watered by and fed by the Holy Spirit from the Kingdom realm. However, the enemy of your soul hopes you never find this avenue, even if you are born again, so that your spirit man is not filled by the Holy Spirit or awakened to gain strength to flip your manner of life to spirit forward living–spirit first living.

“The soul often is adjudicating things from the physical realm based on intellect and emotion and memory–these memories are often linked to mindsets of youthful experiences.

“The soul realm can be functioning well in the 3D world, but the component of the spirit is imperative for spirit life. An awakened spirit hears from God. An awakened spirit hungers for the things of God. An awakened spirit can be both hungry, thirsty, in need of fellowship, in need of love, and in need of companionship. These are the things your spirit man has need of. Many people get these confused with their soul and often their soul is confused with their spirit.

“Your spirit is a realm filled by the power of God, filled by companionship with Jesus, companionship with the Father, companionship with Holy Spirit. Your spirit is the receiver of the seven spirits of God and their functionality and what they are releasing. Your spirit is the light that causes other spirits to be touched and awakened. Thus, ministry from the spirit is much better than ministry from the soul.”

Mitchell continued, “In order for the power of God to be released into the earth the spirit of the man must be engaged to receive that power and might of the Holy Spirit and direct it. It has to be directed. It can be directed in intercession. It can be directed in conversation. It can be directed through the body, by the laying on of hands, but all these things are sourced from the spirit of the person. The soul and the spirit have been redeemed unto the Father.

The Father's pleasure is that your spirit is in communion with Him, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, Heaven, and those dwelling now in the Kingdom of God.

“You call these the great cloud of witnesses such as I. I am one of those. Your discipline of relationship is to be childlike, hungry, thirsty, and willing.

“The enemy will often use the will of the soul to interrupt what the spirit is willing to do. This takes discipline, practice, and feeding on the Word of God to know one's identity as spirit first in order to overcome the resistance the enemy is using within the soul realm.

“Many beliefs exist in mankind at this time. It hasn't always been this way, but it is right now. There are many soul realm distractions. Soul realm edification–the thing that your soul goes to or turns to in order to get edified (like everything from excitement to food).” He explained, “I'm giving examples of some good things that your soul will allow itself to receive from. These aren't necessarily bad, but rather out of balance, and if not aligned properly with the spirit and the way the spirit experiences this, you're not living in your full identity or at your full capacity.

The life of Jesus has much to be studied to look between the lines and allow Holy Spirit to teach you how Jesus lived as a man with an awakened spirit in conjunction with Holy Spirit and with the flow of might and power of the authority of the Kingdom of God. Notice this was even before he went to the cross for the payment of all sin. So too, were the disciples and the 70 released, first being taught who they were and then released with many instructions.” He said, “The instructions you read in the scripture are just a few of them. What they did was they walked in the spirit trusting the power and might of the flow of the Holy Spirit (within their spirit), along with winds and currents to heal the sick and carry out many authorities against the enemy.” (Luke 10:1-24)

Donna began, “Now, Mitchell is telling me that last night when Ron was saying how he we were shown the three realms of a person in a line with the bridges between the three inner realms with the soul in the middle and how a healing anointing may get stuck in the soul. Holy Spirit explained what it is in the soul that gets in the way He called mind genuflections[1]. Your mind in your soul is bowing down to a preconceived notion or something you thought. Instead of surrendering to that, do not bow down, do not pay homage to that thing you were taught, but allow the healing to flow through the conduit of the soul to your body realm so that the body realm receives what the might and power of God is releasing.

“I found the phrase mind genuflection such an interesting phrase because you get that picture of a person bowing down to an idol or a person buying down to a religious tradition or a person bowing down to what something they thought that they just have not rethought, or they had not surrendered to the potential for a rethinking on it. We are walking in such an age of that right now with portions of the body of Christ being assisted in new thoughts about that.”

She noted, “Mitchell is not too concerned that we struggle so hard to get some of this understanding. He is confident that this is all coming out in the perfect timing of God. Just the sowing of seed to people regarding their spirit being and getting them thinking about the different operations of their being is breaking off religiosity and religious thinking and helping them to begin to really consider how personal ones’ spirit can be with the personality of the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

When you move from the place of living from your spirit, nothing is impossible. It is the atmosphere of Heaven. When you move in that realm and you teach your soul to sit down and rest because you are going to operate from the place that has no impossibility, you're going to sooner or later connect that to how it manifests in the earth.”

“Dwell on these things in the realm of the current of winds where nothing is impossible,” Mitchell encouraged us. Dwell in a current of joy, a current of abundance, a current of blessing, a current of building, a current of creativity. These are winds released from Heaven. Receive these winds into your spirit realm and tell your soul to be affected by this spirit realm and by what the spirit realm knows as it is affected in the currents in which it is flowing.

Ezekiel (the angel of the Ministry), who had just appeared, interjected, “Get into winds of being comfortable, speaking to angels, learning from angels, partnering with angels, engaging angels in the spirit of the things they do well. I'm going to tell you your soul can be concerned with something Heaven is not concerned about and when you feed that part of your soul and you feed on those concerns that Heaven is not concerned with, your attention and your focus is very easily and quickly shifted to look and live from the natural realm. Living from the natural realm is problem oriented. It is solution oriented. Living from the spirit realm is not solution oriented. It is possibility oriented. It is "nothing is impossible oriented". It is not finding a solution; it is receiving the solution. Believers have walked in a grace for a long time, where without knowing their spirit was helping them, they were receiving creative ideas and understanding. It is not like this is brand new, but the potential and the opportunity and the greatness of it is.”

