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It's Time for Joy & Other Musings

It is Tuesday morning and Donna and I requested access to the realms of Heaven. We requested to meet with Lydia, our Business Advisor, and she appeared and Ezekiel appeared with her. Ezekiel began our engagement by saying, “Now is the time for the joy, joy, joy of the Lord to come to God's people. Many of God's children who have been waylaid in their heartfelt worship of the Father. Remind the people to open the portal with praise, praise, praise! I will stir up praise. The Father is able to help you stir up your praise. You must just ask for His help. Ask of the Father that you would be able to praise him in spirit and truth and that you would open your mouth. If you will determine in your heart with your will that you desire to praise God, He will assist you with His own praise.

“Why is this? Because he knows His own worth and when you know His worth, you begin to see your own worth. It is time for the children of God to see their own worth.

“How will you see this? By releasing the praise and worship to the Son and the Father. Holy Spirit is present to assist because He agrees with this truth. He agrees that you reflect Yahweh in the earth realm. He agrees with your kind—humankind. So, it's time to step into pools of grace and joy and love.”

Ezekiel said, “I want to explain something to you. I want you to explain to the people the rotating seasons are created by Yahweh on purpose, with great intent to draw you forward in the cycle of your life. This cycle is to draw you forward from joy to joy or another way to say that is from glory to glory. There is a great combination between rejoicing and His glory. Some children of God feel bowed down, bowed over. Why are they bowed down? They are bowed over with anxiety, worry, trepidation, and fear. These resonant frequencies are not for God's people. How do you shed the garments of these frequency that have closed God's people? How are they to be free? They are to lift their eyes to seek after His kingdom, to combine voice and belief with the verbal release of God's praise. Atmospheres will shift because portals will open.

“You can simply ask yourself this question. If you feel full of anxiety, full of worry, full of trepidation and full of fear—if any of these evil frequencies are buffeting, you, you can ask yourself a question. When was the last time I surrendered to His praise-not out of religious ritual, but out of the place in my heart that knows He is God?”

Ezekiel continued, “Some people try to start too big in their praise when if they will just look inward and ask themselves a simple question, ‘What is the first thing I can thank him for? What is the first thing I can give him honor for?’ Because the Father accomplished something. He has done something for you.

“The review of these things from within your heart begins the roll call of praise and if you will do this verbally, what you will find is those who will speak in tongues will begin shortly to speak in tongues. But first start in English or your native language, and then to allow the bubbling up of that within you which dwells within you to come out.”

Ezekiel said, “I'm giving you a clue, review the reasons you would honor God and from that review, release your thanksgiving—release your praise. Then ask Holy spirit to pray through you in tongues and do not skimp but look within to give Him the rich sacrifice of praise.

“If you feel so burdened that you cannot praise God, then it simply means that you have gone too long without looking to who He truly is. If you need the written Word of God, open the scriptures, and read aloud the praise found therein. From this, allow your own spirit to begin to praise Him. This makes all the difference.

“The angels are assigned to recognize the praise of humankind and bring the opening wide of portals. This widening of the portal in your realm to God's realm results in your sense of the nearness of His presence, His goodness, and His kindness. This draws your spirit forward even more. So, do you see it works in tandem, but it must begin somewhere.

“What is the beginning? It is the will's initiation of the desire whether to see an open portal open wider, or to be rid of the burden of anxiety and fear. Use whatever motivates you but do it and let it have its effect because it is effectual every time.

“If your spirit feels dry, engage in the verbal praise of God. If you feel far from God, engage in the verbal praise of God.” Ezekiel stressed this part again saying, “I want to emphasize that the widening of the portal of the Spirit of God that gives you access to His presence cannot be achieved through the souls’ ritual religious activity. It will make your spirit feel drier.

“So, how to circumvent that because many have been taught habits of religious ritual and they mistakenly think that this is their avenue of true worship. I tell you it is not. I tell you it is much simpler for a child of God to look inward to his heart and find the one thing that is most meaningful in his life, where God has touched him, moved, or shown himself strong and begin from that point. It is the inward heart of the man that recognizes God's touch there and blows on that ember within his heart until with praise and worship it is a flaming fire. That flaming fire will become a wildfire and the spirit of that man will soon become rich, watered, oiled, blessed, increased, and perceptive to his right of inheritance in spiritual places.”

Ezekiel ended by saying, “Encourage the people of God to throw off the burdens of anxiety for now is not the time to wear these garments of fear, anxiety, worry, and trepidation. The Father has not placed these on His people. Why do His people wear them? Perhaps it is because they simply have not understood the manner in which to disrobe.”

The Word of the Day is Encouragement

Lydia, who had been standing by, began speaking, “Even burdens of prayer have seasons; types of prayer have seasons. Now is the season for the rising of the sons and daughters in praise and worship from their heart, accepting the Father’s love, His portion, and His care into their lives. A connection exists with cycles and seasons right now and we urge you to determine with your will your release of love, your verbal release of praise, your verbal release of honor, and your verbal release of respect to who He is for the richness that begins to flow into you. When verbally released, this is far greater than what you ever released. When you release a little bit, you get a lot. Your spirit becomes buoyant, not only buoyant as floating in the river of God, but buoyant to catch the winds of God. And this is the time for new winds coming into the earth and these winds of God carry you forward even within your life.

