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Discovering Bridges in a Visit to the Map Room

On this summer day, Donna and I engaged the Help Desk of the Business Complex and requested to know what was on our schedule for the day. We were met by Ezekiel (our ministry angel) who wanted to show us the Map Room. Going with him, we entered the Hall of Maps. This place looked like a wing of a building with various rooms along a long marble hall. On the walls one could see various types of maps. Ezekiel explained that these were maps of realms – kingdom realms including maps here for realms that we did not yet know about that contain other beings. “I am not going to tell you a whole lot about these,” he said. “What we need is over here.”

With that we arrived at a doorway where Ezekiel simply put his hand up and the door opened automatically. He explained that his angelic DNA and the key that we had given him in an earlier encounter with him enabled him to open the door in that manner. In this larger room were doorways to smaller rooms. Ezekiel put his hand down on a device and one of the doors of a smaller room opened. In that room were small openings with scrolls in them from floor to ceiling.

Ezekiel explained that although we saw them as scrolls, they were maps. He took one out (seeming to know the one to go to) and took it to a large table in the outer room. He began to unroll the map to show it to us. As he unrolled the map his demeanor seemed to change to a very commanding presence as if he were a commander of a military situation.

“You have been talking about your outposts,” he explained, “and I want to show you this map of the outposts? So here you are Ron, pointing to North Carolina. A bridge goes to Oklahoma (where Donna lives).” Then he said to see it in the form of a bridge. A bridge went from North Carolina (our home base) to our outpost in Nova Scotia and another to one of our Senior Advocates (also in Nova Scotia). Another bridge went to Guatemala and another to Belize where another of our Senior Advocates lives.

He explained, “The bridges are built through relationship and agreement. One can travel with a greater ease on the bridge.”

The bridges are built through relationship and agreement.

“Are you allowed to show us forming bridges?” Donna asked.

“Yes and no,” he replied, “Bridges form through agreement through what is written in your scroll.”

He showed us a bridge that was in the process of forming with a friend in Atlanta. That bridge looked more like a swing bridge or a rope bridge because it was still forming. The others just mentioned were more significant like a trestle bridge. On a different engagement with Ezekiel we had seen a similar thing but instead of bridges, they appeared as wormholes or tunnels. It was simply a different perspective.

“Remember in the Strategy Room when you saw the sphere and then you saw the other overlay and you saw the hot spots where the fire was?” (again, referring to an earlier encounter). “That was showing you the warfare against light and dark (not physically the way you saw that and not that dark has anything over light), but that is where the work of expansion (for the ministry) was and the enemy resists expansion of the Kingdom. This that we are looking at right now.

Returning to the subject of the bridges and the map it appeared slightly differently now. Instead of a color one could little flames like little pieces of the map on fire. We could see one around Kevin in Belize, one around Diane in Nova Scotia and a very faint one around our friend in Guatemala. He instructed us to see this from the perspective of what the Holy Spirit was warming up. Where you see a greater amount of the burn on the flame a greater warming up of the hearts by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the activity and the work that He is doing is occurring.

“Whose hearts are the warmest?” “Where is the most work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men?” Ezekiel asked.

“With Kevin in Belize,” we replied.

“You are perceiving correctly, and Kevin is perceiving as well, and it equates to the call.

Diane (in Nova Scotia) is beginning to warm up her group. She is not necessarily saying it in English, but with her own understanding of the advancement and the alignment of the outpost, she is beginning to feel the effect of what this bridge brings her,” he explained.

“How do we enhance it? Do we enhance it?” we asked.

The enhancement comes with the realization that the bridge works two ways. It cannot be all one-sided. Traffic cannot go across this bridge from you all the time without receiving back from them. The bridge is secured by the two-way traffic. You would refer to this as an alliance of agreement, and sharing resources, and praying for one another and always carrying about in your heart a blessing for one another.

The bridge is secured by the two-way traffic.

When the bridge of relationship is not present, or the bridge is broken it is because something has happened to the two-way traffic. The work of the enemy is to destroy the bridge. If he can destroy the bridge, the network that you are forming is destroyed. Lies destroy the bridge. Works of darkness which craft a story work to destroy the bridge. When a person's heart grows cold toward another person or entity, they stop traveling the bridge and receiving the two-way traffic and therefore, the bridge disintegrates. This is what happened with your former colleague. Some bridges are not meant to be there forever. They have time frames.

Some people are trying to cross two-way bridges that long ago, were supposed to no longer travel, but the Lord has a way of redeeming and when one bridge leaves, another will usually be built so, it is good to pay attention to the bridges in one's life.

“The bridges that are trying to form are for the purpose of two-way traffic between you and other entities. This is what is going on with you and your Atlanta friend. It is also the way the church aligns and, and heart destiny aligns and what is written in Heaven as the perfect will of God, but deeper than that, more dimensional than that according to the scrolls,” he explained.

Ezekiel continued,

“When you are talking to your angels about patrolling your realm, have them patrol your bridges as well.”

Do you see this as another layer of dimension that angels are given access to when they are given access to the bridges of your life? So, commission your angels, to patrol the bridges too.

“Let me give you an example,” Ezekiel explained, “For instance, you would commission me to patrol the bridges of the ministry. By this command I prevent that which is not supposed to come in from crossing the bridges and I secure the things that are supposed to be coming in on the bridges including shared revelation, shared blessing, shared resources, shared angelic activity, shared covenants, and more.

The bridges of your life need to be secured as well as the bridges of the ministry. Businesses have bridges too that need to be secured. These bridges are important for the realms that you are stewarding. That is why you have so many maps because you have so many different types of entities that the bridges can be built to and secured to, not to mention bridges to other realms and kingdoms based upon divine timing.”

With that the discussion about bridges was over. Ezekiel discussed a few other situations unrelated to the understanding of bridges, but our instruction was clear. We needed to commission him to patrol the bridges to our lives and ministry.

Take a moment and call your angel(s) near. Then, commission them to patrol the bridges of your realms and release them to do so. Give them permission to dismantle any that are no longer pertinent to your life so that you only have that which is in your destiny scroll for this time in your life. Share with us your testimonies of how this has impacted your life.

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