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Engaging Your Senses and Working with the Men in White Linen

Donna and I had been talking about how to engage all of one’s senses when engaging with Heaven when Ezekiel, our Ministry’s angel, appeared and announced, “I want in on the conversation.”

We gladly welcomed his input as he has always shared amazing things with us.

Ezekiel began to teach us, “I'm aware of the people crying out to God that they don't see 'like Donna' and I am coming to let you know that you must tell the people that this is not appropriate prayer, that the comparison is their downfall.

Comparison can be your downfall.

“The Father gives freely to all who ask and increases the gifting as the recipient practices with what they have been given. For those who have been given a small amount, to practice with what they have, soon will be given a larger amount if they are faithful with the small amount. These things come by 'the process of degree' like a small percentage of advancement each time the recipient is engaged in receiving the access to the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ.

The recipient who stands at the door and moans and complains that they cannot enter in has not actually put their foot forward to step in.

“They must have a renewing of the mind. They must have a mental understanding that Jesus has given access. Therefore, they can access often.

It is their mind believing lies from Satan that keeps them from the boldness and the courage and the activity of the engagement.

“This is why it helps when Ron says, ‘Now we are going to step into the realms of Heaven. And now you are going to write. You are going to experience and engage Heaven and when we step out of Heaven, you are going to write down what Heaven is saying.’ This puts a demand on the people. They feel they have been given permission. They feel they are not doing it alone. They feel they are doing it under the tutelage of one who has understanding and practice. Therefore, the demand equates to ability in their mind and they do not wonder if they can accomplish this. They simply accomplish it. Another way to say this, is ‘they become it. They are it’. English does not really serve here, but they answer the invitation under the beckoning of the tutelage that Ron releases when he says, ‘Now we're going to do this.’”

Ezekiel continued, “Sometimes you've got to help each other and so you could even say, ‘Picture in your soul's imagination Dr Ron saying, ‘Now we are going to step in,’ and then do it as if Dr. Ron is there before you, and you are doing it and he is requiring you to write down.’ After three or four minutes, what your engagement would have been was increased because he put a demand on the gift, which causes the gift to expand in the being of that one who was utilizing access through you.

“Everyone should be able to hear and to see when their mind is renewed. They have this access and indeed, this is their identity–beings who commune. Is this not what Adam was created to do? Be a being who communes with the Godhead. This relationship of communion has been reopened by the Son and His overwhelming triumph over every resistance and contrary spirit of darkness.”

Ezekiel took a breath and continued, “Now, I will tell you a problem. There are many among you who are more focused on the enemy than they are on the Father. This is very regretful because they shut down their spiritual gifts and spiritual senses when they are more focused on the enemy. I will tell you why this is so. It is because…

When you focus on the enemy, you are looking at fear–you are focused on fear.

“You are not focused on love, or what the Father has given you, on what your access truly is.

Where you are focusing your mind is where you will see.

“If you are seeing tremendously terrible scenes, you are not looking at the Father. You are looking at the enemy. Repent so that you may have your eye opened to see His Glory realm.”

We realized how blunt this was, but Ezekiel continued, “This is not the fault of the individuals. This is the result of the fact that you have not many fathers and when you lack fathers teaching their children in the natural it equates to incorrect foundations within that person. Many have not had teaching fathers fathering in the foundations of spiritual access to the Kingdom of God, even since the resurrection of Jesus.” [1 Corinthians 4:14-16 (TPT)]

Ezekiel said, “Tell the people they have many things they need to be seeing. Some need to see the Father and how loving He is. Some need to see the Son, Jesus, and how affectionate He is. Some need to see the angels of God in the heavenly realm and how capable they are. Some need to see the beauty of the Glory of His presence. Yet, some are stepping in and getting waylaid. Recall how, in previous seasons, what it felt like to your flesh when the anointing fell, or when the presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident. The flesh feels it. You call this the “heavy weight of His Glory”. You are using soul and flesh to discern the spirit realm because the Holy Spirit is tangible.

“However, as you grow up into mature sons and daughters of the Kingdom, having been given access through the veil through Jesus' own blood and body, you are engaging Heaven's presence and its Glory in a different way. Now you use soul and spirit. Notice that when you step into realms of Heaven using spiritual sight and spiritual ears, your flesh is not feeling because you are not engaging the flesh realm. “You are engaging the soul and spirit realm. However, even the soul’s aspect of that engagement is much reduced.

The spirit of man has the capacity to have the mind of Christ, which has emotional capacities in spiritual terms.

“For instance, when you see into the spirit and you see a lovely pastoral scene of a green hillside, and you have seen the Shepherd sitting there–Jesus, you have engaged Him. Have you not felt His affection? Have you not felt his love? These are manifestations of the spirit realm, that the spirit of man is capable of understanding. What your soul is doing is interpreting that to your mind, but your spirit is fully engaged there too.

“Welcome and abide in that place with the activation of all of your spiritual senses. As most people are stepping into the realms of Heaven, they are not understanding that they already are using all their five spiritual senses. If you concentrate on what is not at work or what you do not have working, you are going to limit what is working. So…

If you step into the spiritual realm and you hear, or you sense, you can turn your spiritual eyes to that and open them.

Many are abandoning the process before they have paused enough in stillness to see what happens. Like children, they demand instant and immediate comprehension when there is a process of gradually pausing in the presence and allowing the engagement of Heaven to become more real, more seen, heard, felt, tasted, and touched. The body of Christ is growing up into this.”

