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Frequency Shields & Responding to Push Back

As Donna and I engaged Heaven to check in with Ezekiel,[1] he appeared in full battle armor.

Donna remarked, “Ezekiel, you are in full battle armor. So, what is in your hand. It looks like a shield.”

She began to describe this shield, “It is as tall as Ezekiel is (which is tall) and it has a frequency membrane stretched between two parallel poles of some sort. It is square and Ezekiel is showing me the poles that hold this membrane, which is see-through and can collapse. He can make them narrower, or he can pull it apart and pull it wider. It is usually about 18 inches wide.

“It is a Shield of Frequency. It is used in battle and is handy for warfare. Ezekiel and the ranks are shielding the ministry with this Frequency Shield.”

Ezekiel added, “It is very useful for disarming the occult but, I want to clarify what I mean. Occult weapons are words. Some have called them spells, some have called them energy, but they have a force and a focus. They are a plot and a scheme. They are ritualistically embraced. The humans engaged in these activities are part of humanity worshiping fallen gods and they have had their conscience seared and have given themselves over to what they have banked on as power from Satan's realm. They are the defeated foe. These humans are deceived and in their deception they have fully embraced evil. This level of deception they have embraced is the type where mercy has been abandoned. They have overridden themselves abandoning the mercy of God.

“There is a lot going on in the globe. Remember to think that a threatened kingdom is a dangerous foe–Satan feeling the threat of warring angelic hosts. This is larger than your ministry, but it is tied to the expansion of Heaven's Kingdom. So, you feel the brunt because you are expanding as well. Your refusal to stop expanding put you on the map to be hindered. Can you see, this is the way of the enemy.

Frequency Shields are necessary.

“Not all the ranks are employed with Frequency Shields. You may ask that we receive more, but not all angelic forces use this shield. More battle-hardened angels use these shields. These shields are not what you would give your personal angel, but you would link with warring angels for the Frequency Shields.

For example, in an atmosphere where you are deploying warring angels and ranking angels who have achieved the use of Frequency Shields, they gather around, and these shields change shape into a large diamond shape and becomes linked to the other diamond-shaped shields. In this way the shields become a wall of impenetrable Frequency Shields. Placement is important. Maps and keys are important. Keys for maps to traverse realms. Not all angels have their keys that have given them access to ways to traverse the realms. Most have forgotten about under the earth. That is where the need of keys is greatest–under the earth for transport under the earth.

“Remember, do not think 3D, think many more dimensions and many more dimensions which have not time. Deploy the ranking angels for the use of Frequency Shields.”

Donna asked, “Ezekiel, are you a ranking angel?”

“Yes,” he replied, “my commanders are as well and about a third of my ranks have achieved this.

“Do you remember? I told you that there are some angels who train, and that training is important. These are the ranks that train to achieve the use of these shields.

“There is another thing I want to talk to you about when you are commissioning your angels. There is a phrase that you can use that is somewhat hard to understand, but as you practice this, you will gain knowledge of how it works, and the phrase is ‘in time and out of time’. Commission angels (now all the angels will understand this, not just ranking angels) to operate in time and out of time on your behalf. Maps, keys, the phrasing, and the language of commissioning angels to work in time and out of time is important as these days progress.

“Spiritual thinking is required from the spirit man and rest for the soul. Sharpen your discernment in the spirit by practice and use. Pause to see, hear, listen, and know. Receive unction and counsel. Believe in unseen things and the protection of these unseen things that angels see on your behalf.”

Donna noted, “I think you are showing me an hourglass, but you are talking to me about Timed Devices. These Timed Devices we have talked about before.”

Ezekiel said, “I come to you again to request the release of Timed Devices. This is important to go along with the phrase ‘in time and out of time’. You have to think dimensionally in prayer. You are learning to pray multi-dimensionally. You are learning to discern multi-dimensionally. Keep going and allow the Father to show you the mightiness of His Kingdom in time and out of time.

Covert plots have crept in to put the saints back to sleep as many are awakening in their spirit.

“The work of Satan is to cover his dirty tracks by plots to put the saints back asleep. An awakened saint to who he is in his identity and birthright and the knowledge of the victorious King is extremely threatening to Satan. The work witches and other workers of darkness–those sorts of groupings that are actively working are sleep spells.

“All [saints] are not asleep. Some have broken free; some have incredible angelic forces working on their behalf. I know of these. I am aware of where the saints have plundered the kingdom of darkness to the extent that their territory has pushed back darkness and they are now doing the work of Kingdom and King. However, these areas are needing a further expansion. Yours is a similar one to this. And the work now is to build bulwarks.”

“What is that?” Donna asked. “It looks like a dam or an earthen berm that are to be built around the edges of the establishment of the expanded boundary area.”

Ezekiel said,

When you dig in the enemy knows you are not leaving too soon.

