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Facilitating Spirit Travel

Updated: Jun 23

Recently we have been teaching on Realm Angels and what they do and how they help us. This day we learned something else about them. Many of you have heard about translocation and transrelocation. Ian Clayton defines transrelocation as when God will move your body into a different place in this time or in another time. Ezekiel experienced this more than once (see Ezekiel 3 and Ezekiel 8). This also happened with Philip in Acts 8 when, after baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch in water, he was suddenly caught away and was found in Azotus, a town nearly 30 miles from where he had been. Dr. Bruce Allen and Michael van Vylmen have written and taught about supernatural travel, but this experience was to be personal.

Translocation is when your spirit is taken to another locale. Such was the experience on this day for Stephanie.

In this engagement, Stephanie stood before what appeared to be shards of glass with light reflecting off of them. She noted that her spirit realm angel was with her. She could see what appeared to be a tunnel, so she stepped onto one of the shards and was suddenly transported to a marketplace in modern day Egypt.

Her Spirit Realm Angel asked, “Where are you?”

Stephanie replied that she felt as if she was in Egypt in current times. She could smell water nearby. Asking her Spirit Realm Angel what she had done, the angel replied, “You’ve traveled.”

Observing the things around her, she saw an American woman helping a child. Stephanie felt she was supposed to go in in the spirit and lay her hand on the woman and speak peace to her. She complied, and going to the woman, said, “I speak peace over you, ma'am and I request from the angels lightning bolts of righteousness for your situation.” Stephanie had a knowing that the woman was some type of Christian missionary. She could tell by the woman’s response that she was sensing something.

Stephanie’s Spirit Realm Angel reminded her that, indeed, there were more for her than against her.

Suddenly Stephanie was pulled back and was standing in front of the prism of light—the mirror.

Malcolm was present and asked how that experience felt. Stephanie replied that it was exhilarating. This was a baby step, he reminded us.

We are indeed trans-dimensional, and, because we are, this lies within the realm of possibility for us. Because the earth and the fullness of it belongs to the Lord, we can go wherever He chooses to send us.

Our Spirit Realm Angel can help us function dimensionally. It is also an expression of walking quantumly. Dimensional talk is not merely for walking in dimensions of Heaven. We can do this on earth too.

Not only can we, we must as sons. It is part of governing. We cannot do this in and of ourselves.

We are trans-dimensional, but we cannot do this spirit travel in and of our selves. We only go where Father sends us. Otherwise, our behavior is the same as those who serve Satan. Also, we are not speaking of astral projection, which is a projecting of one’s soul into another place, realm, or dimension.

Stephanie was reminded of an engagement several months prior where she saw a multitude of doors before her. She had stepped through one and was taken back to a time as a child when a boy at school was bullying her. She saw Jesus inserted into the situation and the boy and his behavior changed entirely. In that encounter, Stephanie forgave the boy for his behavior as she was shown what was driving him to behave as he did. His home life was broken, and when she saw that, she could forgive him.

The possibility exists for the past to be changed by encounters where we step back in time and affect change as led by Holy Spirit. Trans-dimensional travel is not just about the present. It can affect the past, present, AND future. We can relegate the past in this way. We can banish it and its impact upon us, and we can be healed and restored.

Stephanie realized that, in today’s encounter, she observed the situation she found herself in and released only what she was instructed to release and only went where she was called to go for the sake of the Kingdom. It was intercession on a different level.

When Stephanie saw the woman in the marketplace, she imparted something to her that she needed, even though she did not know the woman. It was a type of governing.

Are we willing to govern in that manner?

How many will say, “I want you, Lord. I want to go where you want me to go.”?

On this subject, the reason the people perish is due to a lack of knowledge. Well, knowledge is forthcoming. In Stephanie’s encounter, she was imparting something to this lady, and subsequently helping others not to perish because she had gained knowledge.

This gives a whole new spin on praying for someone else, doesn't it?

We can commission our Realm Angel—particularly our Spirit Realm Angel to help us dimensionally and show us spiritually where we can live and move and have our being.[1]

I commission you, angel, to the trans-dimensional work of my spirit to go where the Father sends me to do this, and for the Word to go before me as it opens up portals.

Our Realm Angel for our spirit would be the particular angel to assist us in this extended form of intercession. As I mentioned earlier, Spirit travel was recorded in Acts 8 when Philip, upon instruction from Heaven, met the Ethiopian eunuch. Upon ministering to him and baptizing him, he was caught away—spirit, soul, AND body—and found himself about thirty miles away in a town called Azotus.

We often miss that Ezekiel the prophet experienced translocation and/or transrelocation many times, more than any other recorded person in the Bible:

  • Ezekiel 3:12—when he heard a loud voice saying, “Blessed is the Glory of the LORD from His place.”

