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It's Always a Good to Celebrate (Part 2)

(This is the next segment on “It’s Always a Good Time to Celebrate”)

In Heaven residents are always in celebration. By the act of rejoicing the layers of the potential redemption of your mind and your understandings come to embrace celebration. Celebration comes as a result of the recognition of your right to celebrate your freedom, to celebrate the perfection of Yahweh and all His plans.

Moments of celebration are good, but to carry celebration in your heart, this is to truly live from your redemption in Christ Jesus.

To carry a celebratory triumph is something you carry in your heart. It goes before you. It makes a way for you. You know that verse where Isaiah wrote about where you raise up the low places and you lower the rough places, and you make them smooth. That is what the holding the celebration of triumph − of His triumph in your heart does for you. This announces to realms your sonship and your possession of your identity as His son. When using the term ‘son’ the term does not hold a gender, it holds a position.

Purple Rain

Do you remember the purple rain that was mentioned in the first article on celebration? This is the rain of royalty from His Kingdom available to those who have taken up possession of their identity as Royal Kings and Priests in His Kingdom; as the royal sons and daughters of God and the immense concept of triumph and ease of ruling with righteous dominion that has been returned to you through the activity of God's own son. Take it up, take it up, take it up! Get under the purple rain. Allow it to permeate your being and your realms. Lydia said, “Some of what we know now as saints of Heaven, we wished we had known as saints on earth. And to you, you can have this knowledge now with surety and a firm sense of the royalty and the ruling dominion of His pleasure in being one with you to release His glory in the earth realm.

Allowing the purple rain to soak into you and all your realms causes you to walk under an open Heaven.

Angels come and go from this realm of the open Heaven. Yes, you can look at it like a window, but it is more than a window. It is a realm that is opened to your realms.

There are moments where you walk under an open Heaven and there are resistances against this open Heaven. Remember the conversation with you about location − the location of your realm and the open Heavens around you. You must really think outside of 3D thinking and get into dimensional thinking. Think in terms of spheres because that is going to help you. Your realm is an open Heaven realm when you have possessed your identity as the royal sons and daughters of the King, the one who righteously rules, and His desire to be one with you, and your acceptance and receiving of that oneness as it shifts your mind toward these things. When you think on these things, when you focus on who you truly are, darkness recognizes your shift, and they will launch what you would call an attack. To Heaven though, it looks like a feeble attack. But why does the enemy continue to attack? Because he believes or hopes that He will manage to shut down your possession of your identity.

Celebrations of His Triumph

If you think on celebrations of His triumph and their revealing of His oneness with you and the many members of the Bride, this focused intent causes your realm to be filled with such light, that the enemy cannot resist it. Instead he flees. It really is that simple, but you'll notice of the many things we've talked about that come to resist, cloud, and distract you that often many of those things operate against you from the soul realm. Therefore, it is so important that your spirit be alive, awake, activated, and ready to receive what is taking place in the supernatural.

Make a conscious decision and willful determination of your spirit to hold celebration in your heart.

It is a great thing to meditate on. Where Paul said to “think on these things”, this is what he was talking about. Meditate on these things.

Hold the celebration of His triumph in your heart.

You just cannot do that apart from also receiving His love and if your receipt of His love is out of balance through anything that would cloud your realms, such as bloodline iniquities, wrong understandings, or the attempt to live life through the soul apart from your redeemed spirit, these are the things that are being worked out so that you can hope as love and the celebration of His triumph reigns in your heart.

Releasing Love

Many people try to love from the soul realm, thinking that it is the love of God they are releasing when all they are releasing is out of the depth of their own pool of emotions of love. Yet, when your spirit is in front focused on the love you are receiving and reflecting that by simply allowing it to flow from you like a river flowing to others − this love is much purer. It is not cluttered with seeds of the wrong tree (meaning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) and soulish realm thinking. Concentrating on celebration will help you in this. It is worthy matter for you to meditate on − the celebration of His triumph.

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