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Freedom from an Orphan Mentality

Freedom from an Orphan Mentality

We came to the Business Complex in Heaven to engage with Lydia, our Business Advisor[1] knowing that she could often very succinctly get to the root of a matter and the information we were seeking was like that. We needed to know the root of the issue.

Donna began, “Father, we thank you for access to the realms of Heaven. Thank you, Jesus that we step in through Your realm to the Business Complex of Heaven. We are requesting a meeting with Lydia for LifeSpring.

“Hi, Lydia. I see Mitchell is with you. It would be our pleasure to have a conversation with you and Mitchell.”

Donna explained what she was seeing, “Mitchell has an object with him. It looks like an abacus, but it also looks like a device, a computer, and something you speak into, and it forms or counts what you are saying.”

She said, “Mitchell[2], I don't know what that is, but thank you for bringing that along.”

He then put it on a table.

Donna continued, “I don't even know how to describe the device. When I look at this device, I can see through time, and I can see clay tablets, papyrus sheets, maps, chalk boards, linen flax paper, and paper scrolls. I can see everything to do with recording from the past to modern times. I see drawing boards, architect’s tools, and mind mapping software.

“So, this device records, it garners thought to display expression in the written form, but it's not just the written form because it's also mathematical. We'll just let that device sit on the table.

“All right, Lydia, Ron is working on the release of freedom from the orphan…. I was going to say spirit, but suddenly, I must call it the orphan mentality. Would you please trade with us that we might release as truth around this subject and topic?

Lydia with a very endearing smile on her face began saying,

“The Father never designed the human experience to be one of an orphan.

An orphan mindset is so far from the identity and character of the Father that it almost has no place here even in Heaven to talk about it. But for your sake, we will talk about it because we know, having lived it, that this mentality exists springing from the root of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

“Humankind was never meant to know, have experience with, or give expression to the mentality of an orphan for the Father parents everything He fathers. All seed, all thought, all realms, known and unknown to you, both seen and unseen, these come from the hand of a fathering Father whose faithfulness to His offspring is His utmost hitting of the mark.

His utmost focus is the release of His own strength and might to consistently expand humanity's understanding of their parentage in His love, and in His desire to multiply Himself.

The corruption of mindsets that began with Eve’s deception filtered a seed of the orphan status into the world and that seed has multiplied.

Fathers who feel orphaned, father orphans.

“This veil over minds, deeds, actions, and expressions found residence in bloodstreams of humanity and those who procreated from their brokenness, fathered brokenness in the bloodline.

It is a bloodline issue.

It is a generational iniquity for the embracing of the lie of thinking with thoughts that express one's deeds and words through the veil of fatherlessness.

“Just as Satan told Eve, ‘Eat of this tree and you will be like God’ when she was already like God, this mentality says the truth of your fatherlessness must be lived out by word and deed. It represents chains upon the thinking of those who embraced the deception.

It is procreated through the bloodline in natural man.

“The re-birthing of the spirit of a man through the oneness of the presence of God in understanding begins the path of understanding the lie and begins the exposure of it. These lies are infiltrated like a veil upon the mind of those in the bloodline, and individuals find freedom through the willful choosing of truth and choosing to not live under the veil of deception any longer.

Jesus demonstrated this for all mankind to see the glory of a son who lives in fathered fathership.

“Both female and male can suffer from orphan mentalities. These are veils upon the mind, which are lies inserted in blood. A blood-cleansing purification is needed. Yet, the release of old thinking is also necessary.

Lydia said,

Imagination and imagining your release of this veil launches you further down the path quicker to the embrace of truth in your fatheredness than what has been told you to date.

“Males and females who begin to imagine their fathered state began to divest themselves of the garments of orphanhood, which has forever and from the beginning, been a lie, for Father would never leave His offspring, nor would He see fit, or be able to forsake those He has fathered.

“The truth of scripture is that “God has created all things in Him.” ‘He has created all things’[3] is a place of stance. The character of the Father and the dynamic relationship of knowing Him as He speaks to you continues the breakdown of the wrong thinking in the mind.