  • Two verses later the Spirit of the Lord lifted him up and took him away.

  • In chapter 8, verse 3, the Spirit of the Lord lifted him up and suspended him in mid air while he was shown some things, then took him to the north gate of the inner court.

  • In Ezekiel 11:1, the Spirt of the Lord lifted him up and brought him to the East Gate of the LORD’s house.

  • In Ezekiel 43:5, he was again lifted up and brought to the East Gate where he was shown the real leaders of Jerusalem.

Isaiah spoke of this in Isaiah 60:8,

Who are these who fly like a cloud, And like doves to their roosts?

And in Isaiah 40:31:

But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Elijah ran supernaturally fast as is recorded in 1 Kings 18:46.

The caution is to be led by your spirit and not your soul; however, Heaven did not make it hard—we do. We are so accustomed to our 3-dimensional thinking and our 3-D realm that our soul struggles to let us out of that box. However, by learning to live from our spirit with our spirit in the forward most position, we can break free of the constraints of the 3-D thinking. We can seek those things that are above as Paul taught us in Colossians 3:2:

Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly, soul-ruled realm.[2]

These experiences are not for personal Brownie points. They are not to boost your ego. They are to bless the Kingdom in some fashion.

The simplicity of Spirit travel is amazing. You only need to be submitted to the will of the Father. On one recent engagement Stephanie found herself inside of what appeared to be a vault at Fort Knox. The lesson of that was no place is so secure that the sons of God cannot go such a place if necessary. We can go into the most dangerous and most secure places too, if called.

Stephanie noticed that she was able to see, even though in the vault, no lights were on. In the spirit, you essentially have x-ray vision. You can see everything you need to see.

Just as in her prior engagement in Egypt, she could smell the water nearby and she could hear as well. We are trans-dimensional and where the Holy Spirit takes us is not in and of ourselves. It is the Father’s doing. By going where He sends us, it protects us from going where our soul may want to go.

In Acts 17, Paul is preaching to the Greeks and explaining that God is the one giving life to all. In verse 28, we read, “…for in Him we live and move and have our being.”

We live, move, and have our being in Him, not in ourselves. As we live submitted to the plan of the Father, everything about our lives is wrapped up in Him. As we learn to view things quantumly, our ability to explore more will increase.

Remember that we were taught that there were 12 Heavens, and we were reminded that we can be in all 12 at the same time. Asking Stephanie if she wanted to experience that, suddenly she could see 12 of her. With her submissiveness she found herself standing at a door. As she opened the door, (remember, that’s what children will often do, and childlikeness assists us in experiencing the Kingdom) she could see each of the 12 images of herself each going to a different Heaven. It only took milliseconds for this to occur. She realized that she could retain what was perceived in each of the 12 Heavens by each part of her that was experiencing this. Remember, we must think quantumly and not think this image of 12 Stephanie’s is due to fracturing of her spirit. Each of the 12 presentations of Stephanie was, in and of itself, whole.

You can’t truly wrap your mind around this; however, it was pointed out to us with a question: “Do you live and move and have your being in Him? Where are these 12 Heavens? Are they not in Him?”

The 12 Heavens ARE in Him. In our mind, we make these 12 Heavens big and scary. We tend to make them unattainable but oh we've only scratched the surface! It's so much and it's massive. It is more than we can think or imagine, but it's IN Him. Since we live and move and have our being in Him, we can be in each of those places, move from each of those places, and have our being in each of those places at the same time! Stephanie had mentioned that when her spirit was in the vault, she was just in a different dimension at the same time looking at her other self in a separate dimension and then she had a third dimension that she was looking at the second her and the third her who was looking at the first her, so YES, we can be there at the same time! We must release ourselves to think quantumly to grasp these insights.

How do we facilitate spirit traveling?

First, realize many of you are already traveling in the spirit when you engage with Heaven?

Remember, You only go where He wants you to go.

Do not be overwhelmed when it happens. Do not let your soul take over. You are there in the spirit and we go when he says go—we can't manipulate. That's the biggest thing. We can't manipulate situations by going just because we want to go.

Stephanie said, “But I have a question Heaven, because I would like to go to North Carolina.”

Heaven replied that she was already in North Carolina and Ron was in Germantown at the same time.

The question to answer is: “Are you willing?”

It is about submission and being willing, but we can't be willy-nilly either.

How to facilitate spirit travel?

  • Yieldedness to the will of the Father to be available to be sent.

  • Yieldedness to be available to go as He directs.

  • Willingness to cooperate and not manipulate the where.

  • Willingness to follow Father’s instructions.

  • Willingness to keep it private if directed.

[1] Acts 17:28 [2] du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible. Kindle Edition.

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