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Identifying Misbelief

"Check for LHS’s regularly right now. They have heard about you coming here and are gathering for freedom and to find their rest." This was the instruction from Heaven as I journaled this morning. We had just moved our home and ministry to a new town and were still unpacking -- a seemingly eternal project!

Heaven continued to speak, "LHS’s are always seeking their final rest. They have not been taught where to find it so in lieu of information they will wait things out as long as possible. The typical church approach to Heaven and its purpose is so misguided and self-oriented that many don’t have confidence that that is their final destination regardless of how many times they have walked the aisle or prayed ‘the prayer’ or things of that sort. Misinformation is more harmful that of no information at times. Looking at incorrect information is looking at falsehood and opens the door to deception because the wrong information is, in itself, deception.

"Deception has taken over the church in many arenas and in many ways from wrong Sunday School teaching of children that makes kids afraid of the Father, to the teaching that you are worms and are somehow so corrupted that God does not like you nor does he want good for you. Those are deceptions that set the pathway for many to not believe or mis-believe. Just like you can behave or mis-behave, you can believe or mis-believe. You are missing the best when you mis-believe. You want to believe but have not been taught the right thing to believe, therefore you believe wrongly about the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. You’ve not been taught to live from your spirit so you do not. It is, at best, an adjunct to how you live your life.

"The embrace of wrong belief systems cripples the church in its impact and effectiveness in the earth.

It was never the plan of the Father to have a body of saints who walked powerlessly in the earth.

They were designed, equipped, and purposed to rule and reign by the working of their spirit in a spirit-forward position.

"The wrong belief about ones’ eternal destiny and how it builds an uncertainty in people is evidenced in the fact that the church would rather believe a passage out of its context and meaning over the words spoken from the mouth of Jesus. Ghosts were not uncommon in the understanding of the early disciples. It was quite common to know of them. They may not have known what to do about them, but that changed when Jesus came on the scene.

Another result of wrong beliefs comes in the powerless way that many minister deliverance. They do not understand their ultimate design – to rule over principalities and powers – over demons, and over every ungodly thing as sons of the Most High. They do not understand hierarchy and how to utilize a hierarchy for your benefit.

You are teaching those things. You are helping people find freedom, but much more can be done. Revelation is forthcoming to propel you to a brand new place in this regard. It is on the way."

Later in the day Donna and I engaged Heaven concerning the LHS's that had come to visit and we were not surprised to find nearly a dozen lingering human spirits) LHS's) in and about the realm of the ministry offices. We dealt with them as I teach in my book "Lingering Human Spirits" and sent them to their eternal destiny. We will continue regular checkups to deal with future visitors. Heaven will help us.

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