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Instructions for the Freedom from Mithraism Book

We recently were given a list of recommendations for those reading the Freedom from Mithraism book. We strongly urge you to utilize them in your journey through the book.

Put on the Armor of God

Put on the armor of God before you engage the book. Rather than simply putting on the armor by memory, return to the Scriptures and put on the armor utilizing the written Word as your guide. We recommend utilizing The Passion Translation or The Mirror Bible as it provides a freshness that is helpful to this process.

We remind you that one of the devil's tactics is to make you think what you know by memory recall when occasionally there is time to go back to the printed word. Clad yourself with armor. It is for your protection. It has more effect than you have believed and if you will wear the armor, it helps the angels work because you are armored. They don't have to work as hard by splitting their duties of protection of you and engaging the enemy. It frees them to do greater damage to the enemy because they are not working overtime to protect but can then be released and freed up to accomplish greater damage against the enemy.

Call Your Angels Near

Take a moment and call your angels near to you. Many layers of things are being accomplished. Familiar spirits being eradicated from realms that have long squatted on these territories. These familiar spirits are becoming more easily routed by the work of angels so, be sure you have called your angels near as you are working through this book.

Call Your Spirit Forward

Do not neglect to call your spirit forward. It can be as simple as speaking aloud to your soul and spirit instructing your soul to back up and relinquish control and calling your spirit forth to lead you. As you call your spirit forward, step into the realms of Heaven. Begin to recognize that while you are performing a court case through the templates in the book, you are in heavenly places as well.

Test Your Ability to Have a Dual-Realm Experience

Test your ability to have a two-realm experience of being in the courts and also reading the book from the physical realm verbally. You will begin to be able to discern with greater capacity the ability to live from two realms.

Resist Frustration

Resist frustration. You must resist lying spirits that say nothing is happening and that say the reasoning behind this book and these prayers is false. These are lying spirits.

The Importance of Communion

To partake of Communion is essential. After each prayer session that you go through, whether you accomplish one or all seven degrees, you should be prepared to engage the Lord’s Communion Table in celebration of joint triumph of Jesus and you over the enemy. It is a communal right of our relationship with Jesus through covenant blood that we engage the relational celebration of the victory of the court cases that Jesus has already won through the verdicts granted on our behalf as we work through the Mithraism book.

What is being accomplished?

You are conquering your familial spirits through the template reading of the courtroom scenarios as you pray through them. You are severing these familial spirits from your realm and dis-inviting familiar spirits by this work.

Announce the Eviction Notice

At the moment of celebration of victory at the Table of the Lord, simply announce to every familial spirit tied to any of these realms that all legal grounds have been removed and they are now commanded in the name of Jesus to leave your realms.

Loose Angels to Evict Squatters

Be attuned to the spirit of God as you are enjoying the Communion Table. At that moment, release the angels verbally to evict every squatter, every illegal alien, every illegal spirit that has now lost ground from the body realm, soul realm, spirit realm, your DNA, and flesh realm. Decree a scattering so that angels will scatter the enemy now in Jesus' name. Many things have been hanging on by a thread and are hoping to remain unseen.

The moment you have done the prayer work in the courts and are sitting in leisure at the table of His Communion, it is at that point, that is the most powerful release of angels to go about the work that they now can accomplish of eviction and removal. Angels delight to do this.

Remember to Read Aloud the Book

The prayers you pray, pray aloud. It will add strength to them.

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