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How Deep?

The visual was of an operating theater with the focus on the light above the table. It was extremely bright. It was able to illuminate places like no other light source could do. It enabled the surgeon to probe and operate with great precision. This light could illuminate even the smallest areas of darkness.

Essentially, no darkness can hide in this kind of light.

Malcolm asked, “Would you trust the illumination, or would you think that they're needed to be one more thing added?”

The added thing needed to trust the illumination is to trust the physician's hand. Trusting and knowing where and how deep he needs to go to expose the darkness. The light is not the physician–the light is the revelation.

A lot of revelation has been released and other revelation is coming.

The additional understanding is realizing revelation brings the light and illumination uncovering all the darkness…the dark things in us? The piece that people are missing is the trust factor of the surgeon's hand to move things out of the way to go deeper into places where darkness would try to dwell or hide. We need to focus on the heart. The Great Physician is moving things out of the way to get right into the depth of the matter. This is the heart of the matter.

The question that people need to ask themselves is why do they trust the revelation and not the greatest component which is who is doing the uncovering of the revelation?

How deep are you willing to let Him go to get to the heart of the matter?

Do they trust the ‘digging in deep’, the revealing and the exposure of the darkness to light?

They must. You must.

Let's take this a step further.

The question that needs to be asked is how deep am I willing to go? This is a question for the people to ask themselves, ‘How deep are we willing to go and how deep are we willing to let the Father go?’

The next vision was of a fortress, deeply fortified and we could see Ezekiel. We asked him to tell us about this fortress that looked as if it was being defended.

Ezekiel instructed, “Look deeper.”

It was like one of those fortresses you would see in medieval times. The drawbridge has been pulled up. It has a moat around it and guards around the top with arrows, ready to strike.

Ezekiel is showing me that there are places of weakness in this fortress. There are weaknesses around this fortified place that the enemy absolutely could get in.

Ezekiel, is that fortified place ours (LifeSpring) or are you showing us as individuals? Are these individuals who have well-fortified territories that have weaknesses around them? How do we shore that up? Or how do we get in? It feels like a place on a large region or a territory that is well fortified, but there are some areas where a piece of the foundation could be removed, and someone could find entry in.

I commission you to come in where there's a foundational issue or movement in the foundation that needs to be fortified.

We kept hearing the word dunamis. Ezekiel was saying we needed to fortify this to cause it to be solid. We saw just one place that needed fortifying, but it was a foundational cornerstone area that needed this.”

I spoke, “I request the release of dunamis power to fill in every gap and every weak point in that foundation.”

The fortifying happened immediately. It became steel.

Ezekiel asked, “How deep are you willing to go?”

We replied, “Pretty deep.”

Malcolm said, “Have the people ask themselves, ‘How deep am I willing to let the Great Physician go who doesn't just heal physical ailments, but emotional ailments, mental, spiritual, and physical. The one who came who bore our sicknesses and our diseases. The one that every stripe that was laid upon his back opened the way for the illumination and the light to expose every darkness of our life.’

Each person needs to ask themselves, ‘How deep am I willing to go with this?’ It's not just about revelation. Revelation is the light, but it's the cooperation with the Great Physician, the cooperation with the one that can move things around to expose where darkness really is hidden in the heart. Are they willing to do that?

Are they willing to go there in their own lives? And if so, when they say yes, more illumination and freedom will come out of it in their lives.

Are they willing to fortify their foundations?

Are they willing to ask the questions that needs to be asked of the Father with the help of their angels to expose where there are places that the enemy could get in?

Some must deal with the heart of the matter.

Many, including myself, have been very excited about all the new revelation, but with revelation comes illumination of the dark regions in our own lives that we must allow to be exposed. What does a physician do when he moves those things out of the way and digs deeper to find dark places, the roots of disease, to bring forth the healing? This is healing.

I say to Heaven, take those places in my own heart, illuminate them, dig deeper for healing. I request on behalf of those work for, contract with, volunteer for and draw near to the ministry that the Great Physician begin to go into those places that we have fortified well, because of the revelation of the Courts of Heaven. We've strategically put fortifications around doing all this generational work, but there's weakness around some of the foundations. Father, illuminate each of our hearts as this revelation comes. I commission the angels to go in with dunamis power in my own life and the lives of those around us, those that draw near to us, and fortify–like steel, with the dunamis power around the foundations and deep trenches of our lives and in our hearts, to do this around and in the cornerstones of who we are with the dunamis power, with the blood of Jesus, and in the name of Jesus.

Ezekiel, I commission you to strategically put your commanders and ranks around the places that need fortifying and to continue to go around making sure the foundation is solid around the entities that are LifeSpring, Sandhills Ecclesia, CourtsNet, Adina’s Melodies, and Heaven Down Business. I ask for the blood of Jesus and living water to be the wellspring of life over all these entities and over all of those that draw near, in Jesus’ name.

Father, we commend the angels to you. I ask for angel food bread and elixir. I request the armaments of Heaven; truth defender membrane and we request the awakening angels. I ask for the illumination, in Jesus’ name.

It was such an interesting manner with which they took us down that path. All the people around us are excited about the new revelation and they are drinking it in, but some have been, or all of us maybe, have been piling that revelation on top of places that there still needed to be some exposure of darkness and where, deep in our lives, thing needs to be uncovered as the Lord peels all these things back in our lives. It's a clarion call for the body to know that there is something we still need to allow the Lord to do–to do this deep, deep work in our lives.

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