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Is Anyone Thirsty?

This engagement included some new experiences for Stephanie. She described that she found herself standing in front of a short palm tree which was about her height.

The palm tree spoke and asked a question, “Does this give you shade?”

“No,” Stephanie replied. She then looked to her left and saw a taller palm tree which was about the typical height for a palm tree.

It asked, “Does this give you shade?”

Stephanie responded, “No, it doesn't really give me shade either.” Continuing she said, “By the way, I now realize I am in a desert. It is very bright, and you can tell that there is very little shade around. I see an oasis with water and there are multiple palm trees around. I can see that when they are clustered together, there is shade. She walked to the cluster of trees and felt compelled to lean over and take water in her hand and drink it.

Immediately, a camel appeared beside her, and they were both drinking at the same time. Stephanie was startled when she realized the camel was next to her. She remarked, “We have startled each other. We are both looking at each other.”

The she greeted the camel and then heard it say, “Hello, Stephanie. Does a camel need shade?”

Stephanie replied, “You know, I don't think so.” The camel began showing her the humps on its back. It has the reservoirs of water stored inside of it.

The camel then sat down beside her.

The camel explained, “No. We do not need shade. However, there is a point in time that we must fill ourselves. Although, on the journey, the living water is stored inside of us.”

Stephanie explained, “I am seeing a picture of this camel in the desert, and it feels like he has been walking for hours and hours and hours, but he has not been overcome by the heat or by being out in the exposed elements because of the reservoir of water inside of him.

“Now, I can see that we're back at the Oasis.”

The camel asked, “How much more could the sons be in the “elements,” be under the ‘scorching’ of everyday life. If they understood that they have the reservoir of living water inside of them, all the time.”

Stephanie replied, “I would say that we would be able to walk in a much higher place knowing that and understanding that specific principle.”

The camel asked, “How did we first meet? “

Stephanie answered, “We first met while you were also drinking from this oasis.”

The camel replied, “So, the principal is still there that we must fill ourselves in order to have a substantial amount of living water, to walk in life in the elements.”

Stephanie explained, “As soon as he said, elements, the spiritual realm opened up and I can see the demonic, the attacks, the things that would be coming against the sons and I can see being able to stand as a son with zero fear with the understanding that the living water of Heaven is a reservoir that we can being filled from. I see the spiritual realm coming against this camel, but it us unaffected. It just keeps walking. It just keeps walking as if nothing is happening around it.”

Speaking to the camel, Stephanie said, “The sense that I'm getting from you, camel, is that it is time with the Father–that precious intimacy with the Father–where we are refilled.”

The camel replied, “Yes, it is so refreshing.”

Stephanie continued, “Camel. I feel like the story for today is around knowing the simple picture of the reservoir that is within us. When we drink from the fountain, when we drink from the living water, the elements cannot touch us. The strength that you walked in, not even bothered by the time that you were out in the elements and in the scorching heat. You were not bothered by the spiritual realm coming against you. This is a very simple picture, yet it is profound. Thank you, camel.”

The camel paused and took an enormous drink of water out of the oasis, stood up and moving back onto his journey said, “I bless you all in your journey.”

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Is anyone thirsty
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