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Ezekiel's Staff & the Cooperation of Your Realms

Ezekiel’s Staff

Ezekiel came with a staff in his hand and he began to explain that a staff is a symbol of rulership and, like Moses had a staff representing rulership, he, the angel Ezekiel, had been awarded this staff in his realm. We continued to hear Ezekiel explain that his staff is a symbol of his ruling over darkness and ruling over lesser realms. It represents his acknowledged ability and authority for what he has done in the past and what he is doing in the present. He Is now a recognized angel with this staff. He told us it is not a symbol of office. It is a symbol of might. We congratulated him. His commanders have congratulated him as well for his having received this staff. His ranks are pleased to serve under an angel that has been awarded such a staff.

A Weapon & A Symbol

Ezekiel continued, “The staff of an angel is both a weapon and a symbol of authority. Earthly kings have a scepter that is very similar in its symbolism. Whereas a staff and a scepter are similar, they are representative of rulership and authority. He said kings in the earth (the physical kind) used their staff as weapons at one time. That has been lost, but mostly it has been covered up. A shepherd carries a staff and in some ways the shepherd rules over his flock and has authority over that flock, but also uses that staff as a weapon. The Good Shepherd, Jesus, rules with a rod as well and often uses His rod even as a weapon. This is the [Scripture] verse, “Your rod comforts me”.

I may walk through valleys as dark as death, but I won’t be afraid. You are with me, and Your shepherd’s rod makes me feel safe. - Psalm 23:4 (CEV)

Most Westerners do not understand the comfort that a rod would give, but they do not understand that a rod is both authoritative as a symbol of authority, as well as a symbol of might, in that it is a weapon.

Ezekiel said Donna could call his staff a rod, but he prefers calling it a staff. It is as tall as he is, and it looks carved of what looks like ivory or a combination of ivory and maybe something like the wood of an aspen tree. It is very light tannish-gray. It is smooth, but it has carvings in it. It feels very stately. Donna could see why he would be glad that he had been awarded this staff.

He continued, “I came to show you this staff so that you may commission me for its use within the realms of the ministry and on your behalf. This has been a heavenly award. This has been an award from Heaven's side of things, from the King of kings, the one who is the Lord Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts. It would not be appropriate for humans to seek a staff as an award for their angel, as it is tuned to Heaven’s recognition.”

We began, “We thank you Father for the award of the angelic staff to Ezekiel, the angel of LifeSpring International Ministries. We acknowledge this staff and its recipient. We acknowledge the might the angel Ezekiel has been granted and we commission Ezekiel to use the staff within all realms associated with LifeSpring International Ministries. We thank you Father that the host of Heaven recognizes the honor that has been bestowed on Ezekiel and we rejoice in their rejoicing. We thank you that angels of the host understand this symbol of the staff. We agree with the appropriateness that angels would be drawn to want to serve under Ezekiel because of the staff.

We commission you, Ezekiel, to use the staff with the appropriate measure to release its might as commissioned to you by the Lord of Hosts. And we receive the staff you have been awarded in all its might and its full measure as you use it on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries, and all its spheres of influence. We both release you to your duty with the staff and commission you with joyful anticipation of its use, in Jesus' name.”


Garzan and Philip

Ezekiel was then joined by two of his commanders. One was Garzan and the other commander was Phillip, an angel of the host. Philip is very skilled in combat we were told.

Commission to Guard the Portals

We understood that they wanted to talk about the new book, Engaging Heaven for Revelation. Ezekiel deferred to Garzan who began by saying, “The book opens portals. Therefore, we want to guard the portals. We want a commissioning to guard the portals that are opening. The book is a key to open portals, and we want to guard the portals so that the revelation received is received in the spirit of the reader, not in their soul. We want to direct the courses of the revelation to the spirit of the reader so that the spirit of the reader guides the heart of the reader, which guides the soul of the reader. We do not want the portal to affect the soul before it is received through the vessel of the spirit of the reader. We also want a commissioning to guard the portals that are going to open.”

Ezekiel interjected, “These are both portals of the book that will open and portals of the season that are opening.”

Garzan continued, “We want a commissioning to patrol the perimeters and do battle.” Then he pointed to Philip and said, “Even a battle at the gate to overcome the twisting of illegal lies that want to shift the revelation that is being released. The Lord is using the revelations that the revelation portals are opening in this hour to begin making shifts on the earth—shifting like giant tectonic plates within the realms of His people, even the corporate Bride of the Groom, Jesus.

Garzan said, “I will speak plainly to you. Your adversary has already in place counterfeit shifts that are already defeated, but your enemy does not believe they are defeated. Therefore, he will continue in his own deception to try to shift the Bride to wrong geographical locations or direct the Bride in a wrong manner. Therefore, we will need to do battle, which we are capable of doing and skillful at, such as Phillip. Our directive from the King is to keep the Bride receiving the truth of His revelation so that His Spirit and His might will be demonstrated in days ahead.”

He continued, “The people of God must refrain from fear regarding revelation and must commission their own angels to do battle at their realm gates so that the enemy is overwhelmed. Then he smirked and said, “Angels being so much more powerful than angels of darkness and demons! You need to rely on these angelic beings to help you receive the truth of the revelation through portals that are going to be opened in this hour.”

Eradicate Fear

Then Garzan said, “Remind the people they are to have nothing to do with fear. They must eradicate fear from all their realms and look for where their realms may be holding on to fear. Realms that hold fear are like the corruption on a data file. It must be purged and cleansed. That is what will be happening to the Bride as she works her way through this shift of becoming more led by the Spirit of God within her human spirit.” He says, “I speak to you on two levels—both corporately and individually.”

