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Engaging the Angel of Inventory

We had just moved into a new home and the following morning after the move, I heard these instructions in my journaling time:

Remember to call upon the Angel of Inventory. He knows where everything was placed – EVERYTHING. Acquaint yourself with him and his function. Just like other things in Heaven, Heaven has lists of everything that you packed and where it was placed. Heaven does this for every believer as well.

To know where things seemingly disappeared to is helpful and helps to alleviate stress that can occur when you cannot recall where something was packed. He can highlight the box, give an image of the item being placed in a box or other container, and even provide you with an inventory list of each container. It is not hard for Heaven to provide these things to the sons and daughters as the Father wants His sons and daughters to be able to rest in their journey.

Remember, John wrote, “In my Father’s house are many roadside stations.” These are resting places on a journey just as you used to see on the roadways of your nation where picnic tables were provided for enjoyment and to provide a resting place. Then you had the small motels and cabins that provided a place for overnight lodging. The Father is all about rest and not about stress or striving. He does not want that for His sons and daughters as it damages their bodies and emotional state. He wants them to live in health and wholeness. Fulness of joy is their portion.

Ask the Angel of Inventory to guide you to where the things you have need of were placed. Pay attention to the nudges you will experience for they will often be quite gentle. It is a co-laboring with the angels that Father is building with His sons and daughters and you get to participate in it. The final part of that is if you are having trouble receiving the information, access a seer and the seer gift. They can help.

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