Operating from Your Spirit

Donna abruptly laughed when hearing what Ezekiel said next and she remarked, “I get called out by Heaven all the time.”

Then Ezekiel said to Donna, “Haven't you just been thinking that operating in things that you do all day long from the spirit realm ought to be easier. Your thinking is it would be so much simpler to do all of this from the spirit and not get stuck in the soul where the soul begins to feel weary.

"You can say to your soul, 'You may feel weary because you're trying to do something that you're not meant to do. So, we're going to step over to the spirit realm. We're going to let our spirit lead, and we're going to fly through these activities. We're going to be assisted. We're going to be having angels speak to us, having the Kingdom of God participating with us.'

“This happens from the spirit man.” Ezekiel continued, “Don't worry. It is just a matter of learning to practice that. Learning that it is available and then learning to do it and to stay in it. That is what the winds help with and help you stay in it and stay on it.”

Letting Your Soul Operate

Ezekiel added, “You will have times for your soul to be an operation. For example, if a feast in the physical realm being prepared, you need your soul to engage the fellowship of the feast, the taste of the food, the flow of the conversation, the enjoyment of the moment.

Now, imagine that in the same scenario where you are engaged with your spirit as well. Your spirit does not necessarily take the first position but assists the soul in processing what is going on. Some call this looking beyond, looking between the lines, looking with spirit sight, or looking in the spirit to see what also is taking place. Then from this position, you see angels, you feel them, you taste the river of God, the goodness of His participation with you at the feast (I am talking about a physical feast). When you do things this way, is not your enjoyment much more magnified because you have engaged the soul AND the spirit realm, because Father made you this way. So, if you ever feel in a stuck place, engage to see which realm you are operating out of and switch to the other, and then agree that they can communicate. And you can do both, you can live from both.”

Flesh is the Flesh

Ezekiel explained, “The flesh is the flesh. He is talking about the body side of our beings. The flesh is always going to follow what the soul and spirit are doing, believing what the soul believes. If it is not in second place behind what the spirit is feeding upon. There is a manifestation of the flesh that is behind the other two realms. So, if a belief system in your spirit is communicated to your soul and your soul is an agreement surrendering to the belief of the spirit, the body benefits by receiving from the soul what it has agreed with in the spirit, and it will manifest. But it will take time to manifest in the physical realm. It does not happen instantly. Very often it happens in what you would call a gradual manner, but it does happen. And you can look for it. Many are impatient expecting the physical realm to operate in the same parameter that the timelessness of the spirit operates in. Be patient. Be kind to your flesh.

I will give you an example. Your soul has recognized from your spirit a need to change your diet. I am talking about the natural food you put in your body. The soul first has to go through a phase where it is willing to surrender the things that it has believed, whether wrong information about nutrition, or whether it is just emotional conditioning to the things that are not healthy. As the soul aligns with new patterns of thought, you can get the spirit involved. The spirit will help the soul stay in that realm of a changed mindset and eventually you will find yourself feeding your body differently and from that the body will eventually benefit. This is a pretty common thing to talk about, but you may not have seen it from the three realms of you.”

Our Spirit and Worship

Mitchell began pointing out another nuance. He says, “The spirit has the capacity to see itself like the Father. This next thing I will share is linked to worship. It is linked to why we worship. Our spirit worships in that it focuses upon where it came from, what it truly is, who is responsible for that–which would be the Creator–Yahweh. It would be the Almighty God. It would be the living resurrected one. The spirit worships because it receives benefit and empowerment by focusing spiritual senses on the character of God from which one’s spirit came. Is this not truly seeing who you are?

Worship helps you see who you are by seeing who He is.

Struggling to See

“People who struggle with identity issues often struggle with worship because they are using the wrong eyes to determine their identity. They are using natural eyes to try to determine who they are instead of their spiritual eyes to see who He is, and to see yourself mirrored in a reflection of who He is; to see which facet of Him you are most like comes from spirit activity of praise, worship, relationship, companionship, affection for the spirit realm, for the Godhead, for the unseen.”

Fear in Hearing

Then Mitchell says, “Do you want to know why people don't journal when you ask them to journal what they hear? They are afraid they are going to hear something negative. They don't hear something negative, but they're afraid that they are going to hear something negative and they believe this in their soul and it shuts down their spirit from hearing. This is the needed work of cleansing the soul. If the soul does not communicate the power and might of God to the body, it is because the soul has fragments. It has broken places. It has woundedness. It has a fear. It contains fear. Fear is like a lens or a great veil over the spirit. And the true flow of the spirit is not released correctly because it gets distorted through the veil (of fear) that is in the soul. This is why the cleansing of bloodline, the cleansing of mindsets, the alignment of letting the spirit guide your understanding is so crucial.

The soul is made to work in the 3D realm. It is not made to work in spiritual matters and seeing matters. But there is plenty of help for you–they angels, cloud of witnesses, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Father; all these voices, all these to help you see all these things, to experience all these things, to encounter not from your soul realm, but from your spirit realm. This is for every believer who chooses walking into the discovery of this relationship.” Mitchell smiles and he says, “I will tell you this. In this hour, there are many scales falling off of many eyes.”

[1] Genuflection – a bowing of the knee

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