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Heaven's Commerce for Sons & Daughters

Lydia opened our engagement by reminding us that we needed to announce to our audience that we were going to be with Bralynn Newby on her podcast today.

She said, “Make an announcement that you are joining Bralynn and that you will have details coming to share regarding operating in the spirit, operating in heavenly realms for the purpose of business and trade.

We call it trade while you call it business. We could probably agree on the common denominator of commerce.

She indicated that Bralynn’s graciousness to have us on her podcast would form an avenue of ministry expansion.

Lydia said, “This also broadens the understanding of the sons and daughters of God in the Father's interest in every area of their life. What Lydia is talking about is related to people who have a propensity or desire to to engage in commerce. (I tend to want to call it trade because that is what Heaven calls it.)

“The essence of that trade is taking one thing and multiplying it.

It is taking something, whatever you are trading–your commerce, your business idea, but is it must be done in righteousness. It must be done in righteousness without the spirit of religion and in the freedom as a son or daughter of God, who has been given authority to create an expansion by the multiplication of his trade. When the sons and daughters of God begin to do this first from the spiritual realm or in conjunction with what Heaven has made available, Heaven makes available a couple of things:

“Angels that are assigned to that individual and his enterprise because there are things that we are never going to accomplish if we don't have the connection and the understanding of working with angels in that.

“The circumstance of being humanity in the world today demands a deepening of our spirit man to stay linked to heavenly places for the expansion of longer and greater expansive times in the realms of Heaven, so that we become spatial people. People that interact in space AND time. Since we are bringing this out of Heaven, we are the portal, the gate to this physical realm. The blessings of God, which are things like the knowledge of God, the blueprints of God, all the plans that God has for the earth realm that are going to be constructed and built in the physical plane. But the reason they are going to be built and constructed in the physical plane is because righteousness is behind it. The righteousness of God is behind it.

“It is a spiritual activity to get that spiritual thought, blueprint, idea, knowledge, and/or understanding and to allow that to come through you. You are the portal of God into the physical plane to see it made manifest in commerce and trade and how the righteousness of God is His perfection. It is the perfection of God that creates a set-apartness. (I do not want to use the word holiness because it sometimes carries baggage in people's minds).

“When various business ideas come through a child of God and that child of God is trading on righteousness and perfection, there is such a grace on it. Even prophetically what is coming down, what is coming to us in days ahead is the ability to do this as sons and daughters of God. But the first step of that is to realize you have access in Jesus to have your being in Heaven and to be taught, and to learn, and to gain knowledge and understanding, because this is what is our inheritance that God wants us to use on the earth right now. It is going to be different, and it is going to better.

“It is going to be better in every facet and respect than what the world systems are doing. So much so that we as sons and daughters of God, we are not even paying attention to what the world is doing. The world has simply become dim in our sight because our sight is so filled with what Heaven is releasing to us to do on the earth.”

Lydia continued, “It is the rub of determining to focus on spiritual realms first. Seek first the Kingdom of God[1], when the world is constantly shouting for your attention. Sons and daughters of God can learn the manner in which the physical things that will help them like getting alone or whatever it takes (whether it is early morning or late afternoon) or whatever it takes for them to have the moment that they hunger and thirst after the Kingdom of God. You hunger and thirst after that, after the knowledge of Heaven. God wants to give us this knowledge. So, we must determine, ‘I'm going to go there. I am going to abide there. I am going to see there. I am going to hear there; I am going to understand there. I am going to connect there. I am going to turn my face there. I will concentrate on that so that I do not have to lack in anything because I have this burning propensity and desire to release that much righteousness into a commerce, into a trade, into an assistance. And what that essentially is the building of the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

A Blessing of Grace

We want to release a blessing of grace to those individuals who want to engage in commerce and trade. We want to release the grace of Heaven, the grace that is Heaven, the grace of Heaven that is available for you to do a trade in the earth realm as you operate from Heaven down.

Diametrically Opposed

Lydia said, “There is much that the Father has to teach about commerce and trade that are very much diametrically opposed to how the world has taught trade and commerce because the spirit realm is an antithesis to the earth realm and the world systems. But this is God's great joke on the enemy where the enemy thought he owned commerce and trade and the earth realms world systems. When the sons and daughters began to get involved, I see fields and fields and fields like a farmer's field, but they are places where trade is going to happen, and it is a good trade.”

Lydia said, “Sometimes you have to take a minute to let your imagination consider that the Father's heart is that the nations of humanity, the races of humanity, the reflections of His expression in all of the people that are made in His image and likeness, that His desire is that they turn to those who are His sons and daughters. That they (humanity) hunt them down to say, ‘I would rather trade with you. I would rather engage in commerce with you because when I do, it feels right. It increases me. It enlarges something more than just my physical living out on this planet. It connects me to something that is intangible that I cannot put my hand to, that I cannot put a name to’.”

Lydia also said,

"The blueprints of Heaven for business are full.”

Donna could see a library and see blueprints hanging from an accordion-like expansion of all these blueprints. There was rack after rack and room after room. There are blueprints for commerce, blueprints for trade. There are so many methods and manners of doing it that you would not even have to copy someone else because you have your own blueprint. You have your own thing.

And Lydia said, “These are available to the sons of God, but the seeking after the kingdom, the coming here (into Heaven), the ascension to the spiritual realm, the looking, seeing, hearing, waiting upon Heaven, the engagement with angels, the request to open portals of revelation; these things have to be learned first. And then, as they are learned, as you get good at them, then the next step of that journey would be, ‘Okay, what is Yours for me that I need, that I can do that You have called me to do?

Finally, Lydia said, “And we haven't even talked about how to accomplish this out of time. We are just talking about how to bring it out of time into time realm. We have not even talked about how to carry on commerce and trade in spiritual realms. Part of that is because that is tied to an era and a time and season.

[1] Matthew 6:33

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