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It's Always Good to Celebrate!

Heaven says, “It is always good to celebrate.” Our ministry angel appeared with a patina of glory on him. It had a fragrance to it like you would get when you have been standing in the most glorious place. He said, "When you celebrate, you celebrate all that God is. It is a glory-joy."

Do you know why you celebrate?

"You celebrate because you are free! And you also celebrate because you were not the author of your freedom, but the Lord God was, is, and shall be. If you do not know how to celebrate, you are missing the nuances of the delight that God has in his own action in your lives. Even angels celebrate. They celebrate with a manner of celebration that is hardly understandable by humans because angels do not have certain sufferings that humans have, but they always celebrate what the Father has done, is doing, and is going to do. Celebration is centered around this. Angels often celebrate. We think of celebrations as a point in time, but Heaven thinks of celebration as a method of being. Angels were created to celebrate. Celebration is something angels sometimes hide from humanity because of the quantity of celebration that they carry would overwhelm the humans they have care of. Heaven agrees that the celebration aspect of humanity is the essence of freedom.

Let me link celebration and worship together for you. To celebrate your freedoms is a form of worship. What do you do in a celebration? You are cognizant and recognizing truth, glory, ability, power, might, and love in one asset. You can choose to focus on this and recognize it at any moment of any of your days, but there are some moments when your culture, your history (and all that is wrapped up in it), even though there's mixture in some of it, there is a moment of agreement with celebration.

Not all nations have been freed yet to celebrate how we feel this. Even if the timing of celebration is wrong it is never bad. Therefore, you see the feasts in scripture about the moments of celebration. Fill your hearts with celebration and love your God."

You may want to take a moment to engage your personal angel to unlock celebration within those in your realm. This is the will of the Father. It is unlocking freedom. A connection exists between the two. As you commission your angel(s) to this task also request Heralding Angels be assigned to them and their ranks with tidings of joy.

We asked, “With tidings, are you being funny?” Ezekiel said, “Yes, I am being somewhat tongue in cheek, but you know what I mean, right?”

So, we could see what he was saying. Heaven says that when we commission our angels to this, they would receive from the Father assistance, and that assistance comes in the form of a type of angel called a Heralding Angel. So, release them to work with the Heralding Angels in Jesus’ name.

We asked Ezekiel if he needed anything else. He was in rare form this day and replied, “Gift wrap!”

An explanation was needed, “You know how Ezekiel will talk about what he knows humans are engaging in, but he knows the truth behind what they are really seeking for. He can say all of that at the same time, in the same sentence. So, he must break it down to explain it to us. He may talk about how he knows the perfect time of God. He knows what the timing cycles of God are. He knows the events of Heaven. He knows all the feasts and celebrations. And then he sees the physical plane and he sees what the planet is engaged in. Even the planet that is not in winter, but in summer and how they engage what we call on the planet -- Christmas. And he even he includes in that, “Is this something that this would really offend a religious person?” The grateful seed of a heart who may even be following after the wrong God (like Muslims), and how the expanse of God's heart for them and his love for them includes when they are grateful and when they are in celebration and how he can see all that at one time. The Genesis of the heart of the human is right to receive the truth and the truth of God's glory and who He is and how much He loves humanity and how much He is desiring oneness with them to replicate Himself within them and how He is going to have this. And right now, He is looking for those who will (from whatever motive as He does not care about their motive in their life causes them to) seek Him. He will meet them, and this is the genesis of celebration. This is what Heaven celebrates all the time -- the continual turning of a heart toward God.

At this Christmas Ezekiel was saying, “Why I want to gift wrap is because when men's heart are turned to God and softened toward one another in celebration there are gifts of Heaven that are deposited in their lives. Things like spiritual giftings like opportunities, and dreams, and hopes, and all manner of anything that you could possibly think to call a gift for them. Heaven says these are available from Heaven. That is what he is talking about. Ezekiel could manage to say all of that in one or two sentences and it took us nearly two paragraphs to explain it.

“Ezekiel, we are very much in agreement with you desiring to have gift wrap. We asked the Father for gift wrap of many gifts, many assortments flavors, expressions, timings. And we ask Father that Ezekiel and his ranks would distribute that to all who are associated with this ministry. And to the extent of the boundaries that you have set for this ministry. We are saying ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ to this and asking you Father to supply Ezekiel and his ranks with gift wrap in Jesus' name.”

Do the same with your angels today. Let Heaven gift wrap the savior for mankind.

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