Orphanhood was exposed at the cross and utterly defeated at the resurrection.
“The promise of the Spirits’ release and subsequent coming exiled orphan thoughts to the pit of hell.
“Removal of this veil upon the mind is a freedom already paid for by the blood of the Lamb of God.”

Continuing, Lydia said, “Mankind can choose and choose again continually, consistently choosing the knowledge of their adoption in the Son by proof of resurrection power, for the Father gave His most cherished thing in payment for the adoption of sons. He was willing to release a seed into the ground that it might multiply and bring to Him a harvest of His Glory.

“Who should feel abandoned? Only wicked beings who have forsaken their estate or were illegally created through evils’ corruption.”

I noted, “It is a generational mindset, which is why familial spirits would go to reinforce that. In Romans it talks about how we have received the adoption as sons and cry Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:15)

Sonship is already your possession.

Lydia continued,

“We have to deal with the deception of the veil. Then we must shed contrary thought patterns.

The Role of Angels

Donna began, “Lydia, can you comment on the role that angels would play especially as we release this information to our audience.”

She asked, “Could we have Ezekiel[4] work on going in the unseen realm to assist?

“What does that look like?

“What roles do Ron and I play with that in commissioning angels?”

Lydia said, “Angels see mindsets on the people that they are assigned to. They see them because they have access to this device that Mitchell showed us earlier. They see the veil on the mind and the hardened place of the heart, their activity is to soften the heart so that the human may receive new revelatory thought from the Spirit.”

“I'm telling you what happens. I'm telling you what is true on this side of the resurrection.”

I asked, “Is there a name for the device?”

She replied, “You may call it a recorder.”

“Angels assigned to individuals can see this information. They have access to the recorder, or the recording. They can see it. Angels also witness the Holy Spirit’s dimensional flow as Father releases His Spirit to awaken sons to their identity.

“The commission might contain the phrase ‘ordered steps’ so that the person (the human) is assisted by angels for ordered steps, both to intersect with what they see and hear in the physical realm that God has already released as His truth for the freeing of His sons.

“For instance, a couple of books came your way, Donna, and you knew by the Spirit your need of that content. This was the work of angels.

“Your choice then was to press in upon the unction of the invitation of the Holy Spirit to gain new truth. You cooperated with the Spirit of God to allow an expansion of His Glory in your realm. You had a knowing that you couldn't explain that God had brought you to this or brought this to you.

“So, angels can be commissioned so that you do not get distracted from these things.

“Angels can be commissioned that the kingdom of darkness, does not cover up–does not successfully cover up or hide these things from your sight and to help you not to be distracted from that thing Father is bringing to you as His gift of illumination.

His desire is to expand the Glory realm within His sons.

“Angel's also can be commissioned to steward the night season dreams Holy Spirit is releasing to them for memory, recall, and correct interpretation, for this pathway is another illumination of truth to the individual and is increasing in the earth now.

Water Baptism

Donna then saw an interesting analogy. Lydia showed her a person in the baptismal waters as they are plunged under and come up.

Lydia said, “For this point of physical realm activity is associated in the spirit with the new breath of a brand-new baby breaking forth from the water and breaking forth to the freedom of sonship.

“I'll tell you a secret. If you suffer from an orphan pattern of thought, reconsider the activity (the prophetic activity) of water baptism. Yet again, with the intentional imagination, this time to break forth from the water a son of God, freed from the mentality of anything remotely related to the garment of orphanhood.

“Do you see the intentionality of this from a person whose bloodline has been filled with consistent orphan projections by the kingdom of darkness? This act of water baptism is the physical determined stance of humans to show to the devil his lack and his corruptness, and to engage in the victory over the orphan projections from darkness.

“Since this orphan mentality is a veil on the bloodline, it has given rise to generations of orphans.

You must be willing to forgive natural fathers and mothers who in their own deception operated in deeds out of this mentality, even forgiving ancestors who enforced this by their unwitting, often unknowing, but harmful deeds to their offspring.

