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Grey Capture Bags

Jeremy, one of our team members was in prayer recently in response to a request for how to deal with a situation he was facing in his home. Jeremy and his wife parent several small children and he noticed some movies or television shows were releasing a lot of profanity into the air which was polluting the atmosphere. He heard Heaven say, “Request Grey Capture Bags.”

Asking what they did, he heard, “The Grey Capture Bags work much like a shop vac or leaf blower that has both sucking and blowing capabilities…they have dual use. When requesting the Grey Capture Bags, essentially your angels will be able to kill 2 birds with one stone.”

Heaven said, “The first component is the isolation and removal of any ungodly frequencies.” He could see an angel holding a bag that was fully inflated and it was sucking in all the ungodly frequencies in the space in front and around of where the bag was positioned.

Heaven continued, “The second feature is the release of Godly frequencies and the frequency of Heaven.”

Again, he could see the angel with the bag, only this time a golden sparkling mist was being released.

He said, “So, it basically has dual-action cleaning power.” My angel chuckled and then showed me how the ungodly frequencies can suck the life and joy out of an atmosphere and leave the people in that atmosphere feeling heavy, or agitated.

He saw the scene depicting this as a vivid image that had all the color sucked out of it. The individuals in the image looked very melancholy but when the Godly frequencies were released it was like a revival breaking out, suddenly the color reappeared, more vibrant than before and everyone seemed alive with the joy of the Lord. There was also a serenity and a peace that came over the scene with the release of these Godly frequencies."

He sensed the need to request and commission his angels to use this new item for his house and family.

He prayed,

“Father, in Jesus’ name I request the Grey Capture Bags for our angels and ranks and I commission our angels to use these bags to remove the ungodly frequencies and release the heavenly frequencies into our home and realms, in Jesus’ name.”

He asked, “Can these be used in tandem with other frequency weapons like shields and headphones. He heard, “Yes.”

He asked, “Are they specifically for the frequencies of words and sound waves and again he heard, “Yes.”

Adding the Grey Capture Bags to the tool kit of Heaven known as Capture Bags should help the Body of Christ gain new levels of freedom. Enjoy them! Use them!

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Grey Capture Bags
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