What we have to offer as the great cloud of witnesses

At that point, Lydia appeared to share some things related to the Men and Women in White Linen of which she is one.

“Well,” Lydia said, “I want to talk about what we have to offer as the great cloud of witnesses. In regard to this, there are many of God's people in Heaven who have specific assignments to bring about the manifestation of His Glory. Sometimes these will be termed miracles, but this is also just the working out of the destinies of both those on earth and those in Heaven where their destinies mesh in order to bring about the fullness of the Kingdom of God. It is going to begin happening in greater measure in days ahead because the bride of Christ is learning who she is.

“Where you have fully embraced that you have been given full access in Jesus Christ and that all His children have full access, you began the journey–one of hunger and thirst to know more of His Kingdom and to know Him better, to know what He has in store for you. In some ways, even we in the cloud of witnesses (those you call men and women dressed in white), have our destinies tied to yours as well. We are all bringing about the Glory of God in His creation.

“Not all of the men and women in white linen have assignments to those on earth. There are other assignments in Heaven, and don't forget, we have a great capacity to engage the celebratory events of Heaven. But many of us who engage with those of earth, as part of what we are assigned to from the Father's Heavenly Kingdom realm, we delight to do this. This is why what you've learned and have been taught in the business complex of Heaven, is what has been made available to the saints. In these days, there are many things that Heaven is going to manifest through the sons and daughters of God alive in the earth realm. As they seek counsel from the great cloud of witnesses and from God's angels.”

She continued, “The more you concentrate on the Kingdom of God, the more the enemy trembles, but mostly he gnashes his teeth because you're not paying attention to him. You have learned to pay attention to truth, and to the delight of Heaven, and to relationship with the Godhead. The enemy is like a fly that you are no longer even worried by because you simply have chosen not to give it attention. Do you see the gnashing of teeth the enemy has when he does not have your attention?

“Why do you think he tempts? He tempts in a twisted manner in order to gain your attention and thus your,” she said, “I hope you can understand how twisted this is. It is an attempt to gain your worship.

When you focus on him, he equates this to his own worship.

“Angels have been given to take care of unseen spirits, and the evil spirits, evil, and the spirits of evil men. The angels have been given assignment to these things.

Your destiny is to pray as led by Holy Spirit and to engage the realms of Heaven that you might find what Heaven is revealing, that Heaven wants earth to reflect by this.

You will build the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Lydia then showed a tuning fork, and she said, “You know on earth where you have a tuning fork, and you strike that tuning fork; if a stringed instrument is in the room it will begin to resonate the same frequency without you ever striking at it simply because you have struck the tuning fork in the same space. That is a resonance. That is the Spirit of the Lord in the spirits of many. You are designed to resonate with the Glory realm. You are not designed to resonate with Satan's realm or Satan's so-called kingdom, but you must tune to the Father's frequency. You must tune to Heaven. You must be focused on Heaven searching with belief–with belief and faith that you will hear, see, feel, taste, and touch.”

She continued, “Believe it or not, the soul is actually at rest when you are in the spirit realm accomplishing these things from your spirit. Is this not the access that Jesus afforded to you? Then the soul translates to the flesh what it has felt from the spirit of the person who has engaged with the heavenly realm.”

With that she was finished. Donna remarked to Lydia, “Thank you so much. I just often feel like what you give us is like a bag of gemstones. It is like a bag of gold. It is really, really good. Thank you.” Lydia smiled and replied, “What I'm really giving you is a bag of spectacles; lenses to view from. We're all growing.”

The Beauty of Seclusion

Ezekiel spoke again and said, “I have one more tip I would like for you to share with the people and that is the beauty of seclusion in the process of learning access to the realms of Heaven. Sometimes on their own the people are attempting to step into Heaven, but they have not found their place of a distraction- free atmosphere.” He continued, “That is on two levels. As you are learning your spirit's capacity to engage Heaven, you are going to need a prayer closet. You are going to need a space where you are not at risk of being interrupted and where you can get very quiet. A lot of chaos exists in the atmospheres of many people and they are not taking the time at the beginning to quiet themselves down to seek the solitude. They are expecting to do this on the go and while you may be able to do this on the go as you have matured in it, when you are young in this and learning, you need a quiet, distraction-free space.” He said, “I'm talking physically-oriented here. You need to get alone. You need to be still. You need to be quiet.” And he said, “That's the other thing. The second thing is many are so filled. Their soul is so occupied with and filled with anxiety and worry about the future. These two things, anxiety and worry about the future within the soul is like a door closer to the spirit realm. You must park your soul. You must put it in neutral and…

Engage the spirit realm from your spirit

Your soul's anxiety and worry about the future will not help you engage Heaven. It will hinder you.

He then gave an example and said, “The one who comes to the Father with the laundry list of burdens, anxieties, and worries, remember that the Father has already answered you in Scripture, that you are to cast these onto Jesus and enter in without these to receive help. Therefore, what you receive from Heaven often is the answer that the soul’s anxieties and worries are searching for, but you have to get it the right way. You cannot get it upside down. You have to say, ‘These are the anxieties of the world system and the burdens of living in the 3-D realm, but my soul can receive. My spirit can receive the answers by spirit first, and then I will communicate them to myself’. Now is the time for the human to tell their soul to rest and be quiet.” And Ezekiel said, “I really mean get really quiet.” Because your soul is not used to doing this, your soul will fight you on this when you begin, but nevertheless, you will overcome, and your soul will learn to be quiet.”

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