Repentance & Forgiveness

“Forgiveness of these ancestors from the mouth of an ancestor in the bloodline is a powerful repentance that brings an alignment of truth back to the bloodline.

This confession of faith in forgiving them, for they knew not what they were doing, and releasing them from their shame and guilt results in a freeing of the mind of that individual who suffered that harm within their bloodline.

“When the individual gets to the point where they can laugh at the enemy, and I mean laugh at his pitiful attempts to suggest to humanity that they are orphans and not sons–birthed sons, then you will have stood in victory upon his head.

“In Heaven this whole idea is so ludicrous in its illusion of corruption that it's laughable and children in Heaven laugh at these things. It's such a pitiful attempt at persuading one away from the truth. Yet, in the physical realm, it is yet one more activity of the kingdom of darkness springing out of a root of the corruption of the mind.”

Donna commented on something she was perceiving, “That's a good question. Why would Satan be so interested in deceiving mankind to their belief in their lack of a father who fathers and is faithful in His fathering. Why would Satan do that?”

Lydia replied,

“Because fathers raise sons who operate in the expression of the Glory of the Father and cover the earth with His Glory.

She continued, “So, the blood-thought that you have been orphaned, creates a trauma in the soul emotions. It's helpful for someone receiving the truth of their sonship to talk to Jesus about the emotion of, and the trauma of that emotion, of being forced by forces of darkness to feel fatherless. The realization must come that the enemy has used natural events in the physical realm to enforce that thinking.

That thought was at one point not in the bloodline.

“‘As if it never were’ is an amendment you might ask, and the healing of the trauma and trauma bonds to time in the bloodline, all in the ancestral line, all the way back to the hand of the Father is another useful request.

“Ultimately the person who has been made to feel an orphan most choose to surrender his orphanhood to Jesus by title deed to his emotions in this area, or by the overturning of the ownership claim that orphanhood has on the individuals’ emotion, for Your Father deals in righteous verdicts with His sons, releasing justice and harmony of His thoughts toward them, with their thoughts of who they are. This is peace to that individual's soul.

“Many in your day operate out of bloodlines that carry orphan mentality, for if the enemy cannot make you a slave and enslave you, he will deceive you by convincing you through projections of the natural and events in the natural, that preclude your thought to believe you are orphaned, fatherless, without resource, without recourse, or without help. None of that is true.”

Donna asked, “Mitchell, do you have anything else to add? I think Lydia is finished.”

Be the One!

Mitchell said, “With every cleansing of bloodline iniquity, There will be opportunity for one individual in the bloodline to be the one to decide to choose ‘this ends with me. Where they say this orphan mentality does not advance through my seed, through my offspring, or through my bloodline anymore, because I have chosen belief in sonship and will work with Courts of Heaven to gain verdicts that eliminate this corruption of thought from the mindsets of all future generations.’

“Many will think a few prayers will settle this and change drastically the situation in the expression of their being. However, to see the change in the expression of their being takes the cleansing and purification of the mind.

New Thinking

“For this new thinking must be added as old thinking has to be released. If new thinking is not added by walking closely with the Spirit of the Lord, hearing Him instruct through written scripture, or illuminate through pathways of those flowing in revelation, then that individual may never refine his deeds, activities, and expression to present himself to others as one without the mentality of orphanhood.

“If the individual is seeking the revelatory flow, the presence of God's Spirit, the truth in Scripture as Holy Spirit teaches, and the unique determination to change one's expression leaving lies behind. For that individual their deeds, activities, and expression will morph to such an extent where people around them are amazed at the transformation that takes place in the mind but is made manifest in the demonstration of their life.”

Lydia ended the engagement by saying,

All things are possible with God when truth is embraced.

Commissioning for Your Angel

In the name of Jesus, I call my angels near.

I commission you in the name of Jesus to work within my heart to soften the hardened places so that I may receive new revelatory flow.

