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Esteemed & Highly Favored

On this day, we were to learn about being esteemed and highly favored. Lady Wisdom was teaching us what it meant.

Being esteemed and highly favored, is an outgrowth of our walk with the Lord. Since ALL the sons can walk with the Lord, wouldn't that mean that all are esteemed and highly favored?

If the sons can look at themselves through that lens. Intimacy is right in front of us. To see this, however, requires fresh lenses through which to look. These lenses would help us focus on being highly favored and esteemed.

If we, as sons, can by faith, put on the lenses of being highly favored and esteemed, we can experience it.

All sons are highly favored and esteemed, but it requires an act of agreement.

We need to agree that we are sons – highly favored and esteemed for this to become instilled in us. We must see through the lens of the Father’s heart.

Seeing is believing.

If we can see ourselves and agree with the Father's heart about being highly favored and esteemed, it will become an action in our life because it is an act of agreement. We will feel the shift. It is part of learning about our identity.

Since faith is the substance of things hoped for, we must realize that substance is tangible. Many people have not thought of it being tangible, but substance IS tangible. It is touchable. It is a tangible experience.

Our act of agreement is creating bonds on our life – portals that are open experiences – the substance of things hoped for.

Let us see through the lens of the Father's heart that we are indeed highly favored and esteemed.

Sons can only son when they know they are sons.

This understanding can become tangible in our lives, so that the substance becomes real.

Most have been taught all our lives that we are not worthy or that we must earn our worth. We have been taught we had to earn it through works even though our teachers would say we cannot do things through works. The Father is helping us though. He is undoing the done – not only in us, but in our bloodlines. It is coming line upon line, precept upon precept about who we are as sons. There will always be those who need the back to the basics. Because of the influx of the new revelation coming in, many will need to grasp hold of the basics first, but through it, many lives will be transformed.

In the place of governance if a son can see they are esteemed and highly favored – when sons know who they are, their governance is a strength that no kingdom can prevail against. The gates of hell surely shall not prevail in the governance.

The basics will always be basic because it builds the strength of the governance.

We must learn to be a son in the strength of being highly favored and esteemed.

Govern from the place that it is not our own, but it is Him through us as we son.

The pushback to the kingdom of darkness where the gates of hell shall not prevail, will be a force that is to be reckoned with.

Picture many of us together, but each on our own territory of governance working together rightly dividing the truth, walking as sons. When we do that through the governance and the strength of it, the gates of hell shall not prevail.

The understanding of rightly dividing the truth and helping the people, the expanse of it is further than we could ever think or imagine. Picture the expanse of this, all of us governing together, each of us standing on our territory. We may be far apart, yet together. As we govern the territory in front of us, the places in front of us, and do it in unity, the kingdom of darkness will seem so small. Our territories we seem large, but the kingdom of darkness is small and way in the distance. Govern from this place. We have the promise that when we decree a thing, it will be established. (Job 22:28)

We decree that as sons, we will son, we govern our territory. We decree in agreement with the Father that we are highly favored and esteemed as sons and we push back and decree that the gates of hell shall not prevail, in Jesus' name.

Religion makes things hard where we must do this to get that, cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s in the right sequence. As we engage Heaven, the Father does line upon line, precept upon precept for us. All we must do is come into agreement with what He has to say, over and repeatedly and then decree it. It is just like Heaven, to make it so simple. We have been conditioned to complexity, but we need to leave the complex things to the Creator.

Heaven is dismantling the spirit of religion in all of us. For that, we can rejoice!

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Esteemed and Highly Favored
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