“You are not backing up. You have not just made a foray to expand in your area. Now, you are building on that area. And as you build on that area that you just took back from the enemy; you are signaling to your foe that you are not leaving any time soon. You are here to stay. And therefore, he brings these distractions.

He will either bring a distraction or work to put you to sleep so you do not build.

“Examine and analyze to find where that is or the areas where that is. The reason the enemy would put you to sleep is to get you to stop, to cause you to lay down your building tools, lay down your weapons, lay down your identity, lay down your goal for the Kingdom, lay down your advance, lay down your dreaming plans and your hopes, and give up.”

Donna noted, “This is making me think about Nehemiah[2] and building the wall and where they had to operate with a tool in one hand and a sword in the other. Then, they had to work against the release of Sanballat and Tobiah and his group. What they were having to deal with feels like what he is describing. What Ezekiel describes feels somewhat like these stories.”

Realizing we needed to request a few things for Ezekiel, we paused and asked for his assistance as we made our requests.

Ezekiel said, “You do the requesting, then I will help you with the commissioning.

The Request

Donna began, “Father, we are asking for the angels assigned to LifeSpring International Ministries and the angels assigned to the staff, the angels assigned to those aligned with LifeSpring International Ministries and what you are doing as an outpost from your Kingdom, Jesus. We are asking for these angels to be armed with Frequency Shields and with Timed Devices. We are asking this for Ezekiel, for his commanders, for the ranking angels assigned to him. We are asking this in your name, Jesus.

The Commission

“To the Angel Ezekiel, his commanders, and his ranks, and to those angels that he networks with. In the name of Jesus, we commission you to guard time dimensions of the saints, the sons and daughters of God in Jesus.

“We commission you for the building up of the boundaries of the expansion, for the reinforcement of them, for the counsel of them.

“We also commission you to reset traps for the enemy, to cover all with Frequency Shields, to use the maps and the keys you have been given to work through transporting dimensions in time and out of time for the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven, for the blessing, harvest, and fruitful supply of the saints of God, those sons and daughters who are awakened in their spirit and are awakening the spirits of others for the expression of the King; as they awaken to new release of expressions that reveal His glory.

“We commission you, Ezekiel, the commanders and your ranks to the duty of your duty, for the releasing of Timed Devices in time and out of time that destroy evil plots, bring down thick veils, and curtail witchcraft occult rituals.

“We ask the Father for reinforcements for you in these actions, in the name of Jesus.

“To the sons and daughters of God, we also commission you to engage the saints with assistance so that they may release the bountiful goodness of His Kingdom, His glory, His righteousness, and the equity of His love to those whom the King is awakening.

“We commission you to this work, Ezekiel, with your excellence in Jesus’ name.

Push Back

Ezekiel began telling us, “There are some things that are similar between humanity and the races of angels. Where [humans] believe in the victorious camp and by your word and deed, you commit to follow His way, angels are strengthened, portals are opened, and the Mysteries of God, and the Substance of His Kingdom (these are two different categories), and here is the third, the Riches of His Abundance comes through.

“Now, here is where the angels and humans are similar.

Even angels feel the push back of the devil.

“Humans feel the push back of the devil. This does not mean that we are defeated. It means that we have an enemy. So, I want to remind you,

Just because you feel being pushed back by the enemy, this does not mean you failed. It means you have discerned a push back. And so, push back!

“You serve the greater God! Push back! And do not fall asleep! There is something about your willingness to stand and keep standing–that is the thing that you must do. Just because you are feeling all this push back does not mean that you sit down, it means that you stand and you say, ‘I am not budging! I am standing! And I am standing because I know who stands with me and who I stand for.

“Angels are similar to this. They feel the resistance too. Do not think that we do not feel how you feel in that. We feel it too. We sense it.”

Donna noted, “I do not know if he is saying they feel it emotionally or they sense it or they discern it. Yet, they are aware of it in some measure.”

Ezekiel continued, “But, just because you're feeling it, don't hang your head low because you feel the push back or the resistance, or the narrowness of darkness, lift up your head! Stand on your feet!

Present a sturdiness in the spirit that you are not budging because you know who you are and who he is.
This is required. Even if you are not advancing, but especially when you are.

“There are some saints who feel the first push back of the demonic and they flee. They run away from the battle because they felt the push back. That is somewhat silly being that you serve a victorious King. You cannot be afraid of the push back. You cannot be afraid of it. You have to stand and face it. Angels know this too. And they stand with you in this.

This is where the enemy gets you is where you did not expect the push back.

"If you would do more of expecting that the enemy is going to feel threatened by you and you can expect some push back, you will be better equipped to keep standing.

Learn to expect some push back. Learn to expect some resistance. But learn to overcome! Rise up over and hold up your head because you will be victorious!”

Download a printable PDF of this blogpost.

Ezekiel-Frequency Shields-Strategy
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[1] Donna Neeper is my Executive Assistant. Ezekiel is the Chief Angel over LifeSpring International Ministries. We consult with him regularly on ministry matters. [2] Nehemiah 4.

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