I commission you to assist me in cooperating with the Holy Spirit’s dimensional flow in my life as He awakens me to my identity as a son of the Most High.

I commission you to order my steps so that what I see and hear in the physical realm is what God has for me to see and hear so that I embrace what God is doing to the fullest.

I commission you to assist me so that I do not get distracted from the things God has put before me to assist me.

I commission you to keep the realms of darkness from covering up these things to keep them from my sight.

I commission you to assist me with receiving EVERY revelation the Father has for me.

I commission you to help open my ears, open my eyes, and open my heart to the revelation flow that is coming from Heaven to me.

I commission you to steward the night season dreams Holy Spirit is releasing to me for memory recall and correct interpretation.

I commission you to assist me so that the Father can expand the Glory realm within my life in full measure.

Courts of Heaven Prayer Template

Just judge, I ask permission to enter Your courts through the Name and body of Jesus. I enter your courts with praise and thanksgiving to you the Righteous Judge.

Today I seek to give testimony in your Mercy Court, and in the Court of Titles and Deeds, regarding my willful choice to forgive my ancestors in my paternal and maternal bloodlines who embraced the lie of orphanhood.

From your Court of Mercy, I ask You to forgive them, as I also express my forgiveness of them.

I forgive them, for they did not know what they were doing, and I choose with the intent of my will to forgive them, bless them, and release them from all guilt and shame for embracing the lie of orphanhood, in the Name of Jesus.

I forgive them as I have been forgiven.

Just Judge, from within your Court of Titles and Deeds, I request that you hear my repentance on behalf of my ancestors as I request a generational bloodline cleansing.

I repent for those ancestors in my bloodline, all the way back to the hand of the Father, who embraced the lie of orphanhood, and who allowed and permitted that lie to dictate their words and deeds.

I repent where they perpetuated this lie by their beliefs, words and deeds to their generations.

I repent for on their behalf for allowing this lie to create a false Title Deed of an Orphan in my blood.

I repent on their behalf for allowing it and its impact upon my ancestors and upon me. I confess this belief, and its accompanying words and deeds, as sin, before a Holy God who has stated that He will never leave or forsake His offspring.

I ask that you would cover these sins with the blood of Jesus. I ask that you would forgive us and cleanse my blood of this iniquity.

I ask that the false Title Deed of Orphan be destroyed and replaced with a Title Deed between me and and Jesus, designating the Lord Jesus as owner of my bloodline and of the thoughts and deeds produced by my blood.

I ask this based upon Psalm 24:1. Jesus, I ask that You would be my owner and the owner of my generations.

I also include Deuteronomy 31:8 And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.

And Hebrews 13:5: Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU."

As an amendment to this court case, I request a cleansing and purification of my blood, and of my blood-thoughts.

I also request the amendment of “As if it never were” to be given to me and my bloodline, to effectively blot out the memory of the blood’s belief in orphanhood, and to remove all related trauma that affects both soul and flesh.

I request paperwork issued by Your court for the assistance of angels to help me release the old thinking that my bloodline has carried regarding the emotion, and the trauma of the emotion, of believing one’s self to be an orphan, and the lie of believing that I was an orphan. For the Scriptures teach me that He will never leave me or forsake me.

I ask for the severing of all trauma bonds to time in my blood, in relation to the emotion of believing the lie of being an orphan.

I request the assistance of angels to take up the truth of the character of the Father and the promise that He fathering what He has fathered.

I request all of this today in your Courts, in the name of Jesus.

(List other Scriptures here that come to mind regarding the promises of the Father to His offspring.)

Wait upon the Court to hear the verdicts.

Wait to see the new Title Deed.

Prayed this day, _____________________________________________.

Download the PDF of the comparison of Sons vs. Orphans

Sonship vs orphanhood
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[1] Lydia is a woman in white who serves as the business advisor to our ministry. [2] Mitchell is a man in white who often teaches us things related to the Kingdom of God. [3] Ephesians 3:9 [4] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel assigned to our ministry.

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