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Frequency Earphones

In recent weeks, Heaven has had a great deal to say about frequencies and aligning with the frequencies of Heaven. As we are learning about these things, we must caution our soul not to reject the information about frequencies because it thinks it knows all there is to know. Rather, our soul is to receive what Heaven is teaching about frequencies, absorb that information, and pass it along to our body realm so our whole being has the maximum impact of the information coming out of Heaven.

If you recognize that your soul has rejected some or all of the prior revelation relating to frequencies, it is time to repent and ask the Father for a “do over” regarding the subject. Commit to re-reading the blog posts related to the subject, commit to practicing what Heaven was teaching, and commit to not reject revelation as it comes. Commission your angels to keep you in check if you step back over into rejection of a subject because of what you think you know about a subject.

Stephanie and I met, and we asked to meet with Lydia in a conference room on this occasion and Lydia, Mitchell, and Malcolm[1] joined us.

We asked if there was anything that we needed to be aware of for the ministry?

Lydia turned the meeting over to Malcolm who then handed a book to us.

When we asked what was in it and he said, “Equations.” Then he began to give an explanation.

He began, “This has to do with frequencies. Heaven is equipping those that come on the Tuesday night meetings and those that are students with special, frequency earphones. Equations ultimately are frequencies.”

We asked, “What would you teach us about this or to share with other people?”

Malcolm said, “The people are to commission their angels to bring into their realms these frequency earphones that will be tuned into the frequencies of Heaven. This is a gift from the Father, and this is going to help tune out frequencies that are from the enemy.”

Malcolm then set down and turned the page in the book he had brought to us. He continued, “If the people look back at the beginning of their walk with the Lord, and then they look at what they are doing now and to the beginning of when they began with this ministry, they will notice that the frequency has already changed, but there will be a greater input of the frequencies of Heaven to the children of God– to these aligned with this ministry. There will be greater partnerships, greater alignments, greater understandings, greater outflows, greater outpourings, and greater understandings.”

He pointed to the page and began describing how this would work.

We said to him, “We do request understanding.”

He replied, “There would be understanding and the frequency that LifeSpring is going to be getting is going to be in greater measure. And those that are aligned with this ministry will have that greater measure as well. They would have pinpoint accuracy, no denying, no misunderstanding about what is being heard from Heaven. There won't be anymore, ifs, ands, or buts. It is going to be a knowing that this is the frequency of Heaven.”

Malcolm then just leaned back in his chair, and he smiled said, “Now, wasn't that easy?”

Lydia spoke and said, “This is an upgrade. It is likened to an upgrade without all the contracts. As you engage this frequency also interact with the Father's touch, which is also a frequency. It will be loud, but not one where you must turn the sound down. It will be prevalent. It will be as if it were a light bulb moment.”

Mitchell said, “It's like when you have what we think of as a light bulb moment of an idea, they will be like that. But we will absolutely know it is from Heaven. It is from the Father and as His love to His people, it is the Father's outpouring of his love through this frequency. This is a gift. This is the upgrade.”

Malcolm then closed the book and departed. The meeting was ended.

Commission for Angels

I call my angel near. [Wait until you sense their nearness.]

I commission you to bring into my realms the frequency earphones that are tuned to the frequencies of Heaven.

I commission you to keep them tuned to the frequencies of Heaven, and to cause a silencing of all frequencies that are from the enemy.

I commission you to cancel every negative frequency.

[1] Lydia is our Business Adviser; Mitchell is an instructor and Malcolm is the Headmaster for our training platforms. All are persons in white linen.

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Frequency Earphones
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