Freedom from an Orphan Mentality

Freedom from an Orphan Mentality

We came to the Business Complex in Heaven to engage with Lydia, our Business Advisor[1] knowing that she could often very succinctly get to the root of a matter and the information we were seeking was like that. We needed to know the root of the issue.

Donna began, “Father, we thank you for access to the realms of Heaven. Thank you, Jesus that we step in through Your realm to the Business Complex of Heaven. We are requesting a meeting with Lydia for LifeSpring.

“Hi, Lydia. I see Mitchell is with you. It would be our pleasure to have a conversation with you and Mitchell.”

Donna explained what she was seeing, “Mitchell has an object with him. It looks like an abacus, but it also looks like a device, a computer, and something you speak into, and it forms or counts what you are saying.”

She said, “Mitchell[2], I don't know what that is, but thank you for bringing that along.”

He then put it on a table.

Donna continued, “I don't even know how to describe the device. When I look at this device, I can see through time, and I can see clay tablets, papyrus sheets, maps, chalk boards, linen flax paper, and paper scrolls. I can see everything to do with recording from the past to modern times. I see drawing boards, architect’s tools, and mind mapping software.

“So, this device records, it garners thought to display expression in the written form, but it's not just the written form because it's also mathematical. We'll just let that device sit on the table.

“All right, Lydia, Ron is working on the release of freedom from the orphan…. I was going to say spirit, but suddenly, I must call it the orphan mentality. Would you please trade with us that we might release as truth around this subject and topic?

Lydia with a very endearing smile on her face began saying,

“The Father never designed the human experience to be one of an orphan.

An orphan mindset is so far from the identity and character of the Father that it almost has no place here even in Heaven to talk about it. But for your sake, we will talk about it because we know, having lived it, that this mentality exists springing from the root of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

“Humankind was never meant to know, have experience with, or give expression to the mentality of an orphan for the Father parents everything He fathers. All seed, all thought, all realms, known and unknown to you, both seen and unseen, these come from the hand of a fathering Father whose faithfulness to His offspring is His utmost hitting of the mark.

His utmost focus is the release of His own strength and might to consistently expand humanity's understanding of their parentage in His love, and in His desire to multiply Himself.

The corruption of mindsets that began with Eve’s deception filtered a seed of the orphan status into the world and that seed has multiplied.

Fathers who feel orphaned, father orphans.

“This veil over minds, deeds, actions, and expressions found residence in bloodstreams of humanity and those who procreated from their brokenness, fathered brokenness in the bloodline.

It is a bloodline issue.

It is a generational iniquity for the embracing of the lie of thinking with thoughts that express one's deeds and words through the veil of fatherlessness.

“Just as Satan told Eve, ‘Eat of this tree and you will be like God’ when she was already like God, this mentality says the truth of your fatherlessness must be lived out by word and deed. It represents chains upon the thinking of those who embraced the deception.

It is procreated through the bloodline in natural man.

“The re-birthing of the spirit of a man through the oneness of the presence of God in understanding begins the path of understanding the lie and begins the exposure of it. These lies are infiltrated like a veil upon the mind of those in the bloodline, and individuals find freedom through the willful choosing of truth and choosing to not live under the veil of deception any longer.

Jesus demonstrated this for all mankind to see the glory of a son who lives in fathered fathership.

“Both female and male can suffer from orphan mentalities. These are veils upon the mind, which are lies inserted in blood. A blood-cleansing purification is needed. Yet, the release of old thinking is also necessary.

Lydia said,

Imagination and imagining your release of this veil launches you further down the path quicker to the embrace of truth in your fatheredness than what has been told you to date.

“Males and females who begin to imagine their fathered state began to divest themselves of the garments of orphanhood, which has forever and from the beginning, been a lie, for Father would never leave His offspring, nor would He see fit, or be able to forsake those He has fathered.

“The truth of scripture is that “God has created all things in Him.” ‘He has created all things’[3] is a place of stance. The character of the Father and the dynamic relationship of knowing Him as He speaks to you continues the breakdown of the wrong thinking in the mind.

Orphanhood was exposed at the cross and utterly defeated at the resurrection.
“The promise of the Spirits’ release and subsequent coming exiled orphan thoughts to the pit of hell.
“Removal of this veil upon the mind is a freedom already paid for by the blood of the Lamb of God.”

Continuing, Lydia said, “Mankind can choose and choose again continually, consistently choosing the knowledge of their adoption in the Son by proof of resurrection power, for the Father gave His most cherished thing in payment for the adoption of sons. He was willing to release a seed into the ground that it might multiply and bring to Him a harvest of His Glory.

“Who should feel abandoned? Only wicked beings who have forsaken their estate or were illegally created through evils’ corruption.”