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Embracing Change

Donna and I had engaged Heaven on some personnel issues and upon completion Ezekiel appeared. He then began speaking, “Change is where we are.”

Donna recalled, “I had that word change in my spirit early this morning. I was thinking it was just for me, because a lot of things feel changed, or have changed, or are changing. It's just change, change.

Ezekiel chuckled at Donna and said, “Don't think it's just ‘change is here’. Change IS here! Do you not know it? You are in a new cycle and new means change because your sense of movement is like going to a place you have not known. This is both the era and the season for change. Begin to become comfortable with change.”

Donna replied, “I guess you're talking about the soul realm.”

“Yes,” Ezekiel replied, “Your soul realm takes comfort from things being the same, but I will tell you that the spirit of the man, meaning the spirit of a human is receptive to change, it needs change, it brightens with the nuance of change. So, speak to your soul and tell your soul to enjoy change. Tell your soul, ‘You will now enjoy change. It's time to embrace change. It's time to call change good.’”

Donna noted, “I think you've talked about change before Ezekiel.”

Ezekiel said. “I've talked about those things that are new. Humans are troubled by things that are new, but…

The spirit of a redeemed son of God is engaged and intrigued by change and the new.

“Ezekiel, what else did you want to say about that?” Donna asked.

“The change that is upon us is planned. There is planned change. There is a change of maneuverings and change works on your behalf because it keeps your enemy guessing. Change is healthy. Change keeps your frequency brighter and more fluid.

Rigidity from the soul realm entraps the spirit of a man.

Rigidity is comfortable to the soul. Rigidity is not exciting. Rigidity, routine, and being halted or stopped, these are actually symbols of death and dying.

Enjoy the movement forward to new things.

Embrace new, for all life is in change and newness.

Change and newness is the definition of life.

Your soul sees these things as negative, but you have the capacity to flip them to view them from the positive, view them from the embrace. Learn to love them. As you learn to love what is changing, the maneuver of changing is a weapon against the enemy. Become agile, adaptable, flexible. These are spiritual terms that your spirit understands and your soul labors with. But as you have learned, the spirit realm is the higher dimension from which you came. Therefore, your spirit understands this, but your spirit needs the assistance of Holy Spirit and spirit beings like me, and like the cloud of witnesses, and like the varied assortment of angelic beings to feel watered and move forward, “Ezekiel said. He continued, “The soul will try and make you feel like you've moved forward when you haven't moved forward, because it will give you a false signal that you have changed, but you didn't change.

Change happens in the spirit realm first

because the spirit realm is wave link frequencies of movement and light, vibrations, and the consistent release of cycles and movement like undulating movement frequencies that excite your spirit. What I mean by excite is it makes them vibrate. Not like they get excited emotionally but that our spirits generate energy–sound, light, vibrations, undulating movements, cycles of change–large and compartmentalized. All are necessary for life. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Be what you are. You are adaptable. You are changeable. You are momentum. You are a frequency. You are a vibration. You are a movement. You are a growth. You are a new thing. It is the principle of the creation expanding itself ever and evermore because at one time it was spoken.”

Donna remarked, “We're going to have to learn to live this way, aren't we?”

Ezekiel replied, “You are going to have to learn to live this way so that your body does not attract and hold on to anxiety, stress, and worry. Even your CourtsNet students need to understand their capacity to embrace the change that has come near them.”

In reply, Donna said, “You are right. I see the rigidity of the soul realm to be comfortable in what it knows. And I see the spirit of a man become vibrational to the point of being fluid–like water when we give permission to our spirit to flow that way, or when we tell the soul, you are not in charge of this. I will live by spirit movement, vibration, fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, because I can. We can because this is who we are. Thank you for that, Ezekiel. Thank you for that higher dimension.”

Ezekiel continued, “The spirit realm is a higher dimension from what you came from and which you were reawakened and born again from, and from which your soul can now view as through a lens the audacity of living from ones’ spirit.

It is audacious to live from one spirit while yet on the earth. This makes you Kingdom citizens of two realms.”

He paused and with the look of an Instructor asked, “Which realm is greater?” To which he immediately replied, “The spirit realm is greater in every respect. Your living from two realms is an invitation, an open door. The work of Christ and what occurs is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God into the physical realm, because you have chosen to live in the spirit realm from your spirit man.”

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