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Discovering the Courts of Heaven

Six years ago I was at a conference in Wilmington, North Carolina. Apostle John Benefiel was speaking and in the course of his message he mentioned the phrase “Courts of Heaven.” Immediately I heard Holy Spirit say to me, “Study that!”

When I returned home after the conference I compiled a list of a few words that I could identify as courts related terms. As I searched these words in the Bible software program I use, I discovered over 1500 verses that could potentially be related to the the Courts of Heaven. Subsequent searches added more court-related terms I had discovered revealed more than twice the original number of verses related in some way to the Courts of Heaven. Obviously this subject is of great interest to our Heavenly Father.

Since that conference I have been set on a quest to not only discover this prayer paradigm unveiled in Luke 18, but also learn how to engage this paradigm of prayer. This quest has taken me around the globe as I teach this subject. I have the honor of watching lives set free and healed as the principles are applied. I have written over 12 books on the subject to date with 2 more currently being written. Since I am a teacher I strive to make the books practical and applicable to your life so you know how to engage the Courts of Heaven and see results for yourself. I invite you to view our website ( and our YouTube Channel ( to learn how YOU can engage the Courts of Heaven effectively.



Discovering the Courts of Heaven

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