“It is time to wash your face. It is time to determine you will look to the horizon. It is time to determine that you are not tied to your past, especially the negativity, anxieties, and worries that lie in your past. God has done a great work to dawn His hope within your heart.

“How do you receive this? You begin with the honest internal review of your belief system and you make the determination—the willful choice—to praise Him for what He has done and what truth do you know there?” Lydia continued, “I'm telling you a spiritual mystery. The more you begin this verbal release of love, honor, respect, and praise, the wider the portal gets and the better you feel. I am talking about your soul because your soul has finally given way to your spirit and allowed your spirit to ascend to the richness of His Heavens, to the glory of His realms. And from there you begin freshly to walk as a Kingdom citizen who has a body in the physical realm.

Encouragement is the word of the day.

"It is true for your oneness with the Father to rise from within your heart. You must know His truth about who you are and about who He is. Understand that one of the goals of Heaven is to develop the joy of the Lord in God's people because they feel and know His love, because they have understood their access to feel and know His love, and they have recognized that fear is a dissonant frequency the Father wants their realms to be eradicated from. Her tip is this: You often speak of imagination. What does imagination work for you? By imagining a people group who in the face of the worst news—the most devastating anti-God scenarios being promoted and played out; imagine a people of God who nevertheless, their primary come from is joy. Their primary come from is confidence that God is working on their behalf. Their primary come from is the sweetness of His presence that is like an aroma in their atmosphere all day long from the time they with Him at the break of day or in the morning.

“Let that scenario float through your imagination because I tell you, this is one way that the world is going to recognize you belong to Jesus. It is your confidence, your peace, and your joy. It is the fact that you can love and have hope in the presence of what the enemy is doing—building structures around you for evil and for his own dominion.

A seed of joy resides within God's people that even Satan cannot take.

That seed is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It has been given as a gift through the resurrection of Christ. Water that seed.

Often you are being funneled so you would behave and think a certain way, but God's people—no matter if they are being funneled by world structures to think and behave a certain way—have within them the capacity to, amid being funneled to think and behave a certain way—being totally different. This shining is the lamp of God within you. He wants to pour out more oil into your lamp so that your residence resonant frequency is the tool that he uses to attract many to notice not you necessarily, but His glory in you.” Lydia said, “Remember, this happens as you have surrendered to be who He is making you to be. It comes from surrender and acceptance of His perfection and His plan for you.

Surrendering Burdens

Mitchell, a man in white, appeared with Lydia and continued to give us input.

He began, “I love this conversation. I could not help but be drawn to it. I want to remind you, this is the benefit of being known as a son and daughter of God, remember to count His benefits in your life. The other thing is when you find it difficult to look within your heart and find the one thing you can begin with to thank the Father for and to worship Him for in the quiet stillness of your alone time with Him, if you find this difficult, there is a good chance that one of your realms is not at peace. If it is your body realm, not at peace it may simply be the need for restorative sleep. And that request of the Father will be answered. If it is your soul, that is not at peace maybe your soul has determined to carry a burden it is not meant to carry to and has not surrendered. The surrender of burdens is just that—surrendering from the soul; determining that God will help you from your spirit and speaking to ones’ soul to lay down this burden and not pick it up because Jesus is able to help you from His Kingdom realm.

Mitchell said, “If you are weary in your body, physical rest is needed. Physical rest is helpful. How plain do I have to be? Go to bed earlier, take a nap, get up later where you can catch up your physical rest and do not apologize for the need of this physical rest. You are a three-part being and all parts of you interact. Rest is often needful in your society. You have been tricked about this idea of rest physical rest and how good it is—how needed it is.”

Mitchell continued, “Some do not know how to speak to their soul. It is possible to speak to ones’ soul and say, ‘It is time to rest. I speak to you and say, rest, I speak to you and say, we are surrendering these anxieties, we are surrendering these burdens, we are not carrying them. We are laying them down. We are leaving them behind and we are surrendering them to the Father in whom all things begin and end, and to Jesus who has Lordship over our lives.

Surrendering Habits

“Sometimes a release of an old habit is exactly the answer you are looking for. Sometimes your habits have made you have some such routine in your life and therefore the joy of the Lord has trouble being seeded there.

“The surrendering of some habits is helpful so that you regain a resilience out of the new thing God wants to create with you. So, simply ask the Father, ‘Is there a habit in my life I am enjoined to that would be better for me to surrender and allow a new formation of something. If, if this is the case, I ask for help from the Holy Spirit. I ask for help from angels to lay the habit down and receive as a gift something new in its place. This keeps the spirit of man buoyant and flexible and keeps the soul from becoming like concrete."

He continued, “Many people do not know that what they are looking for is the new because they are so preoccupied with the past that they have not surrendered it. What their heart is crying out for, what their spirit is crying out for is the experience of the new."

Mitchell said, “Give yourself verbal permission to receive the new that the Father, who is creating and always creating, wants to bring into your life. Not only does this bring joy, but it also brings hope as well." Mitchell concluded, “I dare you to ask the Father for the new that He wants to bring, and form within you and bring to you."

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