Back to Basics

He continued, “I am going to go back and talk basics: It is possible for the body realm to have held fear in the DNA, as well as it is possible for the soul realm to have fear born of emotion. It is also possible for the spirit realm to have fear, or to contain fear, simply for having agreed with fear. It is easy for a Spirit-filled believer to cast fear out of one's spirit by looking at the truth of the beauty of the kingship of Jesus. This is the daily feeding of the spirit man with the character of God as revealed through His Word.

The soul realm is more difficult to eradicate fear from because fear hides within one's emotions. Often, though, it hides in manipulation and in control. All these are born of a spirit of fear, which is not native to you or to your soul realm. The body realm is a similar thing.

He then began showing two bridges.

Bridges to the Spheres

Garzan began, “If you look at your realms as spheres lined up in a line. You have a bridge between your spirit and your soul. Then a bridge between your soul and your body. From these realms, things cross back and forth between these bridges. Notice that for the body realm to receive something from the spirit, it must go through the soul. And similarly, the spirit can receive something from the body realm, but it also must go through the soul. This is why the soul must be cleansed, understand who it is, and understand its role. It is a communicator between the realms. It is not the leader.

Next, he showed an image of one’s realm as if they are spheres within spheres. The innermost sphere is the spirit. The next sphere is the soul. And then you have the sphere of the body. This is how the container of the body works in the physical realm of earth created by God. We are given a body vessel to contain a soul vessel, to contain a spirit vessel. In this are bridges internally as well—the soul being the communicator between the three.

“Therefore, being spirit-led from the inner man, with the inner human spirit is connected to the Kingdom of God, which is the inner most sanctuary of God who dwells within you richly, can be communicated outward through the soul, to the body. Often when the human spirit is receiving from the Holy Spirit in the realm of the Kingdom, it does not reach the body level because the soul contains it and does not let it go out to the body realm, but it can.”

Ezekiel said, “These are mysteries, but mysteries have solutions. Do you remember when Jesus was on earth? He spoke in parables. A parable tests the soul to engage it with a mystery, to give opportunity and invitation to pursue the meaning from the spirit realm, not from the natural realm. Metaphors in dreams do this as well. The son or daughter of God led by the Spirit from their awakened human spirit comes into a more perfect alignment leading from the spirit to the soul, then to the body.

Many people can get stuck thinking the physical realm is the primary realm, when it is the inward man (otherwise known as the spirit) that is the primary realm. The spirit has the might of God, the counsel of God, the wisdom of God—all seven spirits mirrored within the spirit of man. The one who has an awakened spirit receives from the seven Spirits of God. The seven Spirits of God reflect outward through the soul, then to the body and from the body to the physical realm. You carry the Kingdom of God within you at all times [in the inner man, the human spirit]. Your soul communicates this to your body and as your body comes into agreement and alignment with the inner man (the spirit) the release the Kingdom in the physical realm can then occur.

“This looks like demonstration of the power and might of God. This is what Moses did when he raised his staff and the earth responded. Not only that, as he raised his staff at the Red Sea, the angels of God, hearkened to the staff Moses was given as his authority symbol and took up their positions in the unseen to hold back the waters.”

Ezekiel continued, “I tell you a great mystery. This is coming to earth again. These will be called the signs and wonders of God and will operate through those who are operating from their inner man. The Bride is learning and as you have known, some are forerunners. They are the demonstrators of what is possible.

“You have seen how little children become frustrated when they know they should be able to tie the laces on their shoes, but after several attempts, their laces remain untied or loose to the extent where they are quickly untied. Frustration sets in and for a time that child does not even try to tie the shoelaces. Then there is a moment of a reasoning within their being steps through and the contradiction of why other laces can be tied, but he is not able to tie his laces occurs. The contradiction of this catapults the effort to try again, and after practice, the laces become tight. The result is joy and the feeling of accomplishment.” Ezekiel said, “I tell you; this is a similar pathway of the Bride. As she learns to release the Kingdom of God on earth.”

At that point we paused to commission Ezekiel and his ranks as we had been instructed,

“Ezekiel, we commission you, your commanders and your ranks, to guard the portals of revelation that are being opened by the book that was just released, so that what is received is received by the spirit, not by the soul of those individuals who read it.

“We commissioned you to direct the courses to the spirit of the revelation, so the spirit guides the heart to the soul.

“We commissioned you to guard the portals of the book and the season for those portals to be open. We commission you to patrol, perform sentry duty, to do battle at the gates, to overcome the twisting of illegal lies that want to shift the revelation and cause confusion about the revelation that has been released. We commission you to be alert and use all the authority given to you by Heaven to perform these duties and to bring revelation and wholeness to pass in those who read the book in Jesus' name.”

Living Water

As we continued, next Ezekiel had a silver looking pitcher in his hands. It was very large and had a handle and a spout. “This is a container of living water,” he explained. “This is the courses that are poured out from Heaven through revelation portals,” he continued. “Some individuals have small pitchers. Others have large pitchers. Tell the people to be content with the living water being poured out within their spirit vessel, so that they may pour it out in their geographies, to those they influence.

“Do not judge others too harshly or too quickly,” he explained, “or judge the measure of their flow.” (He was not talking about judging the content. He was talking about the comparison trap.) He continued, “Do not judge the flow quantity of the living water through another person’s pitcher, but ask the Lord to increase the flow, for He is good. As you prove to be a worthy vessel, you will gain more.”

He finished by saying, “You have a saying that you do not give a young child the car keys to a vehicle. This is true in Heaven as well.”

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