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Engaging Trust

Donna and I had checked in with the Finance Department in regard to the ministry and we met with George, a man in white who serves as our Financial Advisor. We asked if we need to watch for anything concerning the ministry. His reply was to watch for theft. He reminded us of John 10:10 where Jesus tells the listeners that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. That is job description. He doesn’t behave any other way.

George reminded us, “Anywhere you feel stolen from it. Learn to count on that as probably meaning you have been stolen from. You can always appear in the Court of Reclamations or request to know what you may receive back and you may also ask for more than what you have been stolen from.”

We asked him to expound on that a bit and he replied with, “You know the scripture that says you have not because you ask not. Then you ask and then the enemy comes and does his work to steal. Then you can ask for more. He says the Bible calls this abundance. Ask for more than you can think. You have got to get beyond natural accounting. You want to engage with heavenly accounting. You want to engage with spirit accounting. You want to engage with the accounting of the King's release for all assignments.

Every assignment is fully funded.”

He advised us, “We can ask for those assignments that we are working on -- those assignments that were the assignments of the King that we are engaged with. We can ask for abundance of Heaven to supply, support, and overwhelmingly fund the assignment: for the CourtsNet assignment, for the book writing assignments, for the release of teaching. This is the one we should talk about most.”

The Release of the Teaching

George continued, “Sometimes you come and ask me If you are giving quotient is good. I usually tell you that, yes, you are within range. One of the main reasons I tell you this is because your release of the heavenly teaching in the books and in the Tuesday trainings, and the facilitator training. This is where I'm talking about heavenly accounting. You have got to look at it as heavenly accounting. It is reaching the eyes, ears, and minds of many more people than you think it is. It is being discussed. It is being pondered. It is even being prayed about. People are reading this and asking the Father about this. Do you see this all is the trade. All these things are the trade that comes from the initial release of your insight from Heaven as a ministry. This is the ministry assignment to shepherd the sheep in such a way that they grow to maturity through overcoming every obstacle. It is not that the sheep are protected from every obstacle but it is that they overcome every obstacle which grows them to maturity.

If every assignment is fully funded by the King and, and the Royal Kingdom of which you are a part, then anywhere you feel stolen from, you can appear in court to request an abundance to come back to you.

The thing you must be careful of is doubt.

The enemy is hunting for a thought of doubt which gives them access to thieve more widely.

Become convinced in your mind, as you are engaged in the assignment before you, that our Father in Heaven is supplying every need.

Engage your trust for abundance.

This is the tweak where (earthly) accounting and Heavenly accounting differs, because however much you can trust for is the amount that is released.”

Donna intoned, “George, you did not say it is the amount you can believe for -- it says the amount you can trust for.”

George said, “Many believe but you must trust. Which is greater believing or trusting? That is an interesting distinction. I trust the Father.

Trust is an equation of one's relationship with the Godhead.

Small relationship, small trust. Damaged relationship, damaged trust.

Where agreement with the lies or the inability to receive is present, then you will have shortage of trust.

Receiving abundance is linked to trusting the Father for that abundance -- for that prosperity. Many are needing to verbally trust him for more. After they first request of him more, then comes trust. As Heaven gets closer to earth trusting God will become easier. Trusting God when it is hard brings Heaven closer to earth. It is the work of the spirit within the human. Everybody needs encouragement about trust. Don't they?”

Donna asked, “George, are you aware of areas where we have been thieved from that have not come to our attention yet?”

He replied, “We still have on the books:

  • The outstanding amount of technology,

  • Theft of time,

  • Theft and the weariness that. It is a taxation on your emotions -- your confidence.

If you began to look at all these things as substances that are being stolen from you, you will begin to ask the Father to make the enemy pay back. We have not because we asked not.

Go to the Court of Reclamation where...

The Court of Reclamations is going to tell us what we have ready to be returned.

The Court of Accounting is going to cause a looking into a matter and a settlement being made.

Both work in hand, but both work separately as well. This is true for the individual, not just for a grouping. Think of it like this. You have got ministry spheres that have been stolen from you. You have individuals within spheres being stolen from, you have got cities that are being stolen from, nations are being stolen from, people groups are being stolen from.

Suddenly Donna could see the Accounting Department. Heaven is full of the accounting of what you are able to show up. “I am requesting an accounting of that which I have been stolen from and I am requesting of my Father an abundance of return from the substance of which I have been robbed,” she requested. Then, let we Heaven's Accounting Department go to work on our behalf.

George continued,

“When you request for the substance of what you have been robbed of you do not even have to know what the substance is, you just must show up and ask.

This is the journey.”

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