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Incorporating Honor In Your Daily Walk

Stephanie began, “On this particular engagement, Ron and I stepped into the realms of Heaven and we were given our itinerary for the Canada Conference. It was literally a script written in vivid detail. I was told I would teach on honor and what day of the conference I would do so. As we viewed the script and at the top of the page, it was written, “Incorporating Honor in Your Daily Walk.”

For some time, I have been contending with what this means, honor. What does it look like in our lives and in my life personally? I've had many instances recently around honor as well as dishonor and clearly, I have been on a path of discovery. While at the conference, right before I delivered this word, Dr. Ron spoke and mentioned that in the book Treasures of Darkness Volume 2 by Joseph C. Sturgeon, Samson had something to say to him about honor. What the folks didn't know is that on my plane ride to Canada, Samson himself stepped into that plane ride and began speaking to me about honor. As I was sitting in my seat praying and preparing regarding the details of what I needed to prepare for, I stepped into the realms of Heaven requesting help. That's when this engagement with Samson began.

Since returning home, I only feel it necessary to mention that I have not picked up Treasures of Darkness in over two years. It was a part of the reading assignments given to those in the facilitator training which I was a part of in 2021 so you can imagine my surprise when Dr. Ron mentioned it at the conference.

Let’s begin there, in the Treasures of Darkness book. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it to you. As we as a community have been engaging Heaven for some time and as many of you have been introduced to Men and Women in White from the Great Cloud of Witnesses, this book is yet another example of how this is taking place for believers all over the world.

In chapter 6 of the Treasures of Darkness book, it is labeled “Honor.” This engagement began when Samson entered the room of Joseph and Samson greeted Joseph, stating, “Hello Joseph. I am honored to meet you.”

(Joseph, puzzled by this statement, inquired back,)

Joseph asked, “How is it you are honored to meet me?””

Samson replied, “You asked the question because you have no concept of honor. You must begin to see yourselves as who you were before the foundation of the earth. As you continue to grow in the knowledge of who you were then, you will begin to see the enormity of who you are now. Honor is first about how you see yourself, then about how you see others. Honor comes from the heart and is the result of the work done within. Respect is the action that necessarily follows the work honor has done in your heart. The reason you feel so much honor in Heaven is because the hearts have been purified.”

He continued, “Meekness is the foundation from which honor grows. Strength bridled by rest, which is meekness, creates an atmosphere where honor can manifest. All of the men I killed were honored before their death, not because of aggressiveness or skill or might, all of which were present, but because I lived in meekness. I had a sober view of myself. There were great areas of weakness in my life. I was able to see those who were trying to kill me from the correct perspective and honor them well in their death. Because I could see myself well, I could see them well, and was able to act accordingly.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (NKJV)

“Many in the body of Christ and your day associate, being a peacemaker with either passiveness and non-confrontational rubbish or aggressive control. Those who conduct themselves in such a manner are the polar opposite of a true peacemaker. To begin to walk in the revelation of peacemaking, you must begin to lay the foundation of honor and meekness in your life. The three cannot exist apart. I made peace in my day, but it did not begin with killing an army. I was used as a judge because I had the foundations. The beauty of becoming a peacemaker is that when you have the foundations in your life, it can look however the father wants it to. In my day it was killing an army of men.”

Stephanie interjected, “Now, let me just stop right there, because, when I first encountered this book and read it two years ago, I could not wrap my head around how honor in killing was a thing. Yes, I had seen the movies where there were honor killings, but I could not understand how Samson could honor all of those he had killed in battle. Therefore, like many of you, I dismissed these things from my own heart because I felt a disconnect. I thought, ‘It doesn’t apply to how I live now. I don’t do honor killings.’ It didn’t relate to me. Honor killing still doesn’t relate to my present life, but honor does. I’ll continue.”

Samson replied, “As you grow in honor and meekness with the bounds of peacemaking, there is one more vital ingredient, mercy. Matthew 5:7 says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” For many, mercy will be the hardest to grow in. The mercy of the Father is highly offensive for those who have not come into the realization of how much they have been given. In order to show mercy, you must have the capacity to punish someone. You have been taught and the earth works in a manner that when a wrong is done, punishment is inevitable. The Father has the capacity and the right to punish everyone, yet He loved so well He made a way for the punishment to be avoided forever. He demonstrated mercy to the cosmos. Giving and receiving honor both have to do with humility. If you are not coming from a place of humility when you give honor you are flattering in order to get something you want, like acceptance.”

Stephanie interjected again, “Now let’s pause for a moment here. This got my full attention. Did you just hear that last sentence? ‘If you are not coming from a place of humility when you give honor you are flattering in order to get something you want, like acceptance.’ How many of us are constantly pushing ourselves to receive acceptance from others? How many of us will do anything for acceptance? Is this a place of false humility? Let’s see what else Samson had to say.”

Samson stated, “In order to receive honor, you must also be in a humble place. If you are in a correct position inwardly when you are honored, life will flow from both giver and receiver to the other person and both of you will be increased exponentially by just being in each other 's presence. Honor from God works in the same manner. We must come to the place where we are so gripped with the Father's honor for us that we have no fear of the honor we give to others or the honor given to us. Papa finds us in the worst possible place, identifies with us there, and shows us who we are and how He sees us. Then He bestows the highest honor of all the ages and dispensations and creations by calling us sons.”

“True peacemaking is built on the foundation of honor, humility, and mercy. All sons are called to be peacemakers and growing the Revelation requires growth in the area we talked about. Honor begins with seeing who you were before the foundations of the earth and continue by having a correct view of how the Father sees you now. Humility will be birthed out of the correct view and is necessary for walking in mercy. As you come into our realization of the mercy that has already been extended in your direction. You will be able to show others mercy through honor and humility, by becoming a peacemaker.”

Stephanie said, “Wow. I am always amazed when I read this book. Let’s fast forward to my encounter on the plane.”

Samson spoke, “I honored my mother and father, kept the laws given to me since before my birth, I honored the gift I was given, which is why strength grew. In order to have it (for me it was strength) you had to honor it.

What I didn't honor was women. There was a strict guideline of faults towards women. They were looked down upon and instead of honoring their beauty, I used it. Instead of honoring their prowess, I abused it.

(“prowess” is a term used to highlight extraordinary talent, ability, and achievement in a particular domain. It signifies a level of excellence that sets individuals apart and earns them admiration and respect.)

Instead of honoring them as human, bringing dignity to them, I created a false impression of who they really were upon my heart and soul using them to gain control while belittling a system of honor for the sake of pride. In all of those ways, I dishonored my own heritage. How do you think we all come into being? By our mothers. And by dishonoring one, I dishonored all.

Then I began dishonoring the call. There is something to be said about pride and arrogance. It indeed comes before destruction. How else could you define the end of my life? When you dishonor the call through self-serving- grandiose ideas about yourself- grandiose destruction is what you get. Think of it like this, to favor something or someone, you are drawn to it, you press in, and you can learn, grow, and even become that which you favor.

When you walk in humility, these things grow—favor, justice, honor, and integrity.

Yes, honor is earned, but honor must also be esteemed by the beholder. You can honor something and not esteem it. That is a slippery slope.

(To esteem someone or something means to hold them in high esteem or regard, appreciating their qualities and contributions. It's a positive and affirmative way of valuing and interacting with people and things in your life.)

Honor as a pledge. A pledge has desire to fulfill. Honor your own walk. Start with yourself first. How can one honor if one does not honor oneself? Honor the everyday idiosyncrasies.

(Idiosyncrasies add depth and character to individuals and can often be endearing or charming, making people memorable and distinct.)

Honor your path. Remember, when you dishonor something or someone, you are dishonoring the very gift of that person/thing that God ingenuously thought about, structured, and put into motion. For a lack of better word, you dishonor the Creator and His creation.

Think about that scripture alone, “Honor your mother and father so that you may live long in the land the Lord has given you.” Exodus 20:12. Imagine what else will be brought to you as you begin to honor everything in your life. Watch it grow. Watch Honor Honor you.

This must be done from the heart that is deeply connected to the very heart of the Father. Is their honor and isolation? No. Is their honor in first fruits? Only if you give with a contrite heart. Subject yourselves to your own scrutiny in this. For instance, do you honor your spouse? How? How don't you? Beloved, know that when you bring dishonor upon them, you heap mountains of dishonor upon yourself. Lift up your countenance upon them. It is an act of honor. Gazing at their very chest rising and falling as they rest is honoring the life force within them that you get to be a part of. You are intertwined into another life! You are in that unity.

Brothers and sisters, hear me. Honor is different than respect. Respect the journey. Honor the life. (Others) Honor the very fabric of the interconnectedness of who you are and who they are. When you honor that, unity and harmony will truly prevail.

There are different connotations in life.

(Connotation refers to the array of emotional, cultural, or contextual associations that a word or phrase carries beyond its explicit or literal meaning. Ex: Home: The denotation (literal meaning) of “home” is a place where one lives. However, its connotations might include feelings of comfort, safety, belonging, and warmth.

As an act of your will, honor your path, even if it's been a difficult one. What can life do on the other side of difficulties? It can teach. When you teach out of your own pain, you honor the gift of redemption. You have been redeemed! Think about it, you are on the other side of the pain. Instead of esteeming and holding on to the suffering, honor what it has taught you and then teach others. We minister out of our own afflictions. Who better to teach on dishonor than one who has been? Who better to teach on suffering than one who has suffered. It is true, you become what you behold. Don't hold on to the regrets of the past, honor the journey. Watch it grow and flourish.

The majestic portions of your life are consecrated. They are risen and are esteemed through and, by honoring the path, the Maker, the Creator and the created.

Let me ask you: How can you do this to someone who is less than kind? Honor the fact that they are on their own journey, and it is most likely filled with pain. Creating a dishonorable situation towards another, no matter where they are on their own walk, on their own path, is bringing dishonor to yourself and to the Father. Don't succumb to the darkness in those situations. This is where you can be the light, the city on a hill. What if you're the only lighthouse in that moment?”

Stephanie spoke, “Samson left as quickly as he had arrived.” I was left thinking about his situation with Delilah. What he said was true. He had heaped mountains of dishonor upon himself by dishonoring women because she dishonored him through betrayal. Betrayal is the highest form of dishonor.

To each of you, in your journey. I honor your walk; I honor your very life and being. I am doing this as I am intertwined with the Father's heart. If He is in you, and you are in Him, and He and you are in the Father, how else am I supposed to treat you!”

The difference between honor and respect: 

Respect refers to a positive feeling or attitude towards someone or something. It involves recognizing the value, worth, and dignity of individuals or things and treating them with consideration, politeness, and fairness.

Respect is a fundamental principle in interpersonal relationships and interactions. It is often shown through courteous behavior, listening to 
others' opinions, and refraining from actions that might harm or offend them.

Honor goes beyond respect and often involves a higher level of recognition and admiration. It signifies a deep sense of esteem, esteem, and value for a person's character, accomplishments, or qualities.

Honoring someone often implies a deeper emotional connection or reverence for their significance.

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