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Governing 101

As we engaged Heaven this day, we soon discovered the lessons today concerned governing. We as sons of God are legislative, judicial sons and as such we are to govern areas assigned to us. Today, however, Malcolm (out tutor who was with us) was going to expand that greatly.

Many of us we raised without a concept of our authority as believers. We were not taught that we carried authority over the enemy and his tactics. Rather, many of us were taught we were simply victims of the devil’s schemes and that we just had to accept whatever happened to us as the will of God. Hopefully, you have learned by now that we do not have to live in that victim mentality or in the prison it is part of.

As we stepped into Heaven we were taken to a library and a large blue book was lying on the table with the title, “The Sky is the Limit.”

Knowing that Heaven often has different meanings to statements that we would interpret a certain way, we pondered what Heaven meant by the phrase, “The Sky is the Limit.”

Instead of answering, we were presented with another picture of an ocean in front of us. It was a vast open space in front of us. We were asked, “How far can you see?”

We could see a long distance. It seemed endless. We realized he was asking more than just the obvious question. We determined that we could see as far as the Father wanted us to see.

We sat down and continued looking out at the ocean. Malcolm challenged us to expand, so we looked again. This time we changed our perspective as we raised ourselves higher and could then see further. We learned…

How far can we see with our eyes is also our place of governing.

And because the sea was in front of me, we were able to govern into the sea. Pause a moment and visualize that you are on a beach, and you have stood to your feet and are looking out to the horizon. What you can see, you can govern. Now rest in the governance.

We asked what the lesson today was called. and Malcolm replied, “Governing 101”.

What we focus on, we can govern.

We must learn to expand our view. Expand beyond the boundaries of our front yard. Look beyond what we can see in the natural. We can look beyond that. We still can govern the natural, but we can govern far more than that. Stand up and look at your feet.

Where you stand you govern and where you see you govern.

Now, look out as far as you can and imagine a line between your eyes and that distant point, then bring your eyes from that point to your feet. The triangle that creates is a realm that we can govern. We just created a visual out to a point and then back down to our feet. You can see it and that is what we can govern.

Is there a specific thing we should say or do in governing this?

You may feel the need to say, “Where my feet tread and where my eyes can see I govern.” At times you will need to adjust and get clarity so that you know specifically how you are to govern.

See all the way out as far as you can see, and adjusting your sight for that spiritually and in the natural. Now, look down at your feet and you can see it is as if it is a realm that you are walking into to govern.

Practice this for a moment. Look all the way out to a certain point. Then visually draw a line from that point down to your feet. That becomes a realm in the spirit overlapping the natural that your eyes can see.

Remember when Jesus was asleep on the boat and was awakened by the disciples in the storm. They brought him out in the rain, and he looked out and he governed and said, “Peace. Be still.” He saw the storm and saw where he was standing and he was able to step into that and govern and say, “Peace. Be still.” Regardless of what is going on in the natural, we must pinpoint where we must govern.

As you visualize this you are creating a different real in a different dimension. We can look at things in the imagination of our mind.

For instance, recall a situation that needs governing. See yourself in the natural plane where the governance is needed. Then envision the boundaries of it – look out, then down to your feet. Stand and govern it. Say to it, “Peace. Be still.”

Learn to rest in the governance that is yours to exercise.

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