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Do You Trust Your Spirit?

As we engaged Heaven, we saw George carving a piece of soapstone. We asked what was the lesson with the soapstone? We asked did he receive specific instructions before he began carving and he said, no. He said his spirit simply knew how to do it.

George began to teach us, saying, “Many people say they don't trust themselves and trusting your soul. But what about trusting your spirit? My spirit man knew how to do this and had already been instructed by the Lord how to do it.”

We asked, “How do you trust your spirit?”

He pointed out that our spirit man is whole and complete and has Holy Spirit and is the thing the Father sees when he sees us. That is how he sees the righteousness of Jesus upon us on your spirit? Because of that, can you trust your spirit?

You are calling your spirits forward, now, instruct your spirit to do the things your Father does.

That is how Jesus was able to say to his disciples that he does the things his Father does because it was His spirit doing them. That is how you can separate the man from the Christ.

As you have learned first, how to come spirit forward, it is your spirit that interacts with things. This is the next step.

He asked, “Well, you do want to walk on water, don't you?”

We replied, "Of course, we do."

George continued, “This masterpiece is one my spirit did because it had already been taught of the Lord.”

We asked, “How else, or what else will we know that our spirit man has been taught of the Lord?”

He replied, “This is a time and a season of revelation. Many will walk with knowledge of how to do things already because their spirit has been instructed of the Lord. This is truly a trust about trust.

This is why you learned about trusts first to get them cleaned up and cleaned out and the gates of hell away, so you could have your trust. It's twofold. You are trusting in Father, and trusting what He's doing with your spirit. It's your trust, which is your inheritance. There is an order to it. There will be things that are going to be done that your soul, your mind has no idea how to do it.

As he was talking, George was continuing to whittle away on the soapstone. He gave it to us, and we immediately wanted to give it to Jesus.

He said, “You are going to be worshiping in spirit and in truth. There are going to be things our spirit man, is going to automatically already know how to do that is different from what our mind, our soul knows how to do.”

We replied, “George, thank you. We, we look forward to that. Thank you.”

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