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Freedom from Freemasonry

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is Donna Neeper's testimony to me concerning her journey to freedom from Freemasonry. Donna serves with us at LifeSpring International Ministries as the Administrator of CourtsNet and Office Assistant.

In April 2019, right before Passover, I completed praying through Jackie Hanselman’s book, Silencing the Accuser, and knew that the next prayer journey I needed to take was with your book on Freemasonry, directly after Passover.

I dove into it on Friday; reading your teaching and following your Court scenarios, I obtained verdicts for the overturning of 1st to 14th degree. It took me most of the day. Several times I prayed for strength against the tedium and to be refreshed in my spirit. I knew to stop after the 14th degree and take a break for the weekend. On Monday, I pressed in to complete the rest of the degrees.

Some backstory: I’ve previously completed Freemasonry renunciations twice since 2003. Once with a model prayer of renunciation from HAPN / John Benefiel’s organization. Then last May (2018), I went deeper with a renunciation prayer and decree with Kay Tolman of Revelation Gateway Ministries in a three day workshop. In that workshop I felt my understanding begin to catch up with what it was I was really engaged in.

Before attempting your book, I listened to Valerie Williams’ teachings on YouTube regarding the Regions of Captivity. I found her 4 videos to be helpful and motivating to say the least.

As I was beginning your book, I saw the unique expression of repentance within the Court of Heaven setting. In order to help myself…I set up a podium in my living room at which to stand. This seemed to help a lot as I proceeded.

This past Monday I completed the 15th-33rd degrees in the book. When finished I felt relief. I felt prompted to press in and complete the rest of the degrees due to this dream on Monday morning:

I was dressed in a heavy tweed coat. I was standing on an on-ramp to a highway. All around me were cars and other vehicles. I was the only one not in a car. The traffic was bumper to bumper and at a complete standstill, both on the highway and on the on-ramp. I was “in line” to get on the highway. Suddenly I realized that since I wasn’t in a vehicle I could actually move to the side and walk up the ramp passing the stand-still traffic. I did this and when I got to the spot where the on-ramp becomes the highway I saw 4 policemen. They had on white belts and whistles like Military Police often wear. I stopped not knowing what to do, but feeling like they might deny me entrance.

At that moment, I heard in the atmosphere, my friend Kathie N. (of Oregon) say, “she can just go around, she can just go on”. Hearing that, I took a giant leap off of the on-ramp and landed on another area of ground below the highway. When I landed, I was standing in front of a door which was a free-standing elevator. I opened the door. It was exactly my height, but a very tight fit (like a small closet). I knew I had to go to the 4th floor and that as soon as I shut the door the elevator would ascend. I wondered how I might take off my coat in this small space so that I could maneuver better. As the elevator was beginning to ascend I began to think about how I might shrug off the coat in this very tight space. I woke up thinking about this.


That dream seemed to say to me that I had an appointed time to continue to work through your book, that I had to shrug off the “coat” of the natural man and ascend in the spirit. The dream seemed to say that doing the rest of the book on Monday might feel tight and like a confined space (and it did), but that it needed to be done.

It was a little exhausting, but once again I prayed for strength and felt I truly received spiritual help and ministry to keep going through each degree. Holy Spirit led me to group the degrees into 3-4 groups and so I followed that leading. I kept pausing to slow down so I could see and hear; this was good practice for me. I find I can hear better than I can see sometimes while in the Courts, but when I get a little more still and pause my sight become clearer.

Here is the sign of confirmation I received after I finished on Monday at 5pm:

I was taking the podium back to the room I store it in and while carrying it I turned the corner of the hallway and just barely grazed my left wrist on the corner. As I sat the podium down in the room, I looked at my wrist only to be completely surprised by the fact that my metal-mesh Fitbit/watch was now hanging loosely on my wrist as it had come apart. I picked it up to discover how it could have possibly come off. My style of band is a complete circle, you slip your hand inside and cinch it up with a magnet to tighten it around the wrist. I could not understand why it was now in one straight line, not the circle design it was designed with.

I began to sense that it was some sort of a sign, but I wasn’t sure what the Lord was saying. I paused to ask the Lord if this was something about times and seasons (since this is my watch-band). After I paused awhile, Holy Spirit said, “What did it feel like when you realized the band was broken?” My spirit had the answer immediately, and without even thinking I said out loud, “It felt like freedom.”  Holy Spirit said, “The sign is that of a shackle being suddenly taken off of your wrist!” The physical confirmation of this sign made me really happy! I understood exactly what I was being shown! Truly I was amazed and gave thanks for the broken “band”!

That night, I had this dream:

I was looking down from above into a room. There was one square table in the middle of the room with a white spotlight shining down on it. There were people standing around in the room talking quietly. They were all talking about what was on the table. Upon the table lay the stump of a tree with it’s attached roots underneath the sawn off top. It seemed to be on display like you would see at a museum. And the people moved around it looking at it and talking about it like it was on display.


I took this to mean that my prayer had uprooted this evil tree stump with all its roots and it was on display in heavenly places as a “sign and a wonder”. When I told my husband about this dream he added that after you chop down a tree you think it’s gone because you don’t see the stump or the roots anymore, even though they are still there – and you don’t get rid of it until you dig it all up. He’s had some sense of what I’ve been praying, and I found his commentary insightful.

All that to say THANK YOU for writing the book. I appreciate your labor of love for the Body and want to thank you for the sacrifice it took to get the book written. I know you did it because of the call on your life, but I also know you did it because you said “yes” in obedience to our King. Again, thank you, it has changed my life.

My “next” looks something like this: I want to stand in the gap and pray through your book on behalf of my husband and his bloodlines – especially the German side of his family. I had another dream which indicated this pathway of prayer. When I shared this with my husband he agreed immediately and said, “Not only do I agree with you that these prayers need to be said on behalf of my family, but I also appoint you to this.” So…looks like I have agreement and authority now to do this. My husband and I are aware that something is holding up the blessing of a wife for our son (he’s more than ready to meet someone), and our first-born grandchild from our married daughter (she and her husband dealing with infertility). I will let you know the outcome because I am determined to see victory!

Many blessings, thanks for letting me share.

Donna N.

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