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Dissolving Hidden Nuptials

At times, Donna Neeper (my Executive Assistant) and I find ourselves on a steep learning curve concerning a solution for an issue in the Courts of Heaven. This day was no different with three separate clients with very similar situations that needed Heaven’s resolution.

In the first session, a young man was under the scrutiny of what is often called charismatic witchcraft. His office and calling had been under assault, and he needed relief. He had been an elder in the denominational church he had belonged to but sensing that he no longer needed to be associated with that particular church, he peaceably resigned his position and then he and his family left the church. During his time at the church, he had come into some covenants or agreements (some knowingly, yet others unknowingly) that were to affect his family in the months following their departure from the church.

I felt that this situation was related to a false marriage to this church or denomination. I wrote about this in my book, Engaging the Courts of Heaven. Sometimes, when one becomes a member of a particular church, they come into agreement with what that church believes and practices. Some of those agreements are with the religious spirit which can have various flavors depending upon the denominational structure involved. They also submit themselves to the spiritual leadership of that church which is not always a good thing to do.

In this case not only had the young man eventually become an Elder in this church, but he also had his wedding in that church and two of his children had been dedicated in the church as well. The entire family was presently suffering from some needless repercussions because of their involvement in this church they had just left.

The family had found another church home and were settling in when one day the young man received a phone call from the former pastor who proceeded to tell him he had missed God by his decision to leave and had broken an oath or promise to God by leaving. Some righteous indignation arose in the young man who proceed to declare to that pastor that He made his allegiances to God, not to man and that the pastor’s actions were tied to Freemasonry and Luciferianism. As you can imagine, that did not go over well with the pastor.

The following day the young man found himself contending with laryngitis which persisted for several days, followed by various sinus infections. Other physical attacks persisted against his wife and their children, as well.

We discerned that a false marriage with this denomination had occurred and needed to be annulled.[1] Asking for Heaven’s direction we entered the Court. We were told of a Registry of Nuptials. The nuptials[2] listed were in three different classifications that we could see: work, relational, and spiritual. We also were informed that a Document of Release from the nuptials had been started, but not yet completed.

We requested counsel of the court and were led to the Court of Cancellations where we informed the court, we were seeking the completion of the Document of Release. The reason it was pending was due to the hidden nuptials that were listed in the Registry of Nuptials. Donna could also see the marriage nuptials between the young man and his wife listed in the registry.

The Steps Taken

  • As instructed by the court we requested the finalization of the Document of Release.

  • We were then instructed to initiate a Class Action suit on behalf of the young man and his family as well as others who had come under the same bondage within that denomination.

  • We requested the Class Action for the severing of all strings within that denomination, then

  • We requested that all hidden nuptials be exposed.

  • We requested the removal of cloaks of deception.

  • We requested the cancellation of all hidden nuptials.

  • We requested relief from all the ramifications of the ungodly nuptials. The reason they were ungodly is they created a dependence upon a structure of man rather than a dependence upon God. Essentially, the nuptials, said that you only get to God through us.

  • We included the young man’s wife and children in these requests and

  • We asked that wherever they had been affected/touched by these nuptials, that they would be healed.

  • We then requested the removal of all markings, tattoos, and garments, associated with the oaths taken.

  • Finally, we requested a severing from the religious spirit – the instigator of these ungodly nuptials.

Upon receiving the completed Document of Release, we were instructed to go to the Court of Reclamations to file suit for the restoration of some things that had been lost of forfeited due these ungodly nuptials. We requested:

  • The restoration of stolen health,

  • That the enemies’ camp be plundered,

  • The restoration of all funds stolen in an effort to be physically healed,

  • That the body be brought to stasis,

  • And we requested all these things with a seven-fold return.

Later that same day in our second session, we uncovered a very similar situation with a different denomination involved. The nuance of this one was a lien upon the client’s movement. They were desiring to make a geographical move but had been unable to access the scroll related to the move. The hindrance was this lien placed upon their movement by a well-meaning person.

Once we dealt with the person by offering repentance on their behalf, forgiving, blessing, and releasing we were able to continue the process of gaining an annulment from the hidden nuptials that this person had passed on to our client. These nuptials take on the form of a marriage to the denomination or church (in respect to the class of nuptials relating to spiritual matters).

The category of work nuptials can be related by the following illustration. I once heard of a major entertainment giant whose culture was extremely demanding upon their employees. You were expected to work–not just five or six days a week, but seven. Their company saying was, “If you can’t bother coming in on Saturday, don’t bother coming in on Sunday.” These inordinate demands cause issues in every arena of the employees’ lives as they are expected to let their life be consumed by their job. Unlike the young man’s hidden nuptials that were against his spiritual life and were borne in conjunction with the religious spirit, these work-related nuptials are often under the direction and allegiance to the spirit of mammon.

Relational nuptials are those where a person is in a relationship with another, but if they choose to break off the relationship, they are often unable to do so successfully because of these hidden nuptials. Of particular hindrance to breaking off these relationship nuptials occurs when the parties have exchange sexual intimacy one with the other creating soul ties and other bondages. As we discover more about work and relationship nuptials, we will write about them so you can be empowered for greater freedom in your life.

Now, back to our second client with the lien on their geographical movement. Once we dealt with the lien through repentance and forgiveness, we requested access to the Court of Cancellations and followed a similar procedure to that outlined above to obtain the Document of Release (or Document of Freedom) for our client. We also requested that it be recorded in each of our clients’ books.

Following that session, we met with another client and were drawn to the same Registry of Nuptials to obtain the Document of Freedom for this client. Their story was similar to the second clients’ story and was even the same denomination. We went followed essentially the same steps we had been taught earlier in the day.

We have learned that our adversary is extremely cunning and sneaky in his dealings with mankind. These nuptials get placed in our lives even without our direct knowledge. We just know that we have tried everything we can think of to get freedom. When you have done all, you can see to do, and you still need relief, it is likely that something hidden is the culprit. Ask for insight concerning all hidden things.

We have a promise in the Word of God that ‘what is hidden will be revealed’.[3] That promise we can bank on! I challenge you to seek Heaven’s help to discern whether a hidden nuptial is in place. Request access to the Court of Records and ask to view the Register of Nuptials for yourself. Then you can sort by type of nuptial: work, relationship, or spiritual. You should find your answer. If you find no negative entries, then hidden nuptials are not likely to be the issue. Keep digging. Pray in the Spirit. The answers will come!

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Dissolving Hidden Nuptials
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[1] I discuss some of this in my book, Engaging the Courts of Heaven. [2] Nuptials are ceremonies where oaths and vows are exchanged between parties. [3] Luke 8:17, 1 Corinthians 4:5, Mark 4:22

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