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I Know the Plans

What really is the Plan of the Father?

I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm you.’ (Jeremiah 29:11)

Do we really believe that the Father does not want to harm us, but rather has good plans for us?

Most people do not believe that God has good plans for them. Many believe that God is mad at them. So many things happen to people, especially Christians that it would be difficult for them to stand on that word. I have even been guilty of that.

Yet, we need to delve into this by accessing the Courts of Heaven so that the hearts of people can be established in the knowing.

How can it be established?

Because it has already been established in Heaven, it is already the precedent in His court. It is not the Father who has been harming us.

In our heart we may question for a moment how people get caught up in the Law because the Old Testament is full of the Father having to bring the harvest of the bad seed sown. If you recall the story of the men building the tower of Babel and the Father regretting having made man. It was not really regret. Rather, they knew a harvest was coming to these who were building the tower and the did not want for them to reap the harvest, but that is the law that was set forth. The court system is set up predominantly to not harm.

Visualize a simple diagram of a Consequential Lien with parameters. Inside those parameters are people. Now, see the court system above it and how people in these parameters really believe God is harming them because of their own sowing of seed through sin. Because of bad teaching, the feel that God is judging them when that is not the case. There exist a cause and effect that is working. Had they not sinned, they would not be experiencing the consequence of the sin.

The court system has been set up to prove the Father is not present to harm. We in the Courts of Heaven paradigm understand this in a sense, but do we truly believe it?

Since the Father has this precedence of not harming, why are people still in fear?

Because people do not truly understand what happened when Jesus hung on the cross.

It is the weightiness of what Jesus did on the cross. In that moment, it truly encapsulates all – in time, ahead of time, and behind time, – all of it at that moment to where we are now and even to the future. This very act was proof, the completion of the knowledge for us to know that HE has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.

How do we bridge that gap?

Some people believe that if God harmed His own son so why wouldn't He harm them?

Bridging the gap is seeing the humanity of Jesus. The same way that we learn intimacy with the Father, Jesus also had to and in do so in His humanity. Jesus, in His humanity did not know He would bear the weight to the cross early on in his life. That's why the struggle was so profound in the garden the night before His death. In His humanity, He made the decision for the sacrifice.

People can know that He means us no harm because the act in Jesus' humanity to take on the sins of all, in that moment, he took on the sins of all. Therefore, He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.

We must put aside all that we think we know about His humanity. He's the perfect example of building intimacy with the Father.

Realize that even as a young boy, Jesus chose to take time to read and learn the Scriptures. He learned what the forefathers spoke of, and it became an act of his will.

Now, see Jesus’ humanity in the court system. We need to see Jesus before He became human in the court systems during David's time and Jeremiah's time and in Isaiah's time and Job's time.

When He took on humanity, He was veiled from the truth of who He was. Do you think that as a child, He knew that He would be the sacrifice?

No. He had to grow into this knowledge. Jesus, Scripture says, never sinned, but he was tempted to sin so that he might know our plight. Jesus surrendered to the will of the Father in every way.

Jesus surrendered and even as a little boy and He was pursuing the Father and was building intimacy with Him. He grew in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.[1] It was developing intimacy with the Father that Jesus began to know His destiny. He always had a choice.

He became aware at some point of His destiny that it was (and is) the perfect plan of the Father for that scripture, “I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” Jesus was the plan. Jesus was the blueprint. We know that Jesus was the plan, but he was actually the blueprint, and we can stand on that blueprint of his humanity and now, in court, and because of your sacrifice, we can rest in the governmental position -- our governmental position that He has given us through his sacrifice.

Jesus is the actual plan and the blueprint which we can stand on to know that how we can trust that scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) explicitly.

It is a righteous verdict and a bond that we can utilize.

We request access to the Court of Titles and Deeds.

Father, I request a bond of Jeremiah 29:11 for the people, for it to be put upon their records, upon the entity that is LifeSpring International Ministries, Heaven Down Business, Adina's Melodies, AfterCare, CourtsNet, Courts of Heaven Webinars, all of them, all of those that draw near and their families, all of those that work and steward this ministry on your behalf.

I ask this to be a bond.

I ask for it to be a constructive trust to be set upon each of their realms for the angels to render this as a righteous verdict and as a bond and a constructive trust on behalf of the people in Jesus' mighty name.

Now, see the blueprint that is Jeremiah 29:11, and do the prophetic act of standing on it.

Let it cover you –every bit of your skin. Wear it. It's more than a garment. It's like a part of your skin.

The rest of Jeremiah 29:11 finishes with ‘…and give you a hope and a future.’

When you say (or read) the word ‘future’ realize it is trans-dimensional.

Father, thank you for the plans that you have for us to prosper and not to harm us and to give us a hope for our future.

I call the angels assigned to me to come near.

Angels, I commission you to bring all the blueprints to the people in time and out time and in every age, realm and dimension for them to be able to step on it and for it to become a part of their being in Jesus' name.

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I Know The Plans I Have For You
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[1] Luke 2:52

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