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Dispelling the Fog

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Further into our engagement with Ezekiel and Lydia related to the Lightning Bolts, we requested of him what he might need. He mentioned more rope, elixir, and practice targets. Ezekiel had been working with some of the ranks with practice targets. Then he showed us what looked like a tear gas cannister. We asked what it was, and he called it a “Fog Dispeller” whose purpose was to dispel fog from the enemy that has cloaked things and made them hard to see.

It helps the people of God see what the enemy does not want them to see.

Ezekiel gave some cautions regarding this weapon saying, “If people would arm their angels with fog dispeller, they have to be prepared not to agree with fear or hatred when the fog is removed because something will be exposed. You must remember your battle is not with humanity. It is with darkness. It is with Satan's forces. You will see the expose’ of something for the purpose of prayer and bringing it into righteousness and bringing it into alignment, but fog dispeller is definitely needed by God's people because they need to see what Satan doesn't want them to see.”

Ezekiel continued, “We are in a season that we need things to be exposed.

The purpose of exposure is to bring light to something.”

We then requested the rope and elixir for Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks, and we also requested Fog Dispeller for them and practice targets.

Then we said this, “We commission you Ezekiel to freely use the fog dispeller that we might see what the enemy does not want us to see.”

Ezekiel then suggested that we tell this to the Senior Advocates that they arm the angels of his ranks with Fog Dispeller during a session if they suddenly feel like they need more sight or to see